* When Mr. Blik and Gordon were trapped in rising lava, Waffle manages to save them with his new lobster friends. How? By having them form a ladder.
-->'''Mr. Blik''': There's something you don't see everyday.
** Gordon, thankful of the lobsters' help, renounces from ever eating them again... but not before the awkward moment of where he describes how delicious they are cooked, and they all took a few steps away from the cats.
* Mr. Blik and Waffle begrudgingly agree to disguise themselves as a unicorn to impress the Human Kimberly. Waffle 'calls frontsies" but Mr. Blik wouldn't have any of that.
** And then when they're wandering around in the costume.
-->'''Mr. Blik''': What ''are'' you doing?\\
'''Waffle''': Leaving a trail so we can find our way back. I'm laying eggs!\\
'''Mr. Blik''': [[ArtisticLicenseBiology Unicorns don't lay eggs you imbecile!]]\\
'''Waffle''': How do you know that?\\
'''Mr. Blik''': Because I'm the ''head''. That's where the ''brains'' are!
* The Kracken being voiced by Creator/MauriceLaMarche doing his [[Creator/OrsonWelles Orson]] [[WesternAnimation/TheCritic Welles]] voice. It works remarkably well.
** Especially when it shows up at the cats' house, seemingly for revenge... until it breaks down and ''cries''.
* Waffle's ''laser'' show involves REAL lasers. They were helpful in stopping a zombie outbreak (also Waffle's fault) but the first time used they pretty much scared and harmed a good number of people, prompting Mr. Blik and Gordon to warn him ''not'' to use them ever again.
-->'''Gordon''': Laddie, I said blue cookbook, green room. Green cookbook, blue room is... ''The Scottish Book of the Dead''!
-->'''Waffle''': Oh. That explains the long and mysterious incantation with sour cream.
* Concerning the issue of their robot selves.
-->'''Mr. Blik''': How do we usually get out of situations before?\\
-'''Waffle''': [[LampshadeHanging We don't.]] [[SummonBiggerFish We just make a bigger mess that cancels the first one out.]]\\
'''Mr. Blik''': Right! ''(proceeds to make a HumongousMecha, which may or may not be worse than AIIsACrapshoot)''
* The following exchange:
-->'''Gordon''': That's our ''brother'' you're talking to!\\
'''Snooty Rich Guy''': [[TakeThat That's not MY fault]].\\
'''Waffle''': Yes it is, '''FATHER!'''\\
''(crowd gasps in horror)''\\
'''Gordon''': Um...he's not our father, Waffle.\\
'''Waffle''': Oh. False alarm!\\
''(crowd sighs in relief)''
* The entirety of "Core-Uption", where the entire world turns into a TastesLikeDiabetes wonderland. Especially funny are Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik's transformations into a [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]] {{expy}}, potted plant and pull-string doll respectively.
-->'''Mr. Blik:''' Waffle, touch that string and you're mulch.
* In the episode where the cats went to the moon, there was a part where Mr. Blik and Waffle were walking together, when Mr. Blik saw something:
-->'''Mr. Blik:''' Waffle, look! ''(points)''\\
'''Waffle:''' Oooh...[[ComicallyMissingThePoint a finger!]]
** In the same episode, the whole sequence where Waffle plays zero-gravity basketball. Eventually, Mr. Blik stands on the hoop and tells Waffle to give him the ball, and there's a brief scuffle that ends with Mr. Blik and the basketball falling through the hoop and Waffle happily sitting on top.
--->'''Waffle:''' Two!
** Also, when Waffle gets on the microphone before they blast off to space earlier in the episode:
--->'''Gordon:''' Communication systems, on!\\
''(suddenly grabs the mike from Mr. Blik)''\\
'''Waffle:''' [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Hello, Class of 1985]]. Today, we say goodbye to our school, and hello to our future; [[SuddenlyShouting BACON FRENCH FRIES!]]
* The episode "Charge!" Where Mr. Blik becomes magnetized. At one point he opens the front door, sees ''a tractor flying toward him'', and immediately closes it back. When Waffle opens the door the tractor is gone and he's greeted by a guy who gives him a giant check, then when Blik opens the door again [[RuleOfFunny the tractor reappears and nails him]].
* When Waffle and Mr. Blik battle each other as [[ItMakesSenseInContext giant floats]] in "King of All Root Beer" they start by turning each other into a dog and mouse respectively before really starting to beat the crud out of each other.
-->'''Mr.Blik''': Bring it on blimp-boy! (grabs Waffle and twists him into a dog shape) Haha! I turned you into a stupid dog.\\
'''Waffle''': Oh yeah?! (grabs Blik and twists him into a mouse shape)\\
'''Mr.Blik''': A mouse?! I have no brother.