* When the parents talk about moving, the younger kids rig Mike to a rope to spy on them through the laundry chute. When they pull him up, he shouts, "We're gonna move!" The others drop him in shock.
* "You soaked his ''underwear'', in meat. That was wrong. Funny, but ''wrong''."

!!Literature/CheaperByTheDozen, the book

* A friend sends an ardent member of the birth control movement to the Gilbreths', telling her that Mrs. Gilbreth might be a good candidate for joining. HilarityEnsues.
* The family drives, especially the one in which a woman mistakes the children for orphans and Dad for the superintendent.
* Dad (who had previously scared the children by honking the horn while they were looking in the engine for a non existent bird) gets scared in like manner by the youngest child while fixing the engine.
-->Nobody noticed Bill. He climbed into the front seat. And then -- ''kadooka, kadooka''.