Even for a non-caustic show, Roo can deliver some funny moments.

* The beginning of the ''VideoGame/{{Terranigma}}'' review has him explain an overly-elaborate way to play PAL Super Nintendo games that involves multiple wires and rodents on wheels, before revealing he just used an emulator.
** Said confession leads to him getting tackled by a paranoid Commodore, who relates Nintendo to Big Brother or Santa Claus, going after anyone that emulates a game.
* During his switch-a-roo with WebVideo/WeirdVideoGames (he looks at Captain Novolin), he references ''VideoGame/TraumaCenter'' and appreciates certain "anime assets" in modern medical practice. Followed with [[DontExplainTheJoke "by which I mean boobs"]]
* When introducing the Super Famicom remakes of the first two ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' games:
-->'''Roo''': Presented in mind-blowing, digitally remastered, multi-media Web 2.0 buzzword HD!