Basically the entire series constitutes, but here are some of the best examples:


[[folder: Episode 1]]
* Blue and Pink shunning Charlie as a non-believer:
--> '''Charlie''': Alright, guys, you do know that there's no ''actual'' Candy Mountain, right?
--> '''Blue''': Shun the non-believer!'
--> '''Pink''': Shuuuuuun!
--> '''Blue''': Shhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu-nah.
--> '''Charlie''': ...Yeah.
* The entire bridge scene:
--> '''Blue''': Charlie! Chaaaarlie! Chaarlie! Chaa-
--> '''Charlie''': I'm right here, what do you want?!
--> (*{{Beat}}*)
--> '''Blur''': ...We're on a bridge, Charlie!
* The Candy Mountain letters [[spoiler: spontaneously exploding]] after their song.
--> '''Charlie''': Alright, fine! I'll go into the freakin' candy cave!
* [[SignatureScene The]] [[MoodWhiplash ending]]:
--> '''Charlie''': Augh, what happened? *looks down* Augh, [[spoiler: they took my freakin' kidney!]]

[[folder: Episode 2]]
* Blue and Pink scuba diving ''in the air''.
--> '''Blue''': Glub, glub! Glub, glub! Glub, glub! Glub, glub! Glub, glub! Look over there! It's a coral reef!
--> '''Charlie''': Ah, look, it's you guys! ...And you're floating.
--> '''Blue''': Charlie, we're scuba diving, Charlie!
--> '''Pink''': We're exploring the depths of the ocean blue!
--> '''Blue''': Oh no! Here comes a school of poisonous fugu fish!
--> '''Pink''': NOOOO! FUGU!
* And seconds later:
--> '''Blue''': Charlie, we're being pulled into the vortex!
--> '''Pink''': Swim away, fugu fish! Swim away!
* Charlie's confusion over the other unicorns' genders:
--> '''Charlie''': Guys? Guys? ...Or girls! I'm really not sure what you two are.
* Blue returning from the vortex:
--> '''Blue''': Charlie, I have the amulet!
--> '''Charlie''': What amulet, what's going on?!
--> '''Blue''': The ''amulet'', Charlie! ''The magical amulet''! Sparkle, sparkle!
--> '''Pink''': Sp-Sparkle!!
* Charlie's reaction to seeing the Banana King:
--> '''Charlie''': What is that?
--> ({{Beat}})
--> '''Charlie''': No, no really. You guys see it, right?
--> ({{Beat}})
--> '''Charlie''': I gotta be honest, I'm getting freaked out here! Somebody say something!
* "Oh, of course, it burst into flames..."

[[folder: Episode 3]]
* Quickly! Grab onto our tongues! *Blegh!*
--> '''Charlie''': Ohhh, that is so gross...

[[folder: Episode 4]]
* After Blue and Pink tell Charlie about the millipede:
--> '''Charlie''': It's obvious I have no actual choice here. How about we save some time and go to the freakin' moon?
--> '''Blue''': Oh my god, that would be amazing! ''The screen flips upside down and Charlie floats towards the moon.''
--> '''Charlie''': I don't understand how you do these things!
* When Charlie has a "bug" on his face.
--> '''Blue''': This is the police. We have you surrounded, Mr. Bug.''
--> '''Charlie''': (''beat'') ''Uh huh.''
--> '''Pink''': Taser him!
--> ''zap''
--> '''Pink''': He's resisting arrest!
--> ''zap''
--> '''Pink''': He's got a gun!
--> ''zap''
--> '''Pink''': (''beat'') He's got another gun!
--> ''zap''
* The Millipede [[RunningGag exploding after its musical number]]:
-->'''Blue''': You did it, Charlie! You defeated the Millipede!
-->'''Charlie''': It just exploded! ''[[LampshadeHanging LIKE EVERYTHING DOES WHEN IT SINGS TO ME!!!]]''

[[folder: charlie teh unicron 3]]
* In regards to charlie "killing" starfish.
--> '''Starfish's Cousin''': Oh my god! Why would you even do that?
--> '''blue unicron''': It was probably ''sexual''!