* Episode 2 - Black Condor's GroinAttack on one of the mooks, and it flailing around in agony afterward.
* Episode 7 - Ryu's grandma foils Maria's plan - [[HoistByHisOwnPetard by trapping her with a mirror]].
* Ramen Jigen from Episode 10. Just seeing a ramen-cup kaijin run around was crazy. Also bonus points for the [[EarWorm jingle]].
** To turn it UpToEleven, there's also the fact that Raita ate that ramen and became crazy impatient that everything, regarding him became plain hilarious, starting from getting him to launch the Jet Machines, telling Ryu to combine... and eventually when Jet Icarus is complete, he had to be tied up to not ruin the control.
** Don't forget the fact that right as the sentai are about to pull out their lasers and perform their finisher, the monster just falls down and dies of a previously established WeaksauceWeakness.
* Episode 11 as well - the episode with the Vending Machine Jigen. Seeing Ryu being a lazy ass = LOL. Extra [=LOLs=] for seeing 'Goody-Two-Shoes' Gai.
** GameOver
* Dryer Jigen from Episode 28 in spades.
* Episode 36. IdiotBall gets dropped on Ryū as he tried to look for a stray monkey... then Gai turns him into an AccidentalPervert.

[[folder: Out of Canon Moments ]]

* The Jetman Workout Video. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N19EdUvuLTs&t=3m31s This part right here.]]. That is all.