[[folder: Bring It On ]]

* The school's football team is so bad, their own announcer can be heard telling the crowd when their next defeat will be at the end of the game.
-->'''Jock #1''': Jan's got spirit, yes he do!
-->'''Jock #2''': Jan's got spirit, how bout you?
-->'''Jan''': [[SkewedPriorities Dude! You just lost!]]
* One of the cheerleaders is injured in their first practice of the season (thus necessitating the auditions and Missy joining the team):
-->'''Les''': You know, everyone's saying that your ambition broke Carver's leg.
-->'''Torrance''': [[FromACertainPointOfView When really it was the angle in which she slammed into the ground.]]
* The auditions scene, including one of the male cheerleaders being DistractedByTheSexy enough to fall backwards out of his chair.
* The carwash scene. Missy is just so blunt.
--> '''Cliff''': I begged my mom for a brother.
-->'''Torrance''': He'd look a little ridiculous in that bikini, wouldn't he?
* "You...are cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded."
-->'''Roman''': Smile.
-->''Missy [[TechnicallyASmile grimaces at him.]]''
-->'''Roman''': Don't smile.
* Missy reflects on the atmosphere of a national cheer competition:
-->'''Missy''': I don't know what's scarier, neurotic cheerleaders or the pressure to win. I could make a killing selling something like Diet Prozac.
* A coach at the finals giving a pep talk to a nervous cheerleader:
-->'''Coach''': "The most important thing is to relax-"[[[VomitIndiscretionShot Cheerleader covers coach in vomit]]]
* Torrance is annoyed because her mom wants her to focus more on academics.
-->'''Torrance''': You know, mothers have killed to get their daughters on squads.
-->'''Mrs. Shipman''': That mother didn't kill anyone. She hired a hitman.


[[folder: All Or Nothing ]]

* Britney is having a freak-out over something, to the confusion of her team mates. One of them figures she's suffering caffeine withdrawal, because "coffee is like crack to white people."