[[folder: Overall]]
* The characters saying "damn" and "hell," despite being in cartoons made for kids.
* The (over)use of "Rubbish!"
* According to Dingo Pictures' official website, they can offer help with animation and have licensing to rights for video-on-demand and DVD distribution. Just think about this for a moment.
* Dingo Pictures often uses really, ''really'' glaring animation shortcuts in their films, which makes some scenes unintentionally hilarious. Some of the examples include characters [[https://youtu.be/q6W0Xg73vig?t=3m1s skipping over rocks]], [[https://youtu.be/wHwJeLOLrBI?t=1m46s falling]], or [[https://youtu.be/M8PGIlt1ogQ?t=7m58s riding on a magic carpet]].
[[folder: Aladin]]
* The opening song:
** The guy who bobs his head from left to right.
** The monkey's (lack of) dance moves. It just stomps in place while swinging its arms.
** FreezeFrameBonus: If you look in the background during the crowd shots with the old man, you can actually see Aladin is one of those who is listening!
* The song Soraya sings when she first appears sounds pretty corny.
[[folder: Anastasia]]
* How Anastasia’s name is pronounced: Anna-STAH-see-ah, instead of the common Anna-stay-see-ah.
[[folder: Animal Soccer World]]
* "Big Round of applause for [[{{Mondegreen}} unbelievable porn!]]"
[[folder: Dinosaur Adventure]]
* Cree decides to break Tio’s egg open with a hammer.
* Tio’s egg hatching sounds like someone ripping paper apart.
* Tio’s Dad shouting, “Look here, everyone! It’s a boy, and a really big one!”
* How Tio gets his name:
-->'''Tio’s Mom:''' If he was a girl, I would’ve named her Tia.
-->'''Tio’s Dad:''' But, guessing that he’s a boy, his name is Tio!
** Tio's parents are shown to be unoriginal at best, and it gets worse when [[spoiler: they have a second son that they call Tio II]].
* The duck who serves as narrator has some of the most unusual poses when she narrates. At one point, she’s [[UnfortunateImplications laying on her back with her legs parted]].
** Her voice certainly doesn't help things.
* Kree's [[TakeThatScrappy constant snarky remarks]] at the other characters.
* [[https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y52Vpjhr4MU YEEEE]]!!!
[[folder: The Hunchback of Notre Dame]]
* The nuns who find the infant Quasimodo. They stare for a few seconds before screaming.
[[folder: Lion and the King & Son of the Lion King]]
* "Your father the Black Panther is your father?"
* "The diamonds, My God!"
[[folder: Nice Cats]]
* Mrs. [=MacDonald’s=] car goes only two miles per hour.
* “Lucy and Lionel were glad because Mrs. [=MacDonald=] had a ''conveeerrrtible'', so they didn’t ''nnnnotice'' the great heat too much...”
* “I can’t find my damn hairbrush!”
* Lucy and Charlie go off with a rabbit to find ''turnips'', and happily feast on ''carrots.''
* There is a Best Western Hotel that Mrs. [=MacDonald=] drives by.
* Mrs. [=MacDonald=] tells Lucy not to cause any "troubles."
[[folder: Pocahontas]]
[[folder: Other]]
* TheFlashTub parodies of the movies seen here done by SomethingAwful user Shmorky: [[http://www.somethingawful.com/flash-tub/dingo-pictures-cartoon/ Woody's Race]], [[http://www.somethingawful.com/flash-tub/dingo-pictures-titanic/ Titanic]] and [[http://www.somethingawful.com/flash-tub/dingo-pictures-pokemon/ Pokemon]].
** The quotes take the cake as well
*** "Hey Woody!"
*** "Damnit!"
*** "You will marry a very wich wich Norwegian!"
*** "You are so bad you should play for Latvia!" "[[PrecisionFStrike Go fuck yourself!]]"