!! Bug
* Bug's method of WallCrawl and CeilingCling is to walk up/down/alongside said wall or ceiling as if it was normal ground. Quite a bit of platforming involves this.
* Insectia has a fierce looking green beetle enemy that when jumped on, [[ClothingDamage loses his entire exoskeleton]] [[ComedicUnderwearExposure exposing a scrawny red bug]] in GoofyPrintUnderwear who can only make shivering noises, can't move or cause CollisionDamage, and dies after a few seconds if not finished off.
* If you stay too far away from the first boss when he's not doing his bombing run attacks, he'll inexplicably go back into his shell and come out with a cowboy hat and two guns to fire bullets at Bug. Keep in mind that he's a snail with no arms.
* In one of the games bonus rounds, you have a foot race against ''SonicTheHedgehog''! [[http://m.youtube.com/watch?autoplay=1&v=Ilbcb3mrLf8 See it here!]] If the player enters a code that allows Bug to "fly" around the terrain, they can even fly to where Sonic is and sting him to kill him!
* [[FunnyBackgroundEvent In the background of]] Quaria Scene 1's [[LevelGoal Bug Stop]] area, you'll see a diving beetle chasing a small fish to the right offscreen. If you wait a bit he comes back in, this time being pursued by a hungry dog-fish.
* The first phase of Quaria's [[BossBattle Finale]] is a ''literal'' TennisBoss where the octopus boss grabs dogfish (fish with dog heads and collars!) wish his tentacles and throws them at Bug from the background. Bug has to counter this by use a tennis racket to swat them back into the octopus' head.
* In general, a number of the hurt/death animations qualify. If Bug gets killed the normal way, he swoons a bit before fainting. If he gets electrocuted by a Lightning Bug, [[XRaySparks he acts like how a slapstick cartoon character would]]. If he's damaged by Fire Ants or killed by lava, he turns into AshFace.
!! Bug Too!
* If they ghost enemies in Weevil Dead 2 grab Bug, Maggot Dog or Super Fly with their chains, they'll scream in their face while strangling them. What do they scream? "LOSER!"
* The three minibosses of Weevil Dead 2 are knights, fought at the end of each scene. The first has a knife throw attack and requires Bug to use Spit to attack him, the second is like the first with a charging attack added in. The third is incredibly tiny and the player simply needs to just ''walk'' onto him to kill him, complete with a "splat!" sound.
* There's something hilarious about the centipede enemies in Lawrence of Arachnia being based off [[UsefulNotes/TheGulfWar Iraqi soldiers]] and UsefulNotes/SaddamHussein, even sporting Saddam's beret and mustache to boot. They shout "DIE WESTERN INSECT" in a stereotypical Middle Eastern accent while firing out smaller Arab insects from a rocket launcher!