* Red making his own siren noises when he becomes a mall cop.
** ANYTHING by Red like when he rolls around or walks on his butt.
* In a bid to figure out Super Cow's identity, Red Guy opens a dry cleaners for superheroes.
-->'''Red Guy:''' Now, whoever brings in a Supercow costume is the ''real'' Supercow. ''(Doorbell rings)'' Oh, sounds like I've got my first costumer!
-->''(A bunch of men in costumes charge in, and then charge out holding claim tickets in their boxers)''\\
'''Red Guy''': ''(Holding up one costume)'' ''Corn Cob Man?'' [[HypocriticalHumor There's a lot of sick people in this town]].
** See [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovtXCsIsHGQ here]].
** When Chicken pretends to be Super Cow and tries to speak Spanish, but not very well. "¿Donde esta el baño? -- "Where is the bathroom?"
--->'''Red Guy:''' I don't know what you just said. ''BUT I DON'T LIKE THE WAY YOU SAID IT''!!
** Red tries to lure out Supercow by pretending to be a superhero crushed a huge chunk of kryptonite.
--->''"Help, superhero down. Need assistance."''
** After being defeated, Red Guy says that the beating Supercow gave him wasnt too bad... only for all the other superheroes who left their costumes at the cleaners (which were all trashed during the fight) to suddenly show up and beat him half to death for ruining their costumes.
* A nurse telling Cow that she has been retroactively banned from sumo wrestling.
-->'''Nurse''': You won't be wrestling today, yesterday, or three years ago!
** Cow becomes a sumo wrestling superstar despite not actually doing any wrestling; she's just too heavy to move, so all her competitors either bounce off her or exhaust themselves trying to move her.
* In "Lost at Sea", Flem and Earl forget that they're taking a bath together, and ask Flem's dad how they forgot where they were. He doesn't know. The Red Guy then shows up dressed as a doctor and [[NoFourthWall directly addresses the audience with an explanation.]]
-->'''The Red Guy''': Of ''course'' Flem's dad couldn't explain what had happened, because HE'S AN IDIOT! Oh just ''look'' at those shorts.
** And after he explains it (the amnesia was caused by the steam from the bath water), he himself forgets who he is after inhaling the steam from his tea, and flies through the wall and into the sunset thinking that he is UsefulNotes/AmeliaEarhart.
** The ridiculous flashbacks Flem and Earl have while reminscing about life together, such as running with the bulls in Pamplona, and eating cheese in Paris, none of which ever happened.
--> '''Red Guy''': *suddenly appears in the water* Oh please, like the two of you have ever been further than your living room! *cut to a scene with Flem and Earl zoned out in front of the TV*
* Red reading a fairy tale from a cookbook in "Goin' My Way":
--->"And then, the Three Little Bacon Steaks '''''were put in the oven''''' and baked at 350, '''''smothered in chocolate'''''! The end."
* In "The Legend of Sailcat" (which is weird even by their standards) they have one bit where Flem's dad sings that "when someone's depressed or has had a bad day (Sailcat) can always drop in with the right thing to say". What does Sailcat say to the bawling Cow? "[[spoiler: Don't be depressed Cow, people like you ''because'' you're big and fat and ugly. Go with it!]]"
** What is the Sailcat? He was a stray cat who was given FlyingBrick superpowers by a passing meteor seconds before getting run over by a car. Since he was made immortal, the truck just made him flat as a frisbee but didnt kill him, so now he travels the winds and does good deeds.
* From "Comet!": "PLEASE, walk this way." (Red bounces on his butt and everyone except Chicken does the same)
** Red freaking out from the comet (actually Chicken pranking him with a golf ball).
--->Make up your mind, comet!
** "[[OhCrap Oh grandma.]] '''WE'RE ALL DEAD MEAT!"'''
** Chicken sells "comet-proof" equipment (in reality just random junk from the garage he's painted with glitter).
* From "Journey to the Center of Cow" where Cow accidentally swallows Chicken, they take her to "Dr. Bottoms." He proceeds to do a series of random tests before taking a "milk sample" from Cow.
-->'''Dad''': Uh, Dr. Bottoms what is the point of this experiment?
-->'''Dr. Bottoms''': Well, ''I'm'' thirsty, and your daughter's a cow. DO THE MATH!
** Dr. Bottoms then explains Chicken's going to be digested by Cow's stomach enzymes.
--->'''Dad''': Is that a bad thing?
--->'''Dr. Bottoms''': I see you're a simpleton. ''THINGS DON'T LOOK GOOD, MOM AND DAD!!!''
* Red's epic breakdown in "I Scream, Man", and then ending up in a mental clinic for it.
-->'''Red''': AAAAAHHHH!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! I don't have any ice cream! None whatso...EVER! ''(Hangs near the side of the cop, then switches to a calm, quiet voice)'' I don't even like ice cream, ''(switches back to LargeHam mode)'' OR KIDS! It says "Eye Screem" on my truck, not "Ice Cream"! Get it? 'cause I SCREAM!!! Look at me. (screams while spinning in circles) SCREAMING IS MY HOBBYYYYYY!!!!!!\\
'''Policeman''': ''(hits Red with a sausage)'' It's the padded cell for you, scream man!
** Also, he tries to give Chicken ice cubes in a cone and Cow a beaver in a cone (SURPRISE!).
** The pig's FreakOut after Mom mentions "piggy pops" (in reality just ice cream shaped like pigs).
** Later, the pig is locked up in an asylum, where the Red Guy is already confined.
--> '''Red Guy''': What are you in for, did ya ''squeal''?
** Red makes a NoAnimalsWereHarmed statement at the end of the episode... and then he complains that HE was harmed instead (more than once).
*** And he [[BreakingTheFourthWall blames creator David Feiss for his misery]].
* From "The Great Pantzini," Red (as The Great Pantzini) making Mike the micro-trunked elephant cry by bringing up the time he crushed the Chinese acrobats (now referred to as, "The Chinese Pancakes.") and Red trying to convince Chicken that a weenie dog is his one-trick pony.
* "You don't think? What are you, ''communists''?"
* ''All'' of "Who's Afraid of the Dark?", especially Dr. Laxslax, who's scared of ''everything''.
** And it all culminates in Mom and Dad deciding to adopt Dr. Laxslax on the spot even though he's a grown man.
* After the "[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Buffalo Gals]]" [[ItMakesSenseInContext break into the duo's house and start eating their carpet]].
-->'''Dad''': ''(jumping onto Mom in fear)'' Don't let 'em get me! Don't let 'em get me!\\
'''Mom''': They're not after ''you''. ''(laughs)''
* In "Sergeant Weenie Arms", when the titular drill sergeant orders Chicken, Flem, and Earl to cut down a cave-tree as part of their Weenie Marine training. With their ''faces''. It works too, one night of training is all it takes for the three to become super buff badasses.
** He later turns out to be actually really girly. In his view, REAL men [[RealMenWearPink arent afraid of playing with dolls]]
* In "Child Star", Red finishes shooting his movie with Cow as the star, only to discover that he is completely out of a movie since the camera didn't have film in it. His solution? When he goes to present the film, he ''improvises using shadow puppets''. [[spoiler:And it works.]]
-->'''Red Guy:''' Pretty little girl, starring in ''Pretty Little Girl''. Uh, a pretty little girl went for a walk, ''(Red is revealed to be in the projector room)'' and met Jaime the neighbor boy whose cat was stuck in a tree. Uh, then invited all her friends to a tea party, where they, um, ooh, danced and [[SuddenlyShouting MADE MERRY!]] And--and--and had cake, and, and...ohhhh... The end. ''(ends by showing a silhouette of his rear)''\\
'''Mr. Carp:''' Panced! Get down here! ''(The Red Guy goes up to him by rolling on the floor)'' [[spoiler:Oh, you're a ''genius!'']]\\
'''Red Guy:''' [[spoiler:''(gasp)'' I am?]]\\
'''Mr. Carp:''' [[spoiler:Oh yes, yes. It's got action, it's got drama, it's got dance! Oh, it's going to be a hit hit hit! Oh, welcome to Hollywood, Mr. Panced!]]
* The cashier yelling at Chicken for having a credit card with 25 cents worth of credit on it on "Free Inside."
* On "Perpetual Energy": Dad doing shadow puppets with the perpetual energy light (a bunny, a big, fat pig, and a silhouetted woman he refers to as "Grandpa").
* From "The Karate Chick":
** Ben Panced's (the karate teacher) line's, "In karate, butt fu is most revered. ''(suggestively)'': And rear-viewed."
** Ben Panced getting attacked by a shark (and liking it) while recreating the pole balance scene from ''Film/TheKarateKid''.
** The homeless veterinarian's story of how he went insane: he worked as a vet for a company that made sure chickens were healthy, not knowing until it was too late that it's for O.F.C. (Ohio Fried Chicken), a company that processes chickens for food. When he saw his best patient, Lamar, get turned into a chicken loaf sandwich, he tried to revive him, but to no avail. Chicken then uses this new knowledge to trigger the homeless vet and get Dick the Bully ([[PunchClockVillain who's only a bully on school days; on weekends, he collects money for charity and helps the poor]]) to fight him by wrapping himself in bread and putting himself on a roasting spit over a fire.
* In "The Ugliest Wienie Part 2" (Or 3), Dad exclaims that Cow and Chicken are about to become thespians, to which Mom reproachfully responds "Oh honey."
* Every time Dad and Mom make comments about how one's either a man or one's a lady.
-->'''Dad''': It's times like these that make me proud to feel like a MAN!\\
'''Mom''': Me too, dear!
* "The Babysitter": The depressed comedian's stories at The Sad Club, which make Mom and Dad laugh and complain that the man is terrible:
-->'''Depressed Comedian''' ''(tearfully)'': And then my cat ran away, right before my fiancee dumped me, but I didn't get message 'cuz they repossessed my phone. And I showed up at the church to find her...''(bawling)'': ''marrying my cat''! ''(sobs)''\\
'''Depressed Comedian''' ''(tearfully)'': [[NoodleIncident ...then, the gangrene set in, and then my grandma beat up my dog]]! ''(sobs)''
* Chicken tormenting his family by [[PottyEmergency taking a stand in the bathroom]] in "Chicken in the Bathroom", leading to many an UnusualEuphemism and Mom and Dad contorting their legs into knots. To name but few:
-->'''Cow:''' I'VE GOTTA GO PEEL THE ONIONS!!!\\
'''Dad:''' Gotta....shake....hands...with the president!\\
'''Mom:''' Gotta run for congress here...yi-yi-yi-yi-yi...
* The [[PunnyName "Pummel Horse"]] in "P.E." where instead of using the pommel horse displayed below the sign, Chicken (and later Flem and Earl) is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin pummeled by horses]]. After the first punch, he utters this line.
-->'''Chicken:''' [[NonSequiturThud That's the last time I leave the toilet seat up, Grandma]].
** There's also the scene where Chicken, Flem, and Earl [[GoneSwimmingClothesStolen have their clothes stolen by a pair of bullies and thrown out the window while they're showering]]. The Red Guy finds the clothes and picks out his favorite (Chicken's chicken suit, of course) from the pile.
-->'''The Red Guy:''' Ohh, a chicken suit! NOW I CAN DIE HAPPY!
* Boneless Chicken shines in "Alive!" where he plays DeadpanSnarker to a panicky Cow when they're stuck on the roof. The poor chicken ends up frying (with inexplicable bacon and eggs) with blisters bubbling on his body as he becomes delusional.
-->'''Boneless:''' Is that you, Grandpa? ''(Cow sprays him with milk)'' Grandma!
** Cow's [[IslandHelpMessage very long SOS on the roof]] also counts.
-->'''Pilot:''' "My cousin and I were playing catch and I tossed him too high on the roof and then I came up. And now we both need..." Need what? ''(the plane then gets stuck on a tree)''
** Also the months of being marooned on the roof? [[spoiler: It was only half an hour.]]
* "The Day I Was Born" has the scene where Cow is being delivered. We can hear the Red Guy screaming about pushing and seeing the head while Dad and Chicken wait for news...and then we get this gem.
-->'''Dad:''' Push! Push!\\
'''Mom:''' *walks over to Dad and Chicken* What's going on, Dad?\\
'''Dad:''' You're having a baby.
* "Class this is pi, as in 'Shut your pie holes!' RECESS!!!!"
** "Time for recess, pie hole."
*** "GET OFF MY CASE!!!!"
* In "Dirty Laundry," Cow and Chicken get the Red Guy (as "Geraldo Rearviewa") thrown in prison after he humiliated several of their friends and had some of them chased by an angry mob. Who does Geraldo meet the second he's in jail? [[spoiler: The Warden version of the Red Guy. No one's more surprised than Rearviewa.]]
** The inexplicable angry mob thats always waiting on the sidelines as soon as any news are released.
* In "Cow's Pie," Cow's persistent attempts to convince chicken to try her pie after chicken refused are just priceless:
** Dad orders Chicken to try Cow's pie. [[spoiler: It's Cow in disguise.]]
** Chicken expecting Cow to be hiding in the bathtub, she's isn't. After chicken turns the shower on, [[spoiler: Cow emerges from the shower nozzle, udder first. After refusing yet again, Cow retreats back through the nozzle]]
** Chicken asks Mom what's for breakfast. [[spoiler: It's also Cow in disguise.]]
** At school, [[spoiler:Cow ends up in Chicken's locker via OffscreenTeleportation.]]
** Cow begging through the classroom window. [[spoiler: Chicken ends up yelling in class, resulting in him sitting on a stool with a DunceCap.]]
** During recess, Chicken attempts to catch a football. [[spoiler: He ends up catching Cow's pie instead.]]
** Chicken gives in [[spoiler: after Cow removes all the food from the kitchen.]]
** Cow's pie was made using random inedible objects from around the house. After all that, [[spoiler: Chicken [[IDoNotLikeGreenEggsAndHam ends up liking the pie.]]]]