''Literature/CatchTwentyTwo'' alternates between pure, concentrated CMOF and pure, concentrated TearJerker. [[MoodWhiplash Sometimes in the same paragraph]].
* The entire description of how Major Major Major Major managed to become a hermit on a military base. And then how Yossarian gets an appointment with him: [[spoiler:''a flying tackle''.]]
* Try to read the part with Clevinger's Trial without cracking up.
* In the first chapter, Yossarian is bored with censoring letters, so he blacks out the entirety of a letter except for the salutation and adds, at the bottom, "I yearn for you tragically" and the name of the army chaplain.
* In the second chapter, Yossarian tries to talk to Orr. After the third time their conversation circles around itself, he tries to murder him.
* Just as Yossarian is about to get thrown out of the sickbay, he's saved by a sudden interruption: the soldier in the bed next to his sits up and shouts, "I SEE EVERYTHING TWICE!" It comes out of ''nowhere''.
* When Scheisskopf becomes a general due to Peckem's plans backfiring. "He wants us all to MARCH!"
* "Oł sont les [[GratuitousFrench Neigeden]] d'antan?"