* One of the slug's prophecies is just a sentence fragment.
-->'''Slug:''' Ahem. The leaf said "Bones of the sea."\\
'''Digger:''' Bones of the sea ''what?''\\
'''Slug:''' Nothing. Just "Bones of the sea."\\
'''Digger:''' That's ''it?''\\
'''Slug:''' Yep.\\
'''Digger:''' That's not a prophecy! That's barely a phrase! What ''about'' the bones of the sea? Am I supposed to look for them, or avoid them, or sacrifice goats to them, or what?\\
'''Slug:''' Look, buddy, they don't say "Continued on next leaf!" The leaf said "Bones of the sea," and that's what I told you. Don't salt the messenger. You want to sacrifice goats, that's ''your'' business.
* From AintNoRule:
--> '''Jhalm:''' Honoured Burrower. Skulking though the woods I see?\\
'''Digger:''' Is there a law against it?\\
'''Jhalm:''' ''Several''. But as you are unlikely to be either poaching or soliciting the sale of unnatural acts, I doubt we could make the charges stick.
* Any scene that has Boneclaw Mother in it will be either this trope, or a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, or a combination of both.
** Grim Eyes learns her awesome grandma (or whatever she is) really ''isn't'' magic:
---> '''Grim Eyes:''' Okay, he's coming this way. Do the thing! Do '''the thing!'''\\
'''Boneclaw Mother:''' What thing?\\
'''Grim Eyes:''' The thing where you tell people what they're thinking and freak 'em out!\\
'''Boneclaw Mother:''' Grim Eyes, I love you, but you don't have the brains the gods gave an eggplant. The '''thing''' only works on people you've lived with for years who think their motivations are a lot better hidden than they really are.
*** It becomes a CrowningMomentOfAwesome when she does it '''anyway''' after just a short conversation with Jhalm.
* [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=658 The vampire squash]], and the best part is it's ''a real legend''.
** "It's a squash. I'm being attacked--or possibly romanced--by an angry squash."
* [[UnsoundEffect SOUND OF DISTANT ETHEREAL CHANTING!]] ([[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=675 There is no feasible onomotopeia for this]]) "Oh, great."
** Then [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=677 the ghost's reaction to Digger.]]
** ''Then:'' [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=678 SOMEWHAT MORE DISGRUNTLED ETHEREAL CHANTING!]]
** [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=744 BY-NOW-FAMILIAR SOUNDS OF GRUMPY ETHEREAL CHANTING!]]
* This next one is on [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=338 a relatively spoiler-free page]] in the middle of a sea of spoilers. Be warned!
-->'''Digger''': You want me... to ride... the troll.
-->'''Surka''': Sure! They're quicker'n a greased porpoise in a sea o' snot!
-->'''[[DeadpanSnarker Digger]]''': That metaphor did nothing whatsoever to sell me on the idea.
* Also pretty much anything to do with Herne, but especially [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=565 this.]]
** "[[BrickJoke Excuse me...]] [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=567 are you a talking deer?]]" Oh, Shadowchild, we love you so much..
* Grim-Eyes talking about Shadowchild asking everything they hunt if they can talk, and mentioning that it thought a fish flopping on her line was doing a form of interpretive dance.
* If you start at [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=64]] and read to the end of page 70...
** Digger and Shadowchild whispering to each other as they're cornered:
-->'''Shadowchild:''' Now what happens?
-->'''Digger:''' Well, I can probably take two, and if you can take one, that only leaves five that will have to suffer simultaneous heart attacks.
-->'''Shadowchild:''' Will that happen?
-->'''Digger:''' No.
** The hyenas declaring Digger a pervert, Digger's bewilderment at this, and Shadowchild's confusion.
-->"What's a pervert?"
-->"Tell you later."
-->"Am I a--?"
** "I'm positively vile! I wallow in my own filth! I'm corrupt and depraved and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking I smell funny]]! Dung beetles wouldn't touch me! I am uncleeeean!"
* [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=859 In the cave, following a ledge along the upper edge of the wall.]]
-->'''Ed''': Ed is thinking Ed is being a little scared of heights...
-->'''Digger''': Lucky for you, we're so far underground that you'd have to tunnel a half-mile straight up to get anywhere ''near'' a height.
-->'''Ed''': Ed is not being comforted, somehow...
* [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=890 "Do I have to go beat up Jhalm now? 'Cos I'm gonna need a minute."]]
** Also, the reaction on [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=891 the following panel]]:
-->'''Murai:''' Honored Digger!
-->'''Grim Eyes:''' Earth rat!
-->'''Boneclaw Mother:''' Freaky adopted daughter!
* The first time that Murai and Digger [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=255 see the dead god...]]
-->'''Murai:''' Honored Digger, [[SanitySlippage my senses are not quite reliable]]... do you also see a team of lizards hauling on ropes [[{{Squick}} forcing a giant suspended heart to beat?]]
-->'''Digger:''' Yup.
-->'''Murai:''' I had hoped it was the madness. This is horrible.
-->'''Digger:''' And inefficient! [[DoWrongRight Man, a couple of pulleys in the right places, and they could have halved their labor.]]
-->'''Murai:''' *DeathGlare*
-->'''Digger:''' Yes, yes, morally reprehensible as well. I'm just sayin'.
* Digger describing the long trek back aboveground carrying an unconscious Murai:
-->Murai was basically wire and bone, couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds dripping wet, and after fifteen minutes seemed to have the approximate weight of a pregnant hippopotamus.
* This conversation in the abandoned monastery:
-->'''Digger:''' My dear hunter-gatherer, allow me to introduce you to lignite. Grim Eyes, lignite. Lignite, Grim Eyes.
-->'''Grim Eyes:'''...
-->'''Digger:''' Brown coal. ({{Beat}}) Burning rocks.
-->'''Grim Eyes:''' You can make rocks burn and you have a problem with ''magic''?
* Ah, [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=549 hyenas and romance. And for that matter, wombats and romance.]]
* Digger, Grim-Eyes, Murai and Herne [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=568 all react differently to the sudden appearance of Shadowchild:]]
-->'''Herne:''' What the...?\\
'''Grim-Eyes:''' Oh, ''no.''\\
'''[[TheComicallySerious Murai:]]''' Greetings, honored demonspawn--\\
'''Digger:''' '''''Shadowchild?''''' What are you doing here?
* Digger is [[http://www.diggercomic.com/?p=547 ordinary as dirt!]]
* The [[http://diggercomic.com/?p=476 following]] VomitDiscretionShot. ItMakesSenseInContext!
-->'''Digger (narrating):''' "It appeared that Skull Ridges was displeased with the resting place of her earthly remains, and had decided to vacate the premises."
* One moment while the group is trying to climb a mountain. Digger falls down a hole, and Grim Eyes comes up with a plan to get her out, which involves them pulling together. She decides the phrase for "start pulling" is "Bacon." This leads to "Bacon. ''BACON, DAMMIT!''"
** This one made the back of the print edition.
* Upon discovering that the temple's tomatoes grow antlers and fight each other (for a good reason):
-->'''Digger:''' This is ''insane''. You people have a ''serious'' problem with your vegetable crops around here!\\
'''Statue of Ganesh:''' My point, burrower, is not horticultural.
* The line "What good is a god that doesn't fossilize?" is funny for how weird it is.
** Also the fact that the Statue looks offended.
* When Digger is fraught about having to eat liver, and the other hyenas start wondering what's taking her so long, Boneclaw Mother excuses it with "She's overcome with emotion."