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[[caption-width-right:350:Miia's gonna getcha, Darling.]]


!! Manga

[[folder:In general]]
* Any time Centorea gets [[{{Adorkable}} flustered,]] really. A prime example would be her expression [[http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dailylifewithamonstergirl/images/b/b2/Cute_Cera.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130405021243 the first time she and Kimihito hold hands.]] It doubles as [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments heartwarming]].
** The aftermath of her and Miia's fantasies about starting a family with Kimihito. While Miia is happy as can be, Centorea is mortified.
** And then there's her IntimateHealing moments in Chapter 13: her HeadbuttThermometer, and her warming Kimihito (Suu) with her own body temperature, both ending with her face-down on a table and muttering to herself. [[note]]For those curious, she couldn't handle having her face in close proximity to Kimihito's (Suu's), and realises too late that her body temperature is too high and risks burning her patient rather than warming him up.[[/note]]
** Chapter 17 has her enjoying her reward: holding hands with her master. That she is so out-there is hilarious and very cute.
* Meta-Funny: It seems that Seven Seas is having a bit of trouble being consistent with the character names; in Book 4 the kobold character is referred to as Port, but in Book 6 it's Polt.

[[folder:Volume 1]]

[[folder: Chapter 2 ]]

* Kimihito goes clothes shopping with Miia and they end up at a lingerie store. After a case of AccidentalPervert, he starts wondering to himself how lamia wear panties... only to notice a decorated (and sticky) triangle-shaped object in his hands...
* [[spoiler:Kimihito's Chapter 1 nightmare about what would happen if he ever tried to have sex with Miia [[BrickJoke actually happens for real.]]]]


[[folder: Volume 1 omake ]]

* Miia, Papi and Centorea are clamoring to know what Kimihito's fetish is. His response?
--> [[spoiler:[[ShesGotLegs "Legs."]]]]
-->'''Ms. Smith:''' Oh, hey! I guess that's me!
** [[spoiler:[[HilariousInHindsight This gets even funnier when Rachnera is introduced.]] [[CallBack Leg man indeed.]]]]

[[folder:Volume 2]]

[[folder: Chapter 7 ]]

* [[UnusualEuphemism "MY snake might shed its skin too!"]]
** There's even a [[VisualPun red snake having shed its skin]] in the scene, with a gleam in its eye saying "Hey, ba-by!"


[[folder: Chapter 8 ]]

* While Centorea, Miia and Kimihito discuss about Suu, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Papi and Suu are seen playing Wii Sports (presumably tennis).]]


[[folder: Chapter 9 ]]

* Papi while defending Suu's position as a member of the household.
--> '''Papi:''' You were gonna take Suu away, right!? She hasn't done anything wrong!\\
'''Kimihito:''' ...You say that but...She almost killed me...\\
'''Papi:''' [[MadeOfIron But]] '''''[[LampshadeHanging everyone]]''''' [[IronButtMonkey does that!]]
* [[http://mangafox.me/manga/monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou/v02/c009/18.html "The chicken bitch is flying, man!!"]]

[[folder:Volume 3]]

[[folder: Chapter 11 ]]

* The Orcs' list of "Demands," which consist entirely of wanting "[=OrcxSomething=]" {{Eroge}}. Or in layman's terms, porn.


[[folder: Chapter 12 ]]

* Miia doing her level best to try and get Kimihito's attention away from Mero. And her frustration at everyone else falling for her charms.
** And to top it off, [[spoiler:while Mero may be romantically interested in Kimihito, she wants to have a "[[UnrequitedTragicMaiden tragic romance]]".]]


[[folder: Chapter 13 ]]

* At the beginning of this chapter, the blurb regarding volume sales gets a surprisingly funny moment.
-->Over 300,000 copies sold! Japan, what's wrong with you?
* Mero tries Miia's cooking, not knowing about how ''[[LethalChef unskilled]]'' she is at it, and the resulting pain is so intense she flashes on the image of Literature/TheLittleMermaid's [[PainfulTransformation fins turning into legs]], before collapsing, foaming at the mouth, while ''smiling''.
* Suu's attempts at following the other girls' orders to take care of Kimihito (because she's at no risk of catching his cold) end up [[ItMakesSenseInContext nearly drowning him in her goo, nearly freezing him to death in a chilly swimming pool, eating Miia's cooking (which probably would have killed him), looming up before him in nightmare mode, and finally subjecting him to a gooey Marshmallow Hell.]] Poor guy's worse than ever by the end of it...
** And then she tries to read his mind to find out what's wrong and gets a MadnessMantra of "Fever, dizzy, dry, headache, shaking, chills, sweat, pain..." oh, and "[[AllMenArePerverts lust and boobs.]]" Of course, this IS immediately after the MarshmallowHell incident. After having Suu's boobs in his face, is it any wonder they're on his mind a second later?
* After all the talk of virus transference, the only person to catch Kimihito's cold is [[spoiler:Ms. Smith.]]


[[folder: Chapter 14 ]]

* Suu beating on Kimihito, simply because Miia, Centorea, and Mero were doing the same thing. It's really her clueless, confused expression while holding a club that makes it.

[[folder:Volume 4]]

[[folder: Color pages ]]

* Papi and Suu wearing Centorea's bra on their heads.
** Keep in mind that the bra [[WardrobeMalfunction was still too small for her.]]


[[folder: Chapter 15 ]]

* Leg Man.


[[folder: Chapter 16 ]]

* Rachnera's BlatantLies about Kimihito surprising her on the toilet. It's really her clearing her throat beforehand that takes the cake.


[[folder: Chapter 17 ]]

* After overexerting themselves swimming and suffering from cold/chlorinated water, Miia and Mero claim their prize at the finish line: [[spoiler: A bop on the head and a scolding from Kimihito for nearly hurting themselves in this race.]]
** Then they find out [[spoiler: Centorea won the race, despite her body not being built for swimming at all.]]
* How Rachnera--who volunteered to keep an eye on Suu and Papi while everyone else was out swimming--is seen in the last panel of Ch. 17 completely worn out, with her charges playing in swings made out of her own silk?
---> '''Rachnera:''' ''[completely frazzled]'' H...hurry up and get home already...
** Doubly funny considering that Rachnera is initially seen to be quite enthusiastic about watching over the two because she thinks she can have fun with them!


[[folder: Chapter 18 ]]

* Upon learning who Kimihito is going out with, the girls all have horrified looks except Papi, who is blissfully oblivious, as usual.
* Suu chugging a water bottle she swiped while [[spoiler: pretending to be Papi's outfit.]]
* Miia picking a super bad time to call Papi. Namely, [[spoiler:when her cellphone falls into her panties.]]
* Miia and Centorea when their attempts to spy on Kimihito using Suu as a disguise inevitably go wrong.
* Miia sneaking to the love hotel, Solid Snake style (complete with costume), with Suu as a box. It's really the slime's eyes and antenna that make the scene.
--> '''Miia:''' This is Sna... Miia!
* Not to mention, Rachnera is dressed as ''[[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater The Boss]]'' when Miia runs into her.
* When Rachnera gets BlankWhiteEyes, it extends to ''[[ExtraEyes all six]] of them''. Nice touch there, Okayado.
* A small one, but you can't help but smile at Papi's face when the girls finally sit down and learn the truth.

[[folder:Volume 5]]

[[folder: Color pages ]]

* Rachnera is a bit reluctant to get into the bath because her lungs are located in her abdomen (like an actual spider). If she got in, she wouldn't be able to breathe! Miia has absolutely no sympathy, and yanks her into the water anyway.
-->'''Miia''': Then just breathe out of your mouth then.
* And then, to pile on to the humiliation, Suu pounces on her.
-->'''Centorea:''' Well, being [[BlackComedyRape sexually accosted]] by Suu is the norm around here.
-->'''Miia:''' Just be patient until Suu lets go of you, alright?
-->'''Rachnera:''' I'm never taking a bath with you guys ever again!


[[folder: Chapter 19 ]]

* Kimihito and Miia notice a crab in the aquarium straddling a pipe eating something with one pincer. Kimihito notes that it [[CallBack reminds him of Rachnee]], with a picture in the background of the arachne in question in the exact same position: straddling a web munching on chips, with a bag of chips held limply in one of her hands.
* When Miia and Kimihito see a pair of fish kissing, they are about to share one too, [[MomentKiller before Mero suddenly pops in]] to reveal that those are actually male fish competing with each other. Miia's reaction to this only adds to the moment: she's so apoplectic she can't even DO anything for a panel except stand there frozen with FOUR CrossPoppingVeins on the back of her head and one on the back of her hand.
--> '''Miia''': ..........!!!!
* While Tionishia is keeping an eye on Miia, it's revealed that she's carrying a ''real'' dolphin, with BlankWhiteEyes no less. Never has animal cruelty and a living being's distress been so hilarious.
--> '''Aquarium Worker''': Miss, I know I said you can touch the dolphins, but you can't take the dolphins with you! Miss!
* Draco realizes the oars are missing. Cut to a shot of Mero several feet away, said oars in her hands.
* TheReveal of [[spoiler: Draco's [[{{Bifauxnen}} gender.]] Suddenly, lingerie!]]
* Kimihito [[spoiler: giving Miia a snake pendant coiled in the shape of a heart]] and the resulting hug. At first it's heartwarming, but it goes right into funny as Miia's hug [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength starts breaking Kimihito's skeleton]].


[[folder: Chapter 20 ]]

* Zombina succinctly summarizes the entirety of this chapter: "What's going on?!"
** Followed up by her reaction to [[spoiler: Giant Suu and Giant Kii]] about to fall on her. It's her [[DullSurprise expression]] that makes it.
--> '''Zombina''': [[OhCrap Uh...]]
* What seems like a lovely barbecue in the beautiful outdoors is revealed to be [[spoiler:an illegal dumping site.]]
* Papi's brain overheating from trying to actually remember something for once.
** Also this exchange:
--> '''Papi:''' [[spoiler:Beats me! I forgot all about her after I planted her!]]\\
'''Kimihito:''' You're horrible!
* [[spoiler:Giant!]]Suu.
* How do you shrink a giant Dryad who's been enlarged by illegal super fertilizer? Suck it out of her. Through where, exactly? [[spoiler:Her breasts.]]
* [[spoiler:Kii can't write.]]
* TheStinger: [[spoiler:they forgot about Zombina this time.]]


[[folder: Chapter 21 ]]

* Centorea dons '''[[CrazyPrepared full armour]]''' for her date with Kimihito so she can protect him. According to one line, she even wanted to [[UpToEleven put on more]]--lance, shield, bow, and full quiver.
** Later on, her blazing hot dedication to her master's safety.
* Centorea's steering Kimihito away from "danger," which includes:
** Walking too close to the street.
** Schoolgirls looking for donations
** A pimp
** His ringing cellphone, because it could be a scam
* Manako gets no breaks:
** Being intimidated by Centorea's over-protectiveness
** Getting trolled by [[spoiler:Lilith, the demon girl]]
* Rachnera merrily waving from the alleyway:
-->'''Rachnera:''' I'll be watching from the shadows today~ Plus, it's fun to watch you and Centorea-chan! [[{{Troll}} So have fun on your date, you two~]]
-->'''Centorea:''' (burning bright red) Th-this is not a date!
* Centorea's rear end getting stuck in some automatic sliding doors.
-->'''Centorea:''' Kh... pray forgive me.
* [[spoiler:Hypnotized!]]Centorea giving Kimihito MarshmallowHell.
* [[spoiler:Boar Ex Machina]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Lilith:''']] Hey, who's there? Be quiet, they'll see us! (later) [[spoiler:[[LampshadeHanging Why is there a boar here!?]]]]
** Later on, the look on [[spoiler:its face after Centorea drills it with a slab of wood.]]
* Rachnera [[spoiler:got a new toy: Lilith.]]
-->'''Rachnera:''' Okay, then. [[spoiler:Now what should I do with you~?]]
* [[spoiler:Lilith]] realizing it was a bad idea to push Rachnera's buttons like that.
* Centorea's apron doesn't fit. It's clearly straining because of [[GagBoobs her extremely ample chest.]]
* Papi's little tantrum regarding Centorea's cooking.
-->'''Papi''': Papi wants meat! Meat, meat, MEAT!
* Miia and Papi trying to feed Suu vegetables, ala feeding a dog under the table.


[[folder: Chapter 22 ]]

* Zombina [[BlatantLies "accidentally"]] dropping her boob and forcing Kimihito to sew it back on.
* Tionisha dragging Kimihito around (by the leg at one point) on their "date".

[[folder:Volume 6]]

[[folder: Color pages ]]

* Rachnee's antics are accompanied by Creator/DavidAttenborough-esque commentary boxes.


[[folder: Chapter 23 ]]

* The dullahan's body has its own speech bubbles, in case she is beheaded. Its reaction to being offered cookies is just priceless. [[spoiler:(≻∀≺)]]
* Miia's face upon seeing that a dullahan's body is very much anatomically correct when its head is separated.
* When Kimihito finally finds the dullahan's head, she starts portentously declaiming about how he's going to serve her, to blank looks from Kimihito, who doesn't have a clue what she's going on about. In the end, she gets [[{{Adorkable}} adorkably]] embarrassed, and admits she just wants him to return her head to her body.
* Rachnera offers to reattach the dullahan's head to her body. The dullahan, remembering just [[{{UsefulNotes/BDSM}} what Rachnera]] ''[[{{UsefulNotes/BDSM}} did]]'' when she was left with her body, [[CowerPower hides behind Kimihito]].
* The dullahan drinking a cup of tea. Naturally, head and body being separate, she can't simply use her mouth... so she pours it down her neck. Miia and Centorea's reactions are priceless.
** Even better: the tea's still too hot and both her body and severed head start sweating and panicking.


[[folder: Chapter 24 ]]

* The girls panic that every attempt to save their beloved darling from death only makes things worse. Cue the ShoutOut to [[Film/FinalDestination a plane exploding]] in the background.
* Centorea's beautiful medieval fantasy of becoming disgraced knights with her master, adventuring through the lands together, is almost immediately interrupted by Kimihito falling off the saddle and smashing his head against the pavement.
* Kimihito decides to prove [[spoiler:he isn't actually going to die by raising as many [[EventFlag Death Flags]] as possible. When he walks into the street, it looks like he's about to get hit by a truck. Instead, he gets hit by a toy truck that's only as tall as his knee. There's also a guy with a remote controller in the background saying "Sorry!" for hitting him.]]
* Kimihito's Dark Past. [[spoiler:[[IHatePastMe In middle school]], [[OldShame he basically tried to]] {{invoke|d Trope}} as many cool tropes as possible, like EyepatchOfPower, HandwrapsOfAwesome, CoatCape, and GratuitousForeignLanguage, to no avail.]]


[[folder: Chapter 25 ]]

* Lala becoming the latest victim of [[LethalChef Miia's cooking]]: whatever Miia whipped up was so unspeakable it turned Lala into a '''''[[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Yukkuri]]''''', complete with a little ghost floating out of her mouth saying [[MemeticMutation "Take it easy in the afterlife!"]] Her body is a few feet away, slumped in a chair twitching, with ''smoke'' coming out of her neck.
** The official English translation is just as good:
-->'''Lala's Ghost-thing''': "Pull up a grave and join the fun, boyo!"
* When the girls are out shopping, Papi is giving rides with all the children hoping to fly next. While this is happening, Suu is giving kids rides with her tentacles, all of them completely terrified.
* Cerea gets offended when Mero asks her if she could carry a large amount of groceries back home, as she is ''not'' a pack horse. However when Kimihito approaches them and unknowingly makes the same request, Cerea enthusiastically agrees. Mero's "WTF" expression is [[FunnyBackgroundEvent priceless]].
-->'''Mero''': Miss… Centorea…\\
'''Centorea''': Ng, not a word!
* All the girls in the house are impressed at the feast Kimihito prepared for dinner. That includes Lala who detaches her head and holds it high in her hands just to get a better look at it.
* [[{{Jerkass}} Poisoned!]]Suu. Particularly this bit of BrutalHonesty:
-->'''Ms. Smith''': What's wrong, darling?\\
'''Kimihito''': Nothing! Nothing is wrong!\\
'''Suu''': He doesn't have any money for food, and five freeloaders (''Ms. Smith and the four MON members'') just showed up and ate all of his shit, so he's a little pissed about it!
** It's the completely happy look Suu has on her face that sells it.
* Kimihito [[spoiler:''shoves his head inside Suu's body and screams his lungs out''--blowing bubbles in her, no less!--after Ms. Smith tells him that all living expenses for his household will be reimbursed and covered by The Organization, and thus his worries about the food budget have all been for nothing.]]
* The ending:
-->[[spoiler:''The next day, they ate out for all three meals. They ate at a steak restaurant during a half-off sale. Cerea had a salad.'']]\\
[[spoiler:''[[NoodleIncident They were then banned from the restaurant.]]'']]


[[folder: Chapter 26 ]]

* The RunningGag of Miia's cooking continues. A hungry Rachnera, upon learning Miia's whipping up something to eat (involving the substitution of oyster sauce with Worcestershire sauce because they sound the same), [[GenreSavvy decides to wait till lunch]]. Then Ren decides to test herself by trying to eat Miia's "creation"... and it turns out even the ''smell'' of it knocks people unconscious.
-->''(Beginning of the page)''
-->'''Miia''': This is kind of getting me down a little.
-->''(End of page)''
-->'''Miia''': Nope, this is really getting me down.
* Centorea's looking for something to open an envelope. Lala offers her scythe. Rachnera {{sweat drop}}s.
* The fact that Lala removes her head solely so the speech bubble didn't block her head.
* Papi forgetting Ren's name twice within a few seconds.
* Ren's InnocentlyInsensitive reactions to Mero's fashion sense and Centorea's room.
* Centorea's SpitTake [[spoiler:at Kimihito refusing to let Rachnera go with Ren]], and [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Miia's ensuing molestation by Suu]].
* Rachnera [[DrunkOnMilk drunk on coffee]]. Which is [[JustifiedTrope based on actual scientific studies of the effects of drugs on spiders; the study shows that spiders react to caffeine the same way humans react to alcohol]].
* The MassOhCrap from Centorea, Papi and Miia when they read their letters [[spoiler: and find out their mothers are coming]].


[[folder: Chapter 26. 5 ]]

* The Sofa That Turns People To Mush! An impossibly comfortable chair that provokes some ''interesting'' reactions from all who sit in it. The best reaction is probably when Meroune sits in it; she likes it ''so much'', she "subconsciously protects" it by [[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OZ6oBBkXPCU/VAYOnX6mo4I/AAAAAAABgc0/MwdWfSFAlcI/005.png?imgmax=3000 tail-slapping Papi across the face]], ''hard''.
* Anytime the girls call Miia mushy.
* [[spoiler:Centorea breaks Miia's special sofa, and in a panic decides to use Suu as a substitute while she orders a new one. Then Rachnera decides to give the "sofa" a try, and realises it's the one housemate she's powerless against just a little too late...]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Rachnera]]''': Ahh, it's so soft~! But why does it feel like I've felt this many times before?\\
'''[[spoiler: Sofa!Suu]]''': ''*GlowingEyesOfDoom*''

[[folder:Volume 7]]

[[folder: Chapter 27 ]]

* The fact that Miia didn't consider her dream a nightmare because Kimihito was getting molested by countless Lamias but because he was worn out by the time it was her turn.
* Miia wakes up from the nightmare to find Rachnera next to her bed. [[spoiler:Because she'd slipped into Miia's room to [[FaceDoodling write on her face]]]].
* When they're working on cleaning the house, we get another funny moment with Suu. The Suu roomba (or the Suumba, if you will)!
* The '''handshake''', [[spoiler:which immediately turns into Miia's mom groping Kimihito.]]
* How does Miia drive off her mom the first time? With a Suu-bomb, of course!
* Miia using cold spray as ''mace'' to ward off her mother.
* Miia's reactions when dealing with [[spoiler:a drugged up Kimihito]] essentially go like this:
-->OH NO! [[spoiler:Darling's going to ravish me!]]
-->[[{{beat}} Wait...]]
-->[[spoiler:And I'm okay with this.]]
* Kimihito's phone call where he learns that Rachnera got drunk on the caffeine in the tea becomes a BrickJoke when [[spoiler: Rachnera ties up both Miia and her mother since they were being loud and she had a hangover]].
** The ''signs'' on [[spoiler:the tied up lamias]] make it.
-->'''[[spoiler:I tried to cheat my tribe]]'''
-->'''[[spoiler:I'm too old for booty calls]]'''


[[folder: Chapter 28 ]]

* When Kimihito is doing the laundry and handling Lala's underwear, she is in the background looking both annoyed and blushing.
* Kimihito and Miia call out Rachnera for reading Papi's letter. Rachnee asks if ''they'' want to read it and [[HypocriticalHumor they go right for it]].
* When Papi's mom starts chasing them, what do they do to slow her down? They throw a [[BlankWhiteEyes surprised]] [[SlimeGirl Suu]] [[RunningGag at her]].
--> '''Commenter:''' Suu's just a self-defense projectile now, apparently.
* The fact that Papi is able to explain the situation to Kimihito so clearly freaks him out.
** Kimihito deduces that Papi resets her brain in three steps, but since he's carrying her the entire time, Papi was able to remember everything.
* Papi's mom was stopped by a patrolling policeman. Her response to the police officer?
--> '''Papi's Mom''': Do you want to MATE?
* At the end of the chapter, Rachnera asks Papi if she can remember [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Honey's]] real name. [[http://mangafox.me/manga/monster_musume_no_iru_nichijou/v07/c028/36.html Papi has absolutely nothing to say.]]


[[folder: Chapter 29 ]]

* Rachnera hiding and covering her ears when Centorea's mother comes to the house. ''Possibly'' implying she still has a hangover.
* Ms. Smith's explanation of what a "Teaser" does: they sexually stimulate a female centaur, only for a {{Gonk}} male centaur to swoop in and take the lead.
-->'''Rachnera''': [[EvenEvilHasStandards That's some crazy cuckolding even I can't get behind.]]
* Mero and the girls playing around with a sound effect box.
* Centorea getting embarrassed at Ms. Smith and Polt's commentary [[GagBoobs regarding her breasts]].
* [[ACupAngst Manako]] going into ColorFailure upon hearing that Centorea snapped a 103cm bra.
** The previous panel makes it clear that Manako isn't the only one suffering from ACupAngst; Miia and Rachnera, who are both well endowed themselves, are clearly in a state of shock.
-->'''Rachnera''': "She ordered it with a band of 103cm. Are you saying she's even bigger than that?"
-->'''Miia''': "You're kidding me..."
* Kimihito getting caught in MarshmallowHell between Centorea and her mother.


[[folder: Chapter 30 ]]

* Suu suggesting that Kimihito MarryThemAll, along with listing her own advantages as a living roomba, peeling machine, and garbage disposal.
* Rachnera punishes Kimihito for not fixing the creaky attic floor by practicing 100 forms of bondage on him.
* [[LuminescentBlush Rachnee's face]] when Kimihito gives her a heartfelt compliment. It's obvious she's not used to being praised.
* Mero and Suu's teamup in order to get Mero up the stairs to Rachnee's attic.
* Mero's ImagineSpot of Kimihito marrying Rachnera...with Kimihito as the bride (complete with Kimihito BitingTheHandkerchief and lamenting how he'll "[[DefiledForever never be a groom...]]").
** Both Kimihito and Rachnera agree Mero is being a tragedy freak again... before Rachnera says she's alright with the fantasy and pounces on Kimihito.


[[folder: Volume 7 omake ]]

* During the 'Meeting of the Mothers', Miia's mother and Cerea's mother both ponder the fact that Papi's mother used to look [[UncannyFamilyResemblance exactly like her]] (before she got a tan and changed her style) and Papi's mother says that it's not just Papi, ''all'' her daughters look like that, and [[UpToEleven she herself looks like all her own sisters]]. When Miia's mother jokes about the possibility of Papi getting mixed up with one of her relatives, Papi's mother blithely admits that it's happened ''several'' times.
-->'''Papi's mother:''' But I'm ''pretty'' sure Papi's really Papi. I think.

[[folder:Volume 8]]

[[folder: Chapter 31 ]]

* Yukio's [[KryptoniteProofSuit heat protection suit]] adds a hilarious element to her otherwise rather serious demeanor.
* When Yukio reveals that the onsen only has mixed bathing, we get a shot of everyone's reactions: Centorea and Mero are flustered, Miia is shocked, Suu is neutral, Papi has a carefree smile, Kimihito is horrified, and Rachnera has ''stars in her eyes!''
* As the gang's suggesting ways to bring traffic to [[AnIcePerson Yukio's]] inn, Mero suggests a stage musical, starring Yukio as a character who freezes things with her power. In the background is an ImagineSpot Yukio striking a pose ripped directly from [[Disney/{{Frozen}} a very, very, very popular piece of media about a character who does exactly that.]]
-->'''Miia:''' [[YouWannaGetSued I think that'd be a copyright issue]]!
** It gets even funnier when Yukio loses control of her powers later in the chapter and starts freezing things (ie. [[ButtMonkey Kimihito]]). Why? Because she got emotional.
* In a rare instance of a girl being an AccidentalPervert, Miia accidentally strips Kimihito naked in front of everyone. Mero is GivingUpTheGhost, Centorea is speechless, Miia is frantically trying to cover him up while apologizing, and Papi just plainly says "I saw it." All the chaos results in everyone collapsing with their limbs in the air, while Suu is watching all the action with just one comment:
-->'''Suu:''' [[TeenyWeenie Size: small.]]


[[folder: Chapter 32 ]]

* The opening page, featuring Miia having an ImagineSpot where she's a MagicalGirlWarrior, Kimihito's the [[Franchise/SailorMoon Tuxedo Mask-style]] hero, and Rachnee's the villain, while the real Kimihito's expression is on the verge of a sweatdrop and the real Rachnee's expression is "Seriously?". [[spoiler:For bonus points, in the main story, ''Miia'' ends up playing the villain.]]
* Miia taking up an entire outdoors footbath by herself.
* Yukio's been making the gang write reports on the baths. Lala, Suu and Papi ''really'' aren't taking it well.
* Miia's {{beat}} and reaction when she turns to see the shrine monster.
* [[spoiler:The shrine master gets mad.]]


[[folder: Chapter 33 ]]

* Centorea is at first completely against helping out at the farm, until they mention they can take [[FoodAsBribe all the organic produce they want for helping]]. Cue immediate attitude change.
* Merino and Cathyl both force Kimihito to deal with their personal problems, since they would be too embarrassed to ask each other.
-->'''Cathyl''': "You deaf?! I said, '''milk me!!'''"
* Cathyl's lack of being able to remember names becomes a BrickJoke where [[spoiler: the Manager was MistakenForCheating by her because she didn't realize the girls' names he was calling out were actually the names of the sheep of the farm that he was milking]].
* Kimihito refusing some milk from Mero because the memory of milking Cathyl makes him nose bleed.
* Papi refuses to leave without her chickies.


[[folder: Chapter 34 ]]

* Kimihito and Mero's [[SweatDrop reaction to]] Liz and Kinu's spectacular lack of competence.
* Kinu gets a bug in her suit and promptly rips it off, causing Kimihito's nose to [[NoseBleed explode]].
* Lala's shock when Liz and Kinu don't understand a word of her typically long-winded way of saying "it wasn't me".
* Kinu throws Suu at a fleeing Lala.
* When Mero owns up to almost drowning Kimihito a few times, Liz thinks she's trying to console them with an obvious lie... only to find Kimihito can't meet their eyes.
* Suu translates Lala's PurpleProse style of speaking into something shorter and more understandable via {{telepathy}}, much to Lala's embarrassment.


[[folder: Volume 8 omake ]]

* Cott & Ton made a commercial flyer listing the various tourist sites and activities found in volume 8, complete with a price list for '''"Milk a Minotaur!"''', to Cathyl's outrage.

[[folder:Volume 9]]

[[folder: Chapter 35 ]]

* Sebastian and Potemkin utterly embarrassing Meroune with the reveal [[spoiler: that she is a princess]] to the point Mero knocks them unconscious with her trusty conch shell.
* The hotel has all kinds of FishPeople, some of them with funny appearances, such as a fish with legs, or a woman with a fish for a head. An ''entire'' fish.
* The saga of Miia and Centorea's massages.
* The eel mermaids are very ''eager'' to get men to join their massage club, with one of them having her face concealed in shadow with menacing, sparkling eyes. They even get the normally jealousy-prone Cerea and Miia to suggest Kimihito have a massage.
* Suu has BreastExpansion to the point it breaks through her wetsuit due to consuming too much sea water. Then she spits the extra water back out.
* [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Papi's reactions]] to Kimihito's meal. When she sees it, she's drooling a waterfall, and upon tasting it, she eats more while DualWielding forks.


[[folder: Chapter 36 ]]

* Rachnera announcing that she's going to ''drown'' [[FishPeople Sebastian and Potemkin]].
** Many fans feel this is very justified, first with leaving Kimihito, Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, and Rachnera behind at Oct's cave (basically stranding them), then "forgetting" to tell them there are giant sea anemones inside with very ''[[TentacleRope grabby]]'' tentacles.
* Rachnera's bondage duel with Oct is this and Awesome in its own way. What drives it home into Funny, however, is the conclusion. [[spoiler: Suu wins. Both Rachnera and Oct end up being ''terrified'' of the thought of Suu absorbing seawater.]]
* [[spoiler: Mature Suu.]]
* Papi came to help, but is just standing there terrified.
* The truth behind Oct's "summoning" of the stingrays and crabs in the previous chapter is revealed.
* Rachnera's HypocriticalHumor in regards to Oct's eight legs, and Oct calling her out on it.
-->'''Rachnera''': You might want to think about ''eight-''legging it out of here!\\
* The reactions to Oct giving Kimihito MarshmallowHell: [[ClingyJealousGirl Miia and Centorea]] are in full-on "doom to Oct" mode, while Rachnera just wants to get on with the story.


[[folder: Chapter 37 ]]

* Both Rachnera and Oct appropriately ''strangling'' Sebastian and Potemkin.
* [[spoiler: The reason Mero's mom tried to ruin the extraspecies exchange act? Because she wanted to make her romance with her human lover tragic by making it so they couldn't be together. Even her own daughter thinks this is crazy.]]
* As the chapter comes to a close, it seems Mero has finally snapped out of her bizarre fantasy of a tragic romance when she realises how losing in love would actually feel... But no, she just wants to flip the script now, with Miia being the runner up in the tragedy, much to the latter's annoyance.


[[folder: Chapter 38 ]]

* The doctors ''insist'' on Kimihito staying at the hospital, because they can't find ''anything'' wrong with him despite everything he's been through. So there ''must'' be something wrong with him.
* When Kimihito asks why Lala's in the hospital, she goes into full-on chuunibyou Grim Reaper mode, complete with a handy translation into everyday language for readers... until she notices she and Kimihito aren't alone in the hospital room. Cue deep embarrassment.
* Everyone losing their heads over Lala losing her head.
* Lala's idea of what would make good gifts for a young girl.
* Lala wants to have a private conversation with Kimihito, [[spoiler:so she whacks him over the head with her scythe in order to give him a near-death experience]].
* Kimihito's expression when he sees what Lala's holding behind her back and realises what she did.

[[folder:Volume 10]]

[[folder: Chapter 39 ]]

* Lala discovers prostrating yourself in apology isn't a good idea for someone with a detachable head.
* When Cici delivers a DiagonalCut at Zombina, Zombina's reaction is rather deadpan as her upper body starts sliding down, complaining that she just sewed herself this morning before falling to pieces.


[[folder: Chapter 40 ]]

* Lilith tries to hypnotize Kimihito into releasing his carnal desires, resulting in [[spoiler: the hypnotized Kimihito telling her to knock it off with the seduction, then telling Doppel [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn she should put some clothes on]].]]
** On a related note, MON are shocked at the end [[spoiler:to see Doppel actually wearing clothes]].
*** Even better, [[spoiler: she's actually ''more'' embarrassed about wearing clothes than her being completely naked, which she usually is.]]
* Liz and Kinu playing the ''TabletopGame/CallOfCthulhu'' tabletop game and unwittingly summarizing the events of the preceding few pages.
-->'''Orc Leader''': I know you! You're that little changeling that kicked me before! Heh heh, now that I know what you are, I'm not scared at a-\\
'''Doppel''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: You really think so? If that's true... ]]
''*insectoid limbs and dripping tentacles extend out of the hood Doppel is wearing*''\\
'''Doppel''': [[/folder]]

[[folder: Did their face look like...this? ]]
''*Her head splits open to reveal a number of very sharp teeth and multiple tongues*''\\
'''Liz''': ''*sitting at a cafe table nearby*'' Sanity check failed! You take 3d6 Sanity Damage!


[[folder: Chapter 41 ]]

* After Tionishia successfully talks Kimihito into using her lap as a pillow, she proceeds to crush his head between her breasts and thighs while reaching for a snack.
* A interesting plot point in the chapter: no one, not even ''Kii'', can get any cleaning done in the forest because [[spoiler:Tio is ''too nice'' and ''has too warm of a personality'', causing everyone to completely and fully relax, almost to the point of ''passing out in her lap''.]]

[[folder:I ♥ Monster Girls volume 1]]

[[folder: Home Alone with Manako (by Tottori-Saq) ]]

* Papi eventually gets tired of Manako constantly staring at her. So Manako goes outside for a bit. Soon after, Papi notices a glint in the distance.
-->'''Manako:''' *nursing a bump on her head* "I thought you needed a little space..."
-->'''Papi:''' *holding rifle* "Papi doesn't need a SNIPER!!"


[[folder: Hanging with Rachnee-san (by Aruse Yuushi) ]]

* Miia is reminded of the time she slithered into her [[LoveableSexManiac mother's]] "toy" room as a child.
-->'''Rachnera:''' "What's the matter? You're '''beet''' red."
-->'''Miia:''' "O-oh, nothing?! What makes you think I was remembering something ''weird''?!"


[[folder: Everyday Life with Ghosts (by Jingaimodoki) ]]

* Rachnee makes it clear that real or not, she doesn't like ghosts. [[spoiler: Because she can't tie them up.]]
* Lala refers to the bathroom as a "portal to the underworld".


[[folder: Monster Girl 4-Koma Theater (by U-temo) ]]

* Upon learning that Meroune pictures herself as the Little Mermaid, Zombina offers to lend her her legs.

!! Anime

[[folder:Season 1]]
* While the Anime is a rather faithful adaptation of the Manga, and thus shares most of the moments listed here, the OP adds a number of silly moments, not the least of which is the ending: [[Anime/DragonBallZ a Spirit Bomb]] shaped like a heart fired by the girls at poor Kimihito.
* The opening has a moment where Rachnera of all people [[{{Irony}} is tied up in bondage]].


[[folder: Episode 1 ]]

* The creepy little smile Miia makes (pictured above) before dragging Kimihito back to bed.
* When Kimihito finds out what Miia's panties look like, she ''punts him so hard that he goes flying through the shop door at such a speed that he's barely on-screen for a split-second.'' Judging by the velocity, he must've gone flying across the street and through a building... [[MadeOfIron If a car didn't stop him first.]]


[[folder: Episode 2 ]]

* The anime puts a spin on Miia's ImagineSpot of Shounen!Kimihito that's a combination of funny and cute: the imagined Kimihito delivers his DeclarationOfProtection towards Miia, [[MindScrew then reaches out and pats her on the head.]]


[[folder: Episode 3 ]]

* More imagination fun. When Centorea declares her knightly spirit and the armored centaurs appear beside her, a baffled Kimihito asks if they're [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Stands]]. Then the knights casually say "later" as they disappear.
* InnocentInnuendo aplenty is added to the part where Kimihito helps Papi put on her swimsuit.


[[folder: Episode 4 ]]

* As Suu looms over them, Centorea [[AccidentalPervert accidentally]] [[DamnYouMuscleMemory grabs]] Kimihito's [[GroinAttack crotch]].
-->'''Kimihito:''' "Th-That's not your sword..."
** It takes Centorea a {{beat}} of staring at her hand before she realizes what she did, panics, and trips, knocking herself unconscious.


[[folder: Episode 6 ]]

* The extra scene when Kimihito removes the skin from the tip of Miia's tail:
-->'''Kimihito:''' [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything It's okay! Just a little more! It's just the tip!]]
* When Kimihito accidentally puts his finger in "the wrong spot", a HurricaneOfEuphemisms appear in the form of various images: a snake poking through a curtain while saying "How ya doin'?", the same snake sinking a golf ball, a dart hitting a bulls-eye, and a bowling ball landing a strike.
* The scene where Miia accidentally twists Kimihito's neck is made much goofier. Instead of just a NeckSnap, Kimihito is spun around like a top and ends up with his entire body twisted around.
* When the Director's scheme is revealed by Suu, the other girls each grab something to threaten him with. Centorea unsheathes her sword, Mero picks up a large conch shell, and Miia wields ''her tail''.


[[folder: Episode 8 ]]

* When Kimihito notes that the reason people stare at Centorea might not be that she's non-human, Bicycle Cop can be seen in the crowd with his [[EyePop eyes popped out]] and [[{{Gainaxing}} bouncing]].


[[folder: Episode 10 ]]

* Suu bouncing down an embankment as she makes cat noises with each bounce is even cuter/funnier animated.
* In a scene that is equal parts awesome and funny, giant Suu unleashes one of the cutest Godzilla-style roars ever heard.


[[folder: Episode 12 ]]

* As Kimihito is worrying over the food expenses, Papi and Suu can be seen pouring Miia's "concoction" down Lala's throat. Also, the kitchen's on fire.
* In the anime, the scene where Centorea tries some carrots becomes a full-on DisneyAcidSequence.

[[folder:Almost daily shorts]]
* Papi discovering the ''bidet'' function on the toilet.
* Papi stuffing balloons in one of Cerea's tops and enjoying the feeling of having a chest...until the balloons pop.
* Doppel and Lala having a {{Chuunibyou}} duel. [[spoiler:Doppel wins.]]
* Suu imitating jello.

!! Other
* The almost daily shorts were accompanied by audio clips of the various girls counting sheep for you (or rather Kimihito) to help you sleep. Lots of cute fun ensues, such as:
** Papi falling asleep herself while counting.
** Suu waking you up so she can finish counting.
** Zombina counting zombies, and upon being told that she's supposed to count sheep, starts counting zombie sheep instead.
** Manako, being too shy to get close, instead opts to shout her counting from as far away as possible.
** Tionishia counting cookies, until she runs out.