* Casanova's reply upon being accused of having sex with a novice (meaning a nun):
-->'''Casanova:''' Well, she was hardly a novice.
** When said novice was confronted by the inquisitors chasing Casanova:
--->'''Dalfonso:''' Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova.\\
'''Sister Beatrice:''' Seems fair.
* Casanova's attempts to maintain a civilized, sophisticated conversation with Francesca, her mother, and his ''future father-in-law'' - while his young, sex-starved fiancée is under the table.
* Giovanni is making quite a name for himself in the local brothel, tying up (not like that) all of the prostitutes at once. In the lobby, a waiting john asks of the madam, "Um, when is my turn?"
* Giovanni keeps slapping Casanova and throwing his glove down to challenge him to a duel. Lupo keeps picking it up and handing to Giovanni, allowing Giovanni to continue slapping Casanova. After the third time:
--> '''Casanova:''' Are you two working together now?!