''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' is a BlackComedy that is absolutely hilarious. You should focus on that, to avoid the [[NightmareFuel/{{Borderlands 2}} horror]] and [[TearJerker/{{Borderlands 2}} trauma]] of the game.

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[[folder: Vault Hunters]]

[[folder: Axton ]]

* The reason Axton became a Vault Hunter in the first place.
-->'''Axton's Wife:''' You used the dignitary you were assigned with guarding as bait to draw in the enemy forces, then blew up the building with the dignitary still inside.\\
'''Axton:''' C'mon, that was awesome! You can't tell me that wasn't awesome.
* Some of Axton's quotes:
--> ''(idling)'' "Leave the military! Go to Pandora! [[DeadpanSnarker Stare at stuff]]..." or "This... This is nice. Who wants to go kill stuff anyway? [[RhetoricalQuestionBlunder Me. I do.]]"\\
''(land a critical)'' "[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch See ya... Bitch.]]"\\
"Cool Story Bro."\\
''(when deploying his Sabre Turret)'' "[[SchmuckBait Hey, stand in front of this!]]" \\
''(falsetto voice)'' "Oh soldier you're so great!" ''(normal voice)'' "Ladies, ladies, c'mon; I'm not ''that cool.''"
* According to one of the Axton's posts on twitter he once had his beloved turret stuck in his metallic-tattoos-thingies on his head.


[[folder: Gaige ]]

* You might not be able to play as Tiny Tina, but Gaige is the next best thing:
-->Oh I am gonna slap the '''[[PrecisionFStrike bitch]]''' outta you!
** She also comes close to being a female Mister Torgue:
-->Meedly-meedly-mowwww...I know, I'm so bad at this.
* Gaige while tripping on her PowerHigh from over 150 Anarchy stacks.
-->[[ATeamFiring I don't remember what accuracy even means!]]\\
[[AGodAmI I am the god of damage!!]]\\
[[LargeHam I think my reload button is broken!!]]\\
Why am I still doing this?!!\\
You're gonna be so sorry if I could actually hit you!
* If you've summoned Deathtrap during the final battle, assuming he survives, he can be seen during the final cutscene, killing Rakk with his laser face. With Upshot Robot, he can do this ''indefinitely''.
* Most of Gaige's echocasting is hilarious. Between her dwindling subscriber count suddenly skyrocketing to over 20,000, and her dad constantly walking in on her, it makes you wonder how ''this'' child became a Vault Hunter.
** Keep in mind that she got 20,000 subscribers after she caused her long time rival, Marcie Hollway, to ''explode''.
* The [[GoodBadBugs hilarious bug]] that steps in once your Anarchy gets too high. With the Slayer of Terramorphous mod, you can get up to 600 stacks of Anarchy (-1050% acccuracy), which, with a low-accuracy weapon, causes your bullets to actually break physics in order to meet the accuracy standards (i.e. none). For example, you can point a Torgue Ravager shotgun at a cliff face that takes up most of the screen, and ''none'' of the pellets will hit it. The weapon's original shot cone will be the place the ''least'' bullets go. It's hilarious to watch, especially in a confined area, where Close Enough will cause them to disintegrate everything nearby ''anyway''.


[[folder: Krieg ]]

* One of Krieg's revival quotes.
-->'''[[SplitPersonality Good!Krieg]]''': Say thank you.\\
'''Krieg''': NIPPLE SALAD!\\
'''Good!Krieg''': ...Close enough.
* Another one:
* Not to mention his revivals...
-->'''Krieg''': ''You don't die today! YOU DIE EVERY DAY!''\\
'''Krieg''': ''I will murder your death!''\\
'''Krieg''': (in an extremely creepy tone) ''Looove youu...''\\
'''Krieg''': (using Redeem The Soul) ''I WILL MURDER YOUR DEATH!''\\
'''Krieg''': (triggering Light The Fuse) ''EXPLOSIONS OF LIFE!''
* All of Krieg's skins and heads are named in [[WordSalad all caps with crazy and often hilarious names he probably came up with himself.]] This even applies to the brand loyalty skins that have the same names for everyone else. For instance, his version of "Tediore Customer Service" is called "[[DoubleEntendre LET ME SERVICE YOU]]".
** Other gems include "I'M NOT REVOLTING" for Vladof Revolution and "LEG STRIPE YEEEAH" for Hyperion Honor. Also, "WHO SAID OCTOPUS" for Torque High Octane.
** Jakobs Old-Fashioned: "MY LEFT BOOB SAYS "OBS", referring to the Jakobs logo he gets tattooed across his chest.
* In "A Meat Bicycle Built for Two," Krieg's first contact with Maya involves him becoming totally smitten with her, and this exchange with himself:
-->'''Good!Krieg''': She's a Vault Hunter. A Siren warrior who can kill me with her brain. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Tell her she's as beautiful as a thousand sunsets. Tell her you need her help, tell her to rescue you and care for you, and whatever you do, '''[[TemptingFate do not scream the word "poop" at the top of your lungs!]]'''\\
'''Krieg''': ''(FlippingTheBird and waving his buzz axe around)'' I'M THE CONDUCTOR OF THE '''POOP''' TRAIN!\\
'''Good!Krieg''': It's over, idiot. You're gonna die here and now, and your last words will have been "poop train."
** Even funnier is Maya's sheer "WTF?" reaction to that line.
* The same video gives us this gem later on:
-->'''Krieg''': ''(approaching a Rat)'' I'M GONNA PUT MY PAIN INTO YOUR SOUL!\\
'''Rat'''': ''(whimpers, trembles, and passes out; Krieg promptly ignores him)''
* And of course, Krieg being a [[CloudCuckooLander ps]][[AxCrazy yc]][[TalkativeLoon ho,]] his dialogue is chock full of hidden gems.
-->'''Krieg:''' [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Pitiful people prepare, plead plentifully plentiful platitude phenomenal patriot pounds, poundingly perverse puppets; pulping, pleasantly, putrid pasties.]]\\
'''Krieg:''' You loud sacks of filth and sour cream can hit me with your pain pinatas all day, but you'll never take the jellied fantasies of my wasted youth! My stomach is clear and my mind is full of bacon!\\
'''Krieg:''' Nothing makes me stronger than a sucking chest wound!\\
* Krieg running into things in a vehicle.
-->'''Krieg''': '''BEEP BEEP!'''\\
'''Krieg''': Thank you for riding the Psycho Express, Tooh-tooh! All aboard, I'll be collecting your tickets, we have beverages in the DINING CAR!!!\\
'''Krieg''': INSURANCE FRAUD!\\
* In a brilliant reference to Maya's vehicle seat switching quotes.
-->'''Krieg''': I stickied up the seat for ya!
* The origins of his fireballs from Raving Retribution? [[http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/2013/05/inside-the-box-designing-krieg-part-5-hellborn/ Volleyballs with a fire special effect mesh applied.]]


[[folder: Maya ]]

* One of Maya's lines when she's switching seats in a vehicle:
-->The seat is sticky. ''[[{{Squick}} Why is the seat sticky!?]]''
* Maya's comments when she wins a duel.
-->Well played. ''[[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch Bitch]].''


[[folder: Salvador ]]

* Salvador's reason to become a vault hunter:
-->'''Salvador:''' They were bandits! They tried to kill mi abuela!
-->'''Judge:''' Yes, yes, yes - you have attempted to convince your fellow villagers of this many times. Anything ELSE to say regarding the murder of these men?
-->'''Salvador:''' Uhh... [[HeroicComedicSociopath it was fun?]]
-->'''Judge:''' Come again? Killing those men was ''fun?''
-->'''Salvador:''' [[SmitingEvilFeelsGood Killing bad guys is *always* fun!]]
* Salvador has a few funny things to say while Gunzerking, but one of them is simply, "ONE-LINERRRRRR!"
** He tends to randomly hum [[http://tindeck.com/listen/xmfs "In the Hall of the Mountain King"]] at times.
* Shorty's got a few good lines for running people over in a car, or crashing into another player's car.
** (''Distressed'') "MY INSURANCE PREMIUM!"


[[folder: [=Zer0= ]]
* [=Zer0=] is absolutely hilarious with his haikus.
-->'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(after scoring a critical hit and killing an enemy)'' Assassinated. / What a satisfying word. / With five syllables!\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(on fire)'' I feel the burning/ Eating through my equipment/ Must stop, drop, and roll.\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(idling)'' Bore-ed, bore-ed, bored, / bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. / I am really bored.\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(finding a rare weapon)'' Maybe I'll use you / To blow a midget's head off. / Or maybe I won't\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(critical kill)'' [[SarcasmMode Sorry, did that hurt?]] / [[CaptainObvious That "sorry" was sarcasm]] / [[DontExplainTheJoke I am not sorry.]]\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' ''(running over an enemy)'' [[Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir This is the story / All about how my life got / Flipped, turned upside-down.]]
* The Echo Logs detailing [=Zer0=]'s backstory give us this:
-->'''Handsome Jack''': What is this [=Zer0=] guy doing on Pandora in the first place?\\
'''[[spoiler:Angel]]''': ''[Mumbling]'' I 'unno.\\
'''Handsome Jack''': [[spoiler:Angel]], you've got a brain the size of a planet, so don't give me ''[Mockingly mumbling]'' "I 'unno".\\
'''[[spoiler:Angel]]''': From what footage we have of him, I can't even tell if [=Zer0=]'s human or not.\\
'''Handsome Jack''': Wh-wh-what do you mean, "not human"? Is he a robot, an alien, ''what?!''\\
'''[[spoiler:Angel]]''': ''[Mumbling]'' I 'unno.
* Take a close look at the {{Wanted Poster}}s. All of them have serial numbers. [=Zer0's=] is just...an extensive string of 0's.


[[folder: Previous Vault Hunters ]]

* If you look at [[spoiler: Lilith's surveillance screens inside the Lair of the Firehawk after rescuing her,]] you will see a Blue Screen Of Death. It says:
-->"So...hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your computer is pretty hacked. Maybe if you'd downloaded less of that illegal Truxican porn, your machine wouldn't be all jacked up. You should probably be embarrassed. If this is the first time you're seeing this, that's only because no one else has caught you yet. Tell you what's gonna happen here...you're gonna put a new graphics card in me and scrap that gunk off my keyboard, and then maybe your search history won't accidentally be mailed to your grandma - you pickin' up what I'm laying down?"
* [[spoiler:Lilith]]'s reunion with Roland:
-->[[spoiler:'''Lilith:''']] So how'd those bandits nab you?\\
'''Roland:''' Uh... [[spoiler:I was taking a leak and one of them knocked me out.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Lilith:''']] [[DeadpanSnarker Wow. You're a dumbass.]]\\
'''Roland:''' Uh... I, uh... Yeah. Total dumbass.
** This:
---> [[spoiler:'''Lilith:''']] If you get killed, I'm going to be really pissed.\\
'''Roland:''' Noted.\\
[[spoiler:'''Lilith:''']] If you live, I'm tearing those clothes right off your body.\\
'''Roland:''' Also... also noted.\\
'''Mordecai:''' Eughh - [[spoiler: Lilith]], [[TooMuchInformation we're standing right here. Nobody wants to hear that.]]\\
[[spoiler: '''Brick:''']] [[CovertPervert Go on...]]
* A sentence said by Brick:
-->'''Brick:''' Now that you've got the laxative, it's time to find some explosives. ''(pause)'' [[ARareSentence That may be my favorite sentence I've ever said!]]
** Brick again:
---> [[ShmuckBait "Hey Slab! By jumping off the east side of the Bird's Nest you can get to the fast travel station in a quick and badass way!"]]
*** And when you do it...
----> Did you just JUMP OFF THE BUZZARD'S NEST!? ''(Beat)'' [[SoProudOfYou GODDAMN, SLAB! YOU MAKE ME PROUD!]]
** Brick response to killing the other slabs:
---> "If you ever go back to Thousand Cuts, watch out for the other slabs. They still might try to kill you... 'cause they're idiots. So don't feel too bad for killing them. I sure don't."
** Brick tells Mordecai a story!
--->'''Brick:''' Hey, Mordecai, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin I got a story I wanna tell you.]] This one time, I punched a guy.\\
'''Mordecai:''' Was that the entire stor-\\
'''Brick:''' Yep!
* After killing Handsome Jack and [[spoiler:the Vault key revealing new Vaults]], you can go back to Sanctuary and hear the old Vault Hunters talking.
-->'''Mordecai:''' So what are we gonna do now? [[spoiler:Go after the new Vaults]]?\\
'''Brick:''' DIBS!\\
'''Lilith:''' You can't just call dibs on [[spoiler:hunting hundreds of Vaults]].\\
'''Brick:''' Says ''you''.

[[folder: Enemies]]

[[folder: Handsome Jack ]]

* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SfDiD8tUT8 Butt Stallion says hello.]]
* One of Handsome Jack's random anecdotes:
-->"City's burning, people are dying left and right, yada yada yada. This jackhole rushes me with a spoon. A FRICKIN' SPOON! And I'm dying laughing, right? So I scoop his stupid little eyeballs out with it and his kids are all like WAAHHHH! And he's runnin' into stuff and... hahaha! And, oh... I don't know, maybe you had to be there. Anyway, the moral is [[{{Metaphorgotten}} you're a total bitch]]."
** This is later referenced by someone in Sanctuary, who occasionally says:
--->"What's the raddest piece of loot you ever found? Mine's a spoon I pulled out of my dad's eye after Jack killed him with it."
* Handsome Jack alleviates his workers' concerns over ecological damage.
-->'''Jack:''' Do you know what they called this place? The Badlands. It was a dry dusty pisshole where dreams came to ''die''. Now there's pipes (''beat'') full of beautiful eridium, high-tech machinery -- god-damn volcanoes! Who doesn't love volcanoes? I mean, they're ''mountains'' that shoot ''fire!'' That is ''literally'' the definition of the word awesome, am I right?
* Also, after Jack has [[spoiler:Bloodwing]] killed:
-->"Oh, where the hell is -- ''(searching)'' I had a violin somewhere, I was gonna play it all sarcastically... Goddamnit, it was gonna be awesome. Blake! Where's a bloody violin?!"\\
''(time passes)''\\
"Alright, sweet! Sweet! Found it! Alright, here's a song for [[spoiler:Mordecai's stupid bird]]. In E." ''(plays violin badly)'' "Okay, ''screw you'', it woulda been hilarious if I'd found it earlier. Shut up."
* Also, when he assigns the Vault Hunter a mission called [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl1BnBylkag "Kill Yourself." (spoilers)]]


[[folder: Bandits ]]

* If, on the rare occasion, you find yourself fighting say 2-3 bandits, throw a grenade near them while they are in cover and you have this gem:
--> Hey! Is that a grenade?
** Throwing one at a Goliath may result in this:
---> A present?
** Goliaths will also sometimes misunderstand the purpose of Axton dropping his turret.
---> ''(helpfully)'' Sir! You drop gun!
** Raging Goliaths, on the other hand...
* Tagging a bandit with a Sticky Grenade:
-->'''Bandit:''' Aw, crap.
-->'''Nomad:''' Oh god'''DAMN''' it.
* Many of the things that the Bandits in general say are completely ridiculous.
-->[[VideoGame/XMen "WELCOME TO DIE!"]]\\
"Pluto is not a planet!"\\
"I SMELL DELICIOUS!" - Rat burning to death\\
"I regret nothing!" "I regret everything!" - Various dying bandits\\
[[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud "Death gurrrrgle!"]]\\
[[MemeticMutation "YOLO!"]] - Suicide Psycho\\
"I wonder, if I plant you in the ground, will you grow taller?"\\
"I'm gonna make hammocks out of your eyelids!"\\
"My momma's gonna be so mad!"\\
"Yer gonna be my new Meat Bicycle!"\\
''(sobbing)'' "Midge make no final words!"\\
"The meat puppets flock to the slaughter, like children to an ice cream truck!"\\
''(after you kill one of his buddies)'' "[[BigNo WHATSYOURNAME! NOOOOOOO!!]]" \\
"[[BreakingTheFourthWall I WANT MY HIT POINTS BACK!]]"\\
''(crying)'' "Don't scavenge my stuff!" - Nomads, usually after threatening you to drop your own loot.\\
"No, YOU take a time-out!" - dying Psychos\\
"I'm gonna wear your face like a condom!"\\
"I made you a salad - [[WordSaladHumor out of words]]!"\\
"[[MindScrew You can't kill me, I'm already dead tomorrow!]]"\\
"This is prison! [[BlackComedyRape And we're the guys in the shower!]]\\
"I made finger pizza just for you!"\\
"I need another head for my merry-go-round!"\\
"They told me to bring a pail lunch. You look [[FunWithHomophones pale]] enough to me!"
** Okay, screw it. [[http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Psycho_%28Borderlands_2%29#Quotes Here's a complete list of their quotes]].
** Flying bandits will often say [[Film/ToraToraTora "Tora! Tora! Tora!]], or hum (Or loudly sing) the [[Film/ApocalypseNow Ride of the Valkyries]] music.
** Psychos will rarely recite ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'''s "Too Solid Flesh" soliloquy (Act I Scene II lines 129-158) in its entirety if you don't interrupt them. If one of them says it during the mission in which you have to rescue Corporal Reiss, you can easily stand back while the Psychos are beating him and listen to it in its entirety. Hearing a Psycho quote [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare The Bard]] in his Psycho-ish voice is funny as hell. Hearing him do it while beating a man to death just makes it [[BlackComedy that much funnier]].
** And Rakkman's audio log might just trump all of them for pure insanity. Bear in mind, Rakkman was called insane by his peers... '''''[[EvenEvilHasStandards which were other bandits]]'''''.
--->'''Rakkman''': The shiny moonbeams ate all my corncobs. They sliced my mother's pearly-pearls and sent the Rakk to graze on her piano-driven corpse! [[TalkativeLoon MY PARENTS JIGGLED AND SQUIGGLED]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial AND I DIDN'T KILL THEM I PROMISE!]] [[TheyCalledMeMad They called me INSANE!]] No, I am not insane! I am throatscratch! I am the pants! I... am... RAKKMAN!
* Captain Flynt's recorded messages - in particular, one in which he's torturing some poor bandit.
--> '''Flynt:''' At the sound of Heaton screaming for his life, it will be two thirty.\\
'''Heaton:''' WHY?! OH GOD, WHHHYYYYY?!\\
'''Flynt:''' ''(cheerfully)'' See you again at two thirty-five!
* Captain Flynt also mentions his relation to Baron Flynt; both of them are brothers. He also mentions another noteworthy fact: those are not titles, his first name is actually Captain and his brother's name is Baron.
--> '''Captain Flynt:''' Our parents were douchebags.
* There are two midget variations on regular enemies that are hilarious:
** Midget Nomads in the second playthrough. Yes, they hate midgets too.
** Midget Goliaths. It's very hard to take them seriously when they sound like they do, even while enraged.
** Midgets of most types can climb onto the back of a goliath a la [[Film/MadMaxBeyondThunderdome Master Blaster]]. This includes midget goliaths, where the one receiving the piggyback is the same size as the one giving it. It looks amusing.
* Goliath-type enemies can be exploited to utterly obliterate their bandit friends, and chase you across the entire map of where you find them, as long as you stay in their sights. This typically leads to a gigantic {{Body Horror}} maniac being treated like an adorable 8-foot puppy that squishes your enemies!
** Also, their names will grow longer and scarier every time they defeat a former ally, eventually becoming a GOD-Liath.
** Much more amusing if you get the Giant Midget of Death.
** Goliaths have a jump attack to let them slaughterpunch you even if you're on unreachable high ground. This can sometimes result in... [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdAeKGBpk8M this]]. Or, even funnier, if you kill them in midair, they will keep flying upward into the air.
* You can make two Goliaths or more have a boxing match. If it's a Caustic Goliath, a ''vomit fight'' will ensue. And in the Bandit Circle of Slaughter, you can cause a mass Goliath brawl, with six or more flailing their fists and punching each other.
* If you set a Goliath on fire:
-->"Now the ladies say I hottie!"
-->"If you can't take heat, make kitchen!"
* If you kill a Goliath with Shock damage:
-->"I have ELECTRIC personality!"


[[folder: Hyperion ]]

* Virtually everything that Mal comes out with.
--> '''Mal:''' I can't ''wait'' to get a mortgage!\\
'''Mal:''' I can't wait to become human! I'll take showers and tip waiters and get bruises and fold bed sheets and disappoint my loved ones and eat ''tacos''!
* Hyperion is full of ComedicSociopathy, just listen to the announcements.
** At the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve:
---> '''Announcer''': If you are part of experiment group A, stay away from the wild creature cages. If you are part of experiment group B, move closer.\\
'''Announcer''': This is a reminder to all employees: please do not injure the animals until you are on break.\\
'''Announcer''': Remember engineers - through your efforts here, you are creating a safer, kinder Pandora. Through torture.\\
'''Announcer''': Creature fighting rings are only allowed on special occasions, such as Birthday Parties or Tuesdays.\\
'''Handsome Jack''': This is Handsome Jack, thanking you, loyal test subject, for helping bring Pandora into the future. The experiments you'll be put through will help us uncover new uses for Eridium, new cures for medicine and - seriously? ''(chuckles)'' Why are you having me read this crap? This is freaking hilarious. They know we're gonna mutate the hell out of em, why lie to em? ''(static)''\\
'''Loader Greeter''': Thank you for open quotes volunteering closed quotes as a test subject at Hyperion Preserve. Do not attempt to leave the grounds.\\
'''Loader Greeter''': Attention open quote volunteers closed quotes: following your experiments you receive a open quotes gift closed quotes. The gift is open quotes freedom closed quotes.\\
'''Loader Greeter''': Volunteers are reminded to maintain a distance of twenty meters from the animal holding cells. Ignore this warning if you are in the open quotes human bait closed quotes testing group.\\
'''Loader Greeter''': Do ''not'' touch the eridium vats unless you have alerted a Hyperion technician first, preferably one with a camera.\\
'''Loader Greeter''': While waiting to be experimented upon, consider the majesty of the creatures surrounding you. Do ''not'' consider the fact that, barring any major accidents in the next few minutes, they will likely outlive you.\\
'''Loader Greeter''': If you hear screaming coming from the research labs, stop listening so hard.


[[folder: Others ]]

* The Sheriff's response to you blowing up her personal Eridium train, killing her lawmen and their skags, robbing the bank and starting a war with the whole town?
-->'''The Sheriff of Lynchwood/Nisha:''' *cheerfully* [[WorthyOpponent I like you.]]
** She is a horrible person through and through, a massive sadist and kills puppies, but she's endearing due to the fact that, unlike Jack, who doesn't show up to fight you until [[spoiler: you find Lilith in the Vault]], she decides to fight you head on, with, of course, several marshals and Deputy Winger. But that's not what makes it funny-it's her entire attitude in the quests. She doesn't become mad when you rob her bank and blow up her train or fight the bandits in her town, and when she sounds angry, it turns out that she's faking it. When she hears Brick's plan to blow up the bank, her response is "Explosions? This should be fun." and when you fight her, she ''compliments'' you and if you kill her, she mutters "Well done" before departing from this mortal coil.

[[folder: Supporting [=NPCs=]]]
* Claptrap giving his opinion on a Sanctuary resident's look and style:
--> '''Claptrap:''' Intimidating, but slightly arousing! I like it!
* Claptrap's [[HurricaneOfPuns hilariously bad cold-related puns]] and attempts to explain the nature of humor during "The Iceman Cometh".
--> '''Claptrap:''' When the Crimson Raiders asked why I wanted the detonator, I told them, "be cool!" {{Beat}} HOW ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING RIGHT NOW?! THIS IS [=FbeepING=] GOLD!
* Crazy Earl says a lot of funny things when you shop from him:
** "WELCOME TO THE BLACK MARKET! Heheh... don't tell you friends."
** "Who told you about this place?! I'LL KILL 'EM!"
** "Holy shit! Someone actually '''paid''' for that!"
** "Outta my face! OUTTA MY FACE!"
** "Where are you, Skrappy?! Skrappy?!" ''(sobs)'' [[note]]In the first game, Skrappy was a skag Crazy Earl owned until you had to kill it. He doesn't know it's dead.[[/note]]
* When you buy at Crazy Earl's shop, one of the lines he can say is [[MemeticMutation "It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad!"]]
** Scooter on Crazy Earl: "Yeah, [[ExtremeOmnivore he ate one of my cars once]]. Yeeeah. The whole car. Just with, like, a fork."
* Let's just get it out of the way: everything that [[AxCrazy Tiny]] [[GenkiGirl Tina]] says. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeqYf70fC2E Every. Damn. Thing.]]
** The above montage leaves out one of the best exchanges in the entire mission:
--->'''Tiny Tina''': That's right, bitches! My big brudder's come to teach you some manners! '''NOBODY STEALS MUSHY SNUGGLEBITES' BADONKADONK AND LIVES!'''\\
'''Bandit''': ''({{Beat}})'' WHO THE HELL IS MUSHY SNUGGLEBITES?!
** The whole point of hiring Tiny Tina (yes, there's a point) is to hijack a train:
--->'''Tina:''' Awwrite counting down! Ten! Nine!\\
(''Missiles prematurely launch and take out the train.'')\\
'''Tina:''' [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny I got bored.]]
** "Please excuse Madame Von Bartlesby's disposition. [-[[StageWhisper She's Welsh.]]-]" (She's actually a legendary badass Varkid. [-And more likely [[ViolentGlaswegian Scottish]]-].)
** Near the end of the game, right before the big showdown with Jack, Tina chimes in over the ECHO while you're in Sanctuary.
--->'''Tina:''' Sup, sucka? It's Tina. I wrote you a poem and it goes a little somethin' like this break it down! Kill Jack. Kill Jack. Kill Jack. Kill Jack. Kill Jack. KIIIIIIIIIILLLL JAAAAAAACCCCKKKK! Kill Jack. A poem by Tiny Tina.
* If you tip Moxxi enough money at her bar, she'll eventually pull a gun from her cleavage and give it to you as a reward. She says it's her favorite gun. It's called Miss Moxxi's Good Touch, and when you're holding it, it vibrates.
** This crosses over to RealLife if you are playing the game with a controller...
* In the Arid Nexus, you can find ECHO recordings of before Zed went to Sanctuary. Some are pretty dark (such as Zed calling about how Blake showed him some "obviously faked" pictures of New Haven burning, which can't possibly be real because the Vault Hunters were protecting the place), but there's humor in there too.
-->'''Zed:''' Roland, I've made my decision. Thanks for the offer, but I'm not moving to Sanctuary. I'm staying right here, in Fyrestone. I was born here, and if I'm going to die, it's going to be right here, in Fyresto--\\
'''Hyperion Bot:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Attention, citizen of Fyrestone. Die ]]
'''Zed:''' Aw, ''piss''.\\
'''Zed:''' ''(shouting to be heard over the gunfire)'' On second thought, Roland, how soon can you pick me up?
* Moxxi still has some hilarious lines.
-->'''Moxxi''': ''(on the subject of Jack planning to rebuild her Underdrome in his image)'' But it still won't have the flair, the pizzazz... and his tits aren't as nice.\\
'''Moxxi:''' Hell, I'm all wet. [[ThatCameOutWrong I mean... I spilled a drink. Before you came in. Not because you tipped me]]. Good god, I'm not ''that'' easy.\\
'''Moxxi:''' ''(discussing the subject of Mordecai and Bloodwing)'' Just because he was too busy plucking his bird instead of plucking my... my...''GOD DAMMIT I'm so angry I can't even think of a sexy innuendo!''
** If you tip her, you may hear her [[OohMeAccentsSlipping slip into a redneck accent]] like her two kids before reacting in horror at the realisation. It is strange and at the same time hilarious.
* In Sawtooth Cauldron, you can find ECHO logs detailing how [=Zer0=] was recruited. When Angel is asked questions about his background, all she can say is "...I'unno." The kicker is ''how'' she says it. Normally Angel is very articulate and clear, even when startled or worried. But when she says "I dunno." she just jumbles the words together, which just makes it funnier.
* One ECHO mentions that Tannis ate a strand of Lilith's hair. She even comments on what it tasted like. Lilith, it was noted, did not approve.
* There's sometimes a female NPC in Sanctuary with an Eastern European accent. Her English... [[IntentionalEngrishForFunny leaves a lot to be desired...]]
-->'''Female NPC:''' Please to excuse the manner of speaking of which is coming out of my face mouth to say you.\\
'''Female NPC:''' Do you know where is Moxxi underboob palacio?\\
'''Female NPC:''' ''(about Moxxi)'' I hear she has the most amazing breastibules!

[[folder: Main Quest]]
* When you get your first gun:
-->''When you're fighting a skyscraper-sized enemy with a gun that shoots lightning, you're going to think back to this moment and be like "heh."''
** [[spoiler:Even funnier if you do remember this one when fighting '''Saturn.''']]
* When fighting Knuckle Dragger, some of his minions emerge:
-->'''Claptrap:''' Oh, god! They're coming out of the wall-sphincters!
* After you beat Boom-Bewm during "Best Minion Ever", RobotBuddy Claptrap has you climb onto the Big Bertha cannon to blow open a huge gate. He then proceeds to stand next to the gate and shout at you not to fire until he's clear of the gate and he gives you the signal. [[OverlyLongGag For quite a while,]] even "testing" you a few times. [[CrueltyIsTheOnlyOption He never actually moves away from the gate,]] so your only option is to blow open the gate while [[TheChewToy Claptrap's]] standing next to it.
** Don't forget immediately prior, after killing Boom-Bewm, whose dialogue consists of "BOOM BOOM! AHAHAHAH!", he says "[[CaptainObvious They sure said boom a lot!]]".
** When you reach the Soaring Dragon, Claptrap gives this gem:
--->'''Claptrap:''' So... I might have tried to stage a mutiny before the flash-freeze. Which would explain why his men are currently beating the crap out of me, right guys?\\
'''Bandit:''' SHUT UP!!\\
'''Claptrap:''' ''(cheerfully)'' Okay!
*** When you get closer he tries to stop them by asking to talk things over. Only to give them an adequate reason to keep doing so.
----> '''Claptrap:''' ''(mimicking a bandit)'' "But you're a machine and incapable of feeling pain. So beating you doesn't make you feel pain and makes ''us feel better''!" ''(beat)'' On second thought, you guys have the moral high ground here. Pummel away!
* Meeting up with [[spoiler: Lilith]] early in the storyline has this knee-slapper, in which the character attempts to send you over to a bandit hide out...you don't get very far, though.
-->'''[[spoiler: Lilith''']]: ...I only sent you, like, 10 feet, didn't I? Sorry about that. Still getting used to this.
* When defending the beacon in Overlook and it gets destroyed a certain number of times, someone chimes in on it:
-->'''Jack:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Wow, you're really bad at defending that beacon]].
* After you survive an initiation put up by the Slab King, AKA [[spoiler:Brick]], a bandit named Sarcastic Slab appears and makes sarcastic comments while [[SarcasticClapping clapping for you]]. If you kill him, the Slab King will commend you for it.
--> '''Sarcastic Slab:''' [[SarcasmMode Yeah, GREAT job!]] [[DeadpanSnarker We are soooo proud you're managed to kill our brothers and friends. You're just sooo cool.]] [[BlatantLies This is totally not sarcasm]].
** In the final stage of the initiation, you can have the Slab King yell about how the Vault Hunter is slaughtering his underlings...when the Vault Hunter hasn't actually killed anyone in a while and it's one of the Slabs' own goliaths that's rampaging around killing all the bandits.
* Roland gives you a note to deliver to the Slab King. It actually has a message on it: "I.O.U. One world saved. -[[spoiler:B]]"
* In order to get into Control Core Angel, you need to get past a door that will only open for Handsome Jack, so you do a quest to get a voice synthesizer so that you can sound like him. Until you do the next quest, your character will sound like Jack for all their one-liners. Salvador even keeps his accent, and may sometimes even say a one-liner that goes something like "[[CaptainObvious So that's what Jack would sound like if he had my accent]]."
** And when the character puts the voice mod on, they quickly feel ashamed for sounding like such a [[{{Pun}} Jack-ass]].
*** Salvador will sometimes scream out "Hey, everybody! I'm a jackass!" when going into Fight for Your Life with Jack's voice.
*** Maya doesn't consider herself an angry person, but "if I have to speak with this fascist voice much longer, I will rip out my ''own'' voice box and stomp on it."
*** [=Zer0=] goes so far as to recite a ''haiku'' about how terrible it is to sound like Jack - randomly selected from four different ones.
--->'''[=Zer0=]:''' Now, I have Jack's voice / I truly understand him / [[SophisticatedAsHell He is an asshole.]]
* When you start the mission "Where Angels Fear To Tread," you go to find Claptrap because you need his help for the mission.
-->'''Roland:''' FYI, it may take some serious convincing to get Claptrap to head to Thousand Cuts.\\
'''Claptrap:''' Minion! Let's go to Thousand Cuts!\\
'''Roland:''' ...Or not.
* Very close to the end of the game, you meet up with Claptrap to finally kill Handsome Jack. Claptrap has some... choice words for the megalomaniac.
-->'''Claptrap:''' This is it, minion! Our vengeance is at hand! LETS TEAR THIS PLANET A NEW [[SoundEffectsBleep ***]]HOLE! YAAAAAAGH! (''charges toward the door'') Hyperion's gonna regret ever setting foot on Pandora! Minion, I'm gonna get that door open so I can take care of that handsome bastard myself. You hear me, Jack?! You [[spoiler:killed my friends]]! You destroyed my product line! I am the last Claptrap in existence, AND I AM GOING TO TEABAG YOUR CORPSE! ''(Hyperion bots show up)'' AAH! Minion, draw their fire with your face while I cloak my way over to the door controls!
** Claptrap attempts to open a door.
--->'''Claptrap''': Aaaaand OPEN!\\
'''Female AI''': Access Denied.\\
'''Claptrap''': What?! I said "Aaaaand OPEN!" not "Aaaaand close a secondary set of doors."
** Midway through the subsequent battle of the bots, Shielded Turrets will spring out after Claptrap tries to sweet talk the Female Voice AI into opening up the door. The following exchange takes place:
--->'''Claptrap''': I got an idea! I'm hacking the turrets so they fight for us!\\
'''Female AI''': Access denied.\\
'''Claptrap''': Come on baby, don't be like that...GIMME! THOSE! TURRETS!\\
'''Female AI''': Access...granted.\\
'''Claptrap''': HOLY [[SoundEffectBleep ***]] THAT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! The turrets are fighting for us now! [[TakeThatMe I actually did something!]]
** When Claptrap finally opens the door (which in any other game would, judging by its size and ominous nature would conceal a giant boss that needs to be fought to proceed) he discovers Jack's most devious defensive measure ever:.
*** And then his LongList of weaknesses:
---->'''Claptrap''': Dammit, Jack! How did you know that stairs were my only weakness! Next to electrocution, and explosions, and gunfire, rust, corrosion, being kicked a lot, viruses, being called bad names, falling from great heights, drowning, adult onset diabetes, being looked at funny, heart attacks, exposure to oxygen, being turned down by women, and pet allergins! Your brilliance is matched only by your malevolence!
*** What sells it is the animation. Usually the dialogue would be independent of what they're actually doing and characters would cycle through a series of generic idle animations while they talked. Claptrap will actually fall limp as he sees the stairs, making it even more hilarious.
*** Eventually, Claptrap decides to cloak so that the Vault hunters won't hear him crying. Upon cloaking, his crying is both heard in the open and broadcast across the [=ECHOnet=].
--->'''Claptrap:''' ''(InelegantBlubbering)'' I'm so alone! ''(more InelegantBlubbering)'' I'll never climb those stairs!

[[folder: Side Quest]]
* The mission briefing for 'Symbiosis':
-->'''Hammerlock:''' Would you care to do battle with a midget riding piggyback on a Bullymong? If your answer is yes, please go to the Southern Shelf and defeat Midge-Mong for me. If your answer is no, [[ButThouMust you are sad and I have no desire to speak with you further.]]
** While actually doing 'Symbiosis' and fighting Midge-Mong:
--->'''Hammerlock:''' Ah -- what an unlikely symbiotic relationship -- two deadly creatures cooperating to survive this harsh environment! Also, the midget looks like a little human backpack, and that’s funny.
* The mission "Do No Harm", in which the player has to assist Dr. Zed with some surgery on a captured Hyperion agent:
-->'''Zed:''' Alright: make a small incision just below his sternum, [[TemptingFate but be careful]] - we don't want to nick the coronary artery.\\
''(Player [[CuttingTheKnot "performs surgery"]] - [[PercussiveMaintenance with a melee attack]] - [[MurderIsTheBestSolution messily killing the patient]] and extracting an Eridium Shard in a shower of gore)''\\
'''Zed:''' ...Close enough.
** Becomes much funnier if you do so as Salvador (who "performs surgery" with his fists), Gaige (who uses a hammer) or Krieg (who uses a giant Buzzaxe). Also funny if any of the [[MegatonPunch melee]] [[WolverineClaws overides]] [[BreathWeapon the]] [[SphereOfDestruction cast]] will use for this purpose are unlocked (usually in the second playthrough).
** After completing the mission:
---> '''Zed:''' God as my witness, one day I will find a usable spleen.
*** And the next mission, where he has you hunt down Doc Mercy, an old rival who's using a strange new weapon that inflicts serious wounds without any sort of visible ammunition.
----> '''Zed:''' Don't let that name fool ya. Unlike me, he's more interested in ''creatin''' wounds than patchin' 'em up. Also unlike me, he actually has a medical license."
* Claptrap's five, ridiculously complicated/near-impossible, objectives that you supposedly must complete to unlock his Secret Stash. But what sells it further is the fact that they [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall actually show up on the objectives list on the HUD]].
--> Collect 139,377 brown rocks\\
Defeat Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags\\
Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler\\
Defeat Destroyer of Worlds\\
Dance, dance, baby\\
Find stash
** [[spoiler:In the end, you don't do ''any'' of those quests, you just step back a little, incidentally knocking over the piece of debris that was concealing the stash.]]
* The end of the first timed mission, "Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags", has this gem:
--> '''Lance Scapelli:''' Now that's what I wanted to see! Unfortunately, you're fired, because Dino's made a full recovery!\\
'''Dino:''' ''(distressed)'' I haven't recovered, you just duct taped my legs to these pogo sticks --\\
'''Lance Scapelli:''' Fit as a fiddle, he is!
* Some of the bandits have started worshipping Lilith as a god, and she's trying ''very'' hard not to be impressed.
-->'''Lilith:''' I've gotta admit, these guys are weird, but watching them kill that false god for me was kinda flattering! Oh, I'm a bad person...
** That entire quest chain, really.
--->'''Quest Info:''' You've pleased Incinerator Clayton (which is good) by committing brutal violence (which is bad) against a group of people who only find happiness in immolation-related death (which is kind of a grey area).
* In the optional mission "Too Close For Missiles" , you need to storm a bandit pilot training camp & sabotage their volleyball court. What's hilarious is that you can hear some of the bandits flying in the attacking Buzzards sing "ride of the Valkyries"; "DAAADDAAA-DAA-DAA-DAAADDAAA-DAA-DAAA" !!!!!
* ''The Name Game'' quest, where Hammerlock tries to come up with a better name for the ape-like bullymongs. First his publisher rejects "Primal Beast", then he tries calling them "Ferovores":
-->'''Hammerlock:''' [[{{Squick}} Bloody balls]], ''Ferovore'' is trademarked! Rrgh, sod it! I'm so sick of coming up with names for it! Y'know what? ''Bonerfart''; all of them, that's right, we're calling them ''Bonerfarts'' now; just kill a few of them or something, I don't care anymore.
** And the game updates all prompts and references to the creatures to "Bonerfarts" for the rest of the quest!
** This also changes the Monglet (young bullymong) enemies into Bonertoots.
*** Given that bonertoots is an InherentlyFunnyWord... Yeah, better not be drinking anything while doing this quest.
* Doctor Zed during the Medical Mystery missions: "After watching you waste those bandits with that E-Tech weapon, I have come to a medically sound conclusion: [[SophisticatedAsHell E-Tech is friggin' dope!]]"
** In that vein, in one of the ECHO recordings recovered during "In Memoriam", Lilith admits "This Eridian stuff is the ''tits!''"
* The mission "Out of Body Experience". An AI core wants to turn itself around and stop killing people and asks you to find it a new body. However, it still has the urge to kill no matter which robot you stick it in, so it eventually asks you to stick it in the radio in Moxxi's bar. It can't shoot anyone in a radio, so all's well, right? Wrong - it then tries to kill everyone in the bar with ''bad music'' (hoping to [[DrivenToSuicide drive them to suicide]]). After that, it just resigns to its killing ways and asks you to stick it in a shield or a gun. The best part is that it still speaks to you whenever you have it equipped!
** If you had it as a gun, the gun's description is "I like being a gun."
** The song AI #1340 plays over the radio in Moxxxi's bar is [[SoBadItsGood hilariously awful]].
* In ''Mighty Morphin'' sidequest Hammerlock asks the player to force some [[http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Varkid varkids]] (insect things) to mutate so he can study them. When said varkid mutate into a new form Hammerlock's reaction is ''[[{{Squick}} less than pleased]]''.
-->'''Hammerlock:''' OH [[{{Squick}} DEAR LORD IT'S NOT]] -- KILL IT! KILL IT!
* The entirety of the climax of "You Are Cordially Invited". The hardest part of the mission is shooting straight because you're laughing so hard at the dissonance between mowing down waves of angry bandits and Tina's tea party dialogue.
* "The Ice Man Cometh" mission, what with Claptrap's slew of [[SoUnfunnyItsFunny terrible]] [[HurricaneOfPuns cold-related puns]] and this exchange:
--> '''Claptrap:''' Good job - with their furnaces gone, the bandits will be ''way'' too cold to kill anybody!\\
'''Bandit:''' Who turned off our furnaces?! ''KILL 'EM''!\\
'''Claptrap:''' Ah, crap.
** The best part is the fact that the bandits are wearing ''fur hats'' as they try to kill you, but the Psychos (despite also wearing hats) ''are still shirtless!''
* In the Highlands you meet a woman named Karima who is possibly one of the nicest people you ever meet on Pandora. She sends you out on some missions to help the town of Overlook protect themselves from the Hyperion Corporation who have set up shop on the other side of the valley, and whenever she talks to you she gets interrupted by a guy named [[JerkAss Dave]] who constantly berates her with sexist remarks and innuendo which she just takes in stride. For her last mission, she sends you to the Hyperion base so you can use a mortar to test out Overlook's new shield. Then, this happens:
-->'''Karima:''' Now, fire the cannon!\\
'''Dave:''' Karima, don't feel bad Jack fed your husband into the grinder. Hell! I'll bed ya if ya ask nicely! AHAHAHAHAHA-AAAAAARRRGHH\\
''(the mortar crashes into Dave's house, sending it tumbling into the valley below)''\\
'''Karima:''' Now, let's try that with the shield ''on''.
** Let us not forget that "Karima" is one letter away from [[LaserGuidedKarma "Karma"]].
** "You know what my favorite thing about Dave is? He's dead!"
** Dave himself can count as an example. Some of his sexist comments are [[CrossesTheLineTwice so over the top that they are impossible to take seriously]].
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVpg0vws10Y&feature=g-u-u Face McShooty wants help]]. The quest? [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin To shoot him in the face]].
** Made more funny when you do it on Gaige with 400 stacks of Anarchy. It may... [[ATeamFiring take you a couple tries]].[[note]]At that point she has -700% accuracy. So yes, a point blank shot aimed at his face can miss.[[/note]]
** Even funnier, if you shoot him anywhere else, he just yells at you for not shooting him in the face.
*** The best part is probably when he decides to stop yelling at you and politely asks why you haven't shot him in the face yet.
---> '''Face [=McShooty=]:''' I notice you haven't shot me in the face yet! Curious as to why! [[SophisticatedAsHell Maybe you're weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that]] -- [[SuddenlyShouting OH MY GOD, SHOOT ME IN THE GODDAMNED FACE! WHAT'RE YOU WAITING FOR]]!?
** And then when you finally ''shoot'' him, he somehow manages to blurt out "[[FamousLastWords THANK YOU]]!" before expiring.
** Probably one of the best things about the quest is the fact you get the aptly-titled achievement "Well That Was Easy."
* This gem from the "Hell Hath No Fury" mission, in which Moxxi sends the player on a quest to destroy Jack's currently under-construction Underdome:
-->'''Jack:''' Ol' balloon-tits is still holding a grudge against me, huh? I mean, don't get me wrong, I get it - once you've eaten prime rib for free, it's hard to go back to suckin' down hamburgers for cash. If you know what I'm talking about. Do you know what I'm talking about? ''(lengthy pause)'' [[DontExplainTheJoke Dicks! I'm talkin' about dicks.]]
** And then when you do destroy the construction site, Jack losing his cool is very satisfying and hilarious.
-->'''Moxxi:''' Ha! Haven't seen Jack that angry since I kicked his plastic-surgery ass to the curb. Come on back, sugar.
* Scooter's [[EpicFail poem.]]
-->'''Scooter:''' [[PainfulRhyme I like you a whole lot / More than that bandit liked spoonin' that ro-bot. / You are a diamond in the rough / or a flower surrounded by shrapnel and stuff. / I will hang myself from my own tombstone / if within you I cannot put my bone.]]
** Even funnier is the recipient's (Daisy) reaction. To calmly shut the door behind her [[spoiler:[[DrivenToSuicide and blow her brains out.]]]]
*** Triply funny? Scooter's very cheerful "Sooooooo, what'd she think?" right after that.
*** "Everyone's a critic."
* Every one of Scooter's love quests involves you grabbing nudie mags for the secondary objective. For him, it's [[ADateWithRosiePalms Plan B.]]
* The end result of the "Home Movies" mission. The mission has you edit a propaganda video that encourages people to move to Opportunity, a "model city" built by Handsome Jack/Hyperion. You leave the voice track untouched, instead replacing the scenes of happy people socializing and drinking with scenes of {{Mook}}s being murdered, and stuff blowing up.
-->'''Cheery Voiceover:''' Just think; right now, ''this'' could be ''you!'' ''(cued to engineer being shot in the face)''
* The mission "The Great Escape". A goliath named Ulysses wants you to help him get off Pandora, by recovering a lunar beacon and setting it up for him, which proceeds normally. Once you complete and turn in the mission, however, the post-mission sequence has Ulysses activating the beacon, and screaming in triumph... as the moon base fires a large crate through him. Technically, he ''did'' leave Pandora.
* Dr. Zed has a quest line where he creates horrible, hard-to-kill, annoying abominations of nature. The first two parts involve gathering up critter parts for him for reason he doesn't tell you. The third involves said annoying abominations of nature getting loose and you having to kill them. It's Zed's reaction to this that makes it great.
--> '''Zed:''' Y'know, if you think about it, this is really your fault.
* While searching for research notes in "Stalker of Stalkers", you get this awesomely hilarious mental imagery.
--> '''Taggart''': Chapter one. Today, I punched a Stalker so hard it turned inside out. End of chapter one.
* The "[[MobWar Clan Wars]]" mission arc is pretty dark, as it symbolises the horrible things gangsters did to each other in the gang wars of TheRoaringTwenties. Then comes the final mission, where both sides yell at you on who to shoot during a very tense MexicanStandoff.
-->'''Mick Zaford:''' Ah, me faithful soldier. Here to help me wipe out these rednecks, are ya?
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' The hell do you mean, YOUR soldier? They's with us!
-->'''Mick Zaford:''' My [[TooMuchInformation wart-covered]] fanny they is!
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' We ain't sittin' for more Zaford lies! Time to END THIS!
-->'''Mick Zaford:''' Enough of this! Shoot Tector!
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' Hell with that! Shoot Mick!
-->'''Mick Zaford;''' Screw you! Shoot those Hodunk bastards!
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' No, shoot the Zafords!
-->'''Mick Zaford:''' They crashed me boy's wake!
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' THEY burned our homes to the ground!
-->'''Mick Zaford:''' Shoot him!
-->'''Tector Hodunk:''' Shoot HIM!
** The Clan War mission where you burn the Hodunk trailers can also be unintentionally funny if you brought 400 Anarchy stacks to the party. You can point Flynt's Tinderbox directly at a gas tank, hold down the trigger for 44 shots, and still not hit with any of them!

[[folder: {{DLC}}]]

[[folder: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty ]]

* The blatant parody of censorship in "I Know It When I See It."
--> '''[=C3N50R807:=]''' I am the [[MoralGuardians Censorbot]]. All lewd behavior must be stopped. A deviant known as [=P3RV-E=] is in possession of sexually explicit materials. [[MoralDissonance Please murder him]] [[LampshadeHanging because morality.]]
* Generic pirate [=NPCs=] among Captain Scarlett's crew have some amusing lines, but one idle line in particular stands out:
-->'''Pirate:''' I miss my kids. Wait, no, I don't.
* Then there's this gem from another pirate:
--->'''Pirate:''' I wonder how my sister's doing. Still dead, probably.
* Scarlett's cook Mercer is an incredibly cold-hearted bastard. He claims that the number one killer of sand pirates is self-inflicted gunshot wounds, and when one occurs on his watch he's quick to say "Suck it up!" in a dismissive tone.
-->'''Mercer:''' Don't worry about Murray. He'll be fine. Until he finds out I'M the one who killed his parents. But they were dicks, so, whatever.
* After you kill Sandman, Captain Scarlett chimes in on your ECHO and says she's at once disappointed that she didn't do him in herself, and happy that she was able to take the time to relax and read the latest issue of ''Crimefighter Frog.''
-->'''Scarlett:''' ...[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It's about a frog who fights crimes]].
* Gearbox [[CrossesTheLineTwice should not have been able to get a laugh out of]] "child-schmafficking" and "schmannibalism", but Aubrey Callahan III pulls it off.


[[folder: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage ]]

* The intro to Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage hilariously sets the tone of the DLC. The opening cutscene has Patricia Tannis make a broadcast to the Vault Hunters that she's found another [[McGuffin Vault]], then goes on an AsYouKnow TechnoBabble monologue, [[DoNotAdjustYourSet before the titular Mr. Torgue interjects:]]
--> '''Mr. Torgue:''' ''[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny BORRRRRRR]]''-'''[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny ING!]]''' You don't want to hear about that, Vault Hunter! You want to hear about [[{{Plunder}} loot]], [[WalkingShirtlessScene and pecs]], [[StuffBlowingUp and explosions!]] I'm Torgue, and I'm here to ask you one question, and one question only: '''[[PowerEchoes EXPLOSIONS?!?!?!]]''' ([[StuffBlowingUp Cue Explosion]])
* [[http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/13gsxi/iama_mister_torgue_and_will_answer/ Mr Torgue answers questions on Reddit.]] [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity,]] and pretty bizarre anecdotes ensue.
* Just about everything that comes out of Torgue's mouth in his DLC could end up on this page.
*** "You got all the bottles! Thanks for killing those bandits so the poisoned beer couldn't kill them '''OH SH*T I JUST REALIZED THAT MADE NO SENSE. God DAMMIT!'''"
*** (After turning in that same mission) "WHY DID I THINK THAT PLAN MADE SENSE?!"
** "AT THE SOUND OF THE EXPLOSION, IT WILL BE TORGUE O'CLOCK! *explosion sound Torgue makes with his mouth*
** (After visiting a Torgue Vending Machine) "THANKS FOR VIEWING OUR WARES, YOU BADASS MOTHERF*CKER!"
** (when Tiny Tina demands the Vault Hunters destroy the raisin cookie food dispensaries) "HOLY SKAGSUCK--SOMEONE'S BLOWING UP THE FOOD DISPENSARIES! IN A FEW MONTHS, ALL THE WORKERS WILL PROBABLY STARVE TO DEATH! ({{Beat}}) THAT IS ''AWESOME!''"
** (In response to Mad Moxxi suggesting she should be allowed to remain on commentary because she's better at the "[[LampshadedDoubleEntendre blow-by-blow]]") I CAN USE INNUENDO, TOO! TONIGHT'S FIGHT IS BETWEEN FLYBOY AND THE VAULT HUNTER! ... BLOWJOBS!
** Any time Torgue "plays you a sick guitar solo." MEEDLEYMEEDLEYMEEDLEYMEEDLEYMEEEEEEEOW!
** His vending machines are awesome, too.
---> '''Torgue:''' (after buying something in the vending machine) NOW GO PUNCH SOME BAD GUYS IN THE '''DICK!!!'''\\
'''Torgue:''' NOW GO BLOW SOME SH*T UP!!!\\
* During the mission in ''Campaign Of Carnage'' where you have to recover Moxxi's interview tapes, one of them has Tiny Tina suddenly barge in on the interview, taking charge of the show and interview Mr. Torgue, who [[CloudCuckooLander answers her question like it really is her show]], and then she ends it before skipping off. Moxxi, who had been trying to shoo Tiny away and get things back on track, makes this hilarious.
--> '''Moxxi:''' So did you actually want to ask me the question or...?\\
'''Mr. Torgue:''' Tina said GOOD NIGHT Moxxi! SHOW'S OVER!\\
'''Moxxi:''' ''Motherf*cker!''
** Speaking of Tiny Tina, in the DLC, she has you doing a side mission that has you walking her new dog. By dog, she means a [[spoiler: Badass fire skag.]] By walk, it means you have to RUN LIKE HELL with it right on your tail. On the third and fourth objective when you pass the areas, it is [[spoiler: OHCRAPITSRIGHTBEHINDME and ICANFEELITSBREATHONMYNECK.]]
** Tina also acts as your trainer throughout the DLC. Her training regimen consists entirely of eating cookies. At least until she learns that the cookies are [[StockYuck Oatmeal Raisin]] instead of Chocolate Chip, [[BerserkButton loses it]], and has you blow up the vending machines.
-->'''Tiny Tina:''' Why do bad things happen to good people?!
* Let's just go back to the DLC's intro cutscene, and dwell on the fact that Torgue forced [[CloudCuckooLander Patricia Tannis]] into being the OnlySaneMan.


[[folder: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt ]]

* The trailers for Sir Hammerlock's Big Game feature lots of glinting teeth... even from [[TheFaceless [=Zer0=]]].
* Professor Nakayama attempts to terrify you by revealing his reputation. Hammerlock counters by pointing out that they don't know him, and that RememberTheNewGuy is in full effect.
* Hammerlock giggling every time he says "[[InherentlyFunnyWords dinghy]]."
* Nakayama is [[UnknownRival annoyed that you don't seem interested in fighting him]], [[BigBadWannabe and ends up ''begging'' you to]]. Hammerlock decides this guy isn't going to shut up until you kill him, so sends you off to do so.
-->'''Hammerlock:''' I've been hearing some strange radio chatter on the other side of Scylia Grove. Go there, stop whatever diabolical plan this Nakayama has in motion, and save the planet. ''(sighs)'' [[TheWorldIsAlwaysDoomed Again]].
* Nakayama's VillainousBreakdown as you keep screwing up his plan and killing his men and monsters. Hammerlock tries to encourage him to act like a suave, in-control mastermind, but Nakayama is too busy freaking out and fearing for his life like any normal person would in his shoes.
-->'''Nakayama:''' Luckily, I still have one last gene sample here at the ship, so the only way to put a stop to my plans is to come here and kill me! ''(beat)'' ''[[OhCrap WHY DID I TELL YOU THAT!?]]''
** Made even funnier with Hammerlock's retort.
--->'''Hammerlock:''' What a rubbish {{evil genius}} you are. Good god, man, throw us some sarcastic taunts or something!
* When you find the savages worshiping their idol. If you've been paying attention to the leaked info, you already know who it is: [[spoiler:Nope! Not Jack]].
-->'''Hammerlock:''' Oh ''bloody hell''.\\
[[spoiler:'''Claptrap:''' Minion! Who told you I was vacationing out here?]]
* Nakayama's audio logs have some gems:
-->'''Nakayama:''' I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE! I am going to clone Jack using a fearsome beast, then I'm going to use that beast to kill the Vault Hunters! The ''Terminus'' is about to touch down in Aegrus and--
--> '''''Terminus'' AI:''' Alert! Auto-pilot disengaged.\\
'''Nakayama:''' Are we crashing? WHY ARE WE CRASHING?!\\
[[spoiler:'''Claptrap:''' My bad!]]
* The ending of the Big Game Hunt story [[spoiler:When you confront Nakayama after killing Jackenstein, it looks like it's going to be a standard boss fight (you see the health bar on top of the screen and everything), only for Nakayama to fall down a flight of stairs and die. Then you get to loot his lab.]]
** After all, the final mission of the DLC is called "[[spoiler:The ''Fall'' of Nakayama]]".
* One side mission ("I Like My Monsters Rare"), you're greeted by [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Thirstblood]], [[TheUsualAdversaries one of the Tribal Savages you've been fighting in the DLC]]. [[FriendlyEnemy He's actually pretty funny to talk to]], [[ComedicSociopathy and provides hilarious quips when killing the targets on his list]], but it's his introduction that seals the deal:
--> '''Thirstblood:''' '''[[BlackSpeech WAKA NA-HENCHA MAKOLO]]'''- oh, wait. [[LampshadeHanging What am I doing?]] You don't speak [[SpeakingSimlish Aegran]]. Sorry. [[FriendlyEnemy I'm one of the native bandits you’ve been shooting at around here. Howyadoin'?]]
** After you kill a certain number of the rare enemies, he calls back.
--->'''Thirstblood:''' Hey, have you considered ''not'' fighting my bandit brothers, and just letting us kill you and loot your corpse? Anyway, think it over.
* The Yellow Jacket, a gun from Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, is [[NonIndicativeName not yellow.]] Gearbox had this to say:
-->''"Now, you may notice that the gun isn't -- how to put this -- yellow. The reason for this is simple: the Hyperion designer who designed the weapon was violently colorblind. Worry not, though -- after Hyperion management noticed this mistake, the designer was fired. [[WebAnimation/FriendshipIsMagicBitch Out of a cannon. Into a moon.]]"''[[note]][[HilariousInHindsight Which is exactly what happens]] to the player characters in ''VideoGame/BorderlandsThePreSequel'', incidentally.[[/note]]


[[folder: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep ]]

* Brick showing his... feminine side in the new "Bunkers and Badasses" trailer.
-->'''Tiny Tina''': So you got your Mechromancer, your Siren...\\
'''Brick''': Siren. Dibs. My Siren's name is "Brick" and she is the prettiest.
* Also, Brick's befuddled lack of understanding regarding the rules.
-->'''Brick''': I ''punch'' the initiative.
* When Mordecai asks why they are playing a kids game:
-->'''Tina''': Well, you know maybe because... SHUT THE HELL UP, MORDY!\\
'''Lilith''': Tina! She's right though, shut up.
* At the beginning of the DLC, you're sailing on a boat toward Flamerock Refuge. It's a lovely day, until Lilith points out that Tina mentioned that the Handsome Sorcerer ruined everything. It changes to eternal night, you hear spooky music, and the whole place begins to smell like "butts and dead people". Made better by the fact the character you're playing will comment that the place smells like butts and dead people.
-->'''Krieg''': SMELLS LIKE HOME!
** And then if you die fighting the first boss:
-->'''New-U Station''': You smell kind of like butts, and dead people.
* Also at the beginning of the DLC, Tina throws a HopelessBossFight at you from square one. When Lilith objects to this, Tina makes up a new boss on the spot. A skeleton named "Mister Boney Pants Guy".
-->'''Skeleton''': I am Mister Boney Pants Guy!\\
'''Tina''': That better?\\
'''Brick''': This pleases me.
* Further from the beginning of this DLC, the mission description explains how you're in a role-playing game, with Tina as your dungeon master. In other words, to quote the game:
-->'''Mission Briefing:''' [[ExplainExplainOhCrap Basically, this means that you're currently in]] [[CuteAndPsycho Tiny]] [[CreepyChild Tina's]] [[MissionControlIsOffItsMeds imagination]]. [[ThisIsGonnaSuck God help you.]]
* Mr Torgue calling Tiny Tina in the middle of the game, and immediately demands to be put in. Tina obliges. That's right, folks: MISTER TORGUE IS BACK!!!
-->'''Mr Torgue''': WOO! FANTASY WORLD!!! So I'm a gatekeeper, huh? In that case, you gotta prove your badassitude to get past me. First task: blow up the village's scouting blimps with a fire weapon. Because -- '''REASONS!!!'''\\
'''Mr Torgue''': Their blimps are too far away for your guns. '''IT'S LIKE A PUZZLE!!!'''\\
'''Mr Torgue''': I just realized that this is the first time that we have met in person. '''YOU ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE!!!''' [[note]]Bonus Funny if you happen to be wearing Handsome Jack's face mask at the time.[[/note]]\\
'''Mr Torgue''': NEW MISSION!!! I WANT YOU TO BLOW UP '''THE OCEAN!!!'''
** He also asks you to chase down someone who insulted Moxxi, and punch him so hard that he explodes.
*** And if you kill him with your melee attack? He ''does'' explode. Like, with fire.
-->'''Lilith:''' Was there a point to any of these quests?\\
'''Brick:''' ''(matter of fact)'' I'm having fun.
** After Roland the White Knight mentions that his blimp got blown up, Mr. Torgue abruptly chimes in with the following:
-->'''Mr Torgue''': MY BAD!
* After Mister Torgue gives you the first couple of quests, Tina agrees with Lilith that he's being a bit obnoxious, and uses her Bunker Master powers to drop him in the village stocks. He stays that way for the rest of the campaign. He's remarkably cheerful about it, though.
* The ''Fake Geek Guy'' sidequest is filled with this and Lilith and Torgue's HiddenDepths.
** A little bit about Lilith's past:
--->'''Lilith:''' Look. When I was a kid, boys mocked me for two reasons: my tattoos and Bunkers and Badasses. I ''suffered'' for my geekiness. You don't get to invade my culture just because it's trendy!\\
** After you get the last question, Torgue fails to give an answer. When accused that he's not a real geek, he breaks down with this gem.
---> '''Mr. Torgue''': WHY CAN'T I BE A PART OF YOUR GAME! I'M JUST INTERESTED IN FANTASY AND SCI-FI AND [[RealMenWearPink UNICORNS]] AND S***! ''(InelegantBlubbering)''\\
'''Lilith:''' Oh, wow, I...[[HeelRealization I kinda feel like a dick]].\\
'''Tina:''' Meeetooooo.
* Also, Mr. Torgue's response to a certain weapon:
** Brick's reaction is great as well.
* The crumpets quest, which involves Lilith realizing that Tina has literally been eating nothing but crumpets for the past few years:
-->'''Lilith:''' You haven't seriously been living on just crumpets for the past few years, have you?\\
'''Tina:''' I...do not understand the question.
** Lilith offers Tina a salad:
-->'''Lilith:''' I brought some lunch, maybe you could--\\
'''Tina:''' OH, GOD, WHAT IS THAT?!\\
'''Lilith:''' What? It's a salad--\\
'''Lilith:''' Just calm down--\\
'''Tina:''' It's staring at me!
** Then Brick and Mordecai holding Tina down while Lilith force feeds her the salad.
-->'''Mordecai:''' Careful you don't let her bite you too hard, Brick. If she gets a taste for blood, we're gonna have ''problems''.
** When Tina complains that the salad was tasty (and only adults find salads tasty), Lilith brings up the fact there's no such thing as adulthood, since she and two other adults just collected "a bunch of ''imaginary crumpets'' because they'd thought it'd be fun".
-->'''Tina:''' I...you know what, girl, you make a good point. You get to live. For now.
* When rolling initiative in regards to communicating with the Dwarf King, Brick rolls a perfect 20. And what does he do with it? [[spoiler:[[NiceJobBreakingItHero Punch him!]] [[BloodyHilarious With a perfect 20 on that too!]]]]
** Later on you fight a BrainwashedAndCrazy dwarf with a golden golem for a suit of armor. If you manage to break his mind control he'll thank you and start to give you the last MacGuffin you need [[spoiler:...before realizing you're the one who killed his king and attacking you anyway.]]
--->'''Lilith''': Damn it, Brick!\\
'''Brick''': I ''said'' I was ''sorry''!
* At the end, [[spoiler:[[MomentKiller Claptrap killing the mood of the ending]]]].
-->[[spoiler:'''Marcus''': ''(narrating)'' And they'd remember that no matter how bad things got, they were never truly alone so long as they had each other]].\\
[[spoiler:'''Claptrap''': I love you guys]].\\
[[spoiler:'''Everyone''': Ugh. ''(they all start complaining about Claptrap)'']]\\
[[spoiler:'''Marcus''': And then Claptrap said something stupid and ruined everything]].
* The vault Hunters reach the Forest of Tranquility. Brick finds the name boring. So Tiny Tina changes it.
* The change from The Forest of Tranquility to The Forest of Being-Eaten-Alive-By-Trees is punctuated by a corpse dropping down on a noose. From nowhere.
* When you find [[spoiler:Angel]] in the dungeon, Brick once again wins the chance to talk to her. He suggests punching her. Mordecai is able to talk him down, and you unchain her. [[spoiler:Then she turns into a {{drider}} and tries to kill you]].
** Doubles as a BrickJoke. Pun not intended.
* The Hyperion New-U Stations have new dialogue.
-->''Necromancy'' is the ''bestomancy!''\\
Just think of me as your personal phoenix down!\\
[[Series/GameOfThrones When you play the Game of Vaults, you win,]] [[ComicallyMissingThePoint or you respawn and try again a few minutes later!]]\\
If you die in Tina's imagination, you die for real.\\
''[[LampshadeHanging I am so sick of talking in this pleasant-ass voice!]]''
* There's an entire sidequest where you have to smack around [[Series/GameOfThrones "Prince Jeffery"]]. The best part is that the more you slap him, the funnier the stuff he says gets as he breaks down from an arrogant douchebag to a sobbing wreck.
** Just getting the quest is hilarious, because Roland is the guy who gives it to you. He even tells you that your mission is to "slap the bastard out of Jeffery".
** And then the kicker of ''Series/DowntonAbbey'' references for those who don't watch the above. It also happens to be Mordecai's favorite show.
--->'''Brick:''' Oh my god, this show sounds stupid.
--->'''Mordecai:''' You're stupid!
* The identity of the Queen. I dare not put it even in spoilers, the reveal is beyond words.
** Especially since the entire time it seemed pretty obvious that Tina would make herself the queen of her own game, but nope.
** The crowner has to be Brick's reaction when he sees her. That he sounds about as happy as a schoolgirl as he says it seals the deal.
--->'''Brick:''' She... is... ''beautiful!''
* The quest Critical Fail: all three of the old vault hunters roll to pick up a gun. [[RandomNumberGod They get a 1 each time,]] [[EpicFail and the results of the roll get more ridiculous each time.]] One involves the gun breaking all of your fingers (putting you to fight for your life mode).
-->'''Gaige:''' GAH! Curse you, damnable fingers!
** The third time, you roll so badly ''it turns into a monster and tries to kill you''.
** And just for added hilarity: when you finally get and use the gun, it has a chance of slipping out of your hands when you reload. The characters even comment on this.
--->'''[=Zer0=]:''' If only I had ''five'' fingers.
* When fighting the dwarves, Lilith eventually notices that Tina made them all look like Salvador. When she points this out...
-->'''Tiny Tina:''' Hey, Salvador! Is it okay if all the dwarves in my campaign look like you?\\
'''Salvador:''' ''(from downstairs)'' That is ''awesome!''\\
'''Tiny Tina:''' See? [[FandomNod Not racist]].
* Tiny Tina finds out [[BrickJoke just what they were beating up that Hyperion informant for]]:
-->'''Maya:''' Hey guys, that spy just coughed up the access codes to the Hyperion moonbase. Anybody feel like blowing up a space station?\\
'''Tiny Tina:''' HELL YES I DO!
* The vending machines get some hilarious ones too:
-->Ye olde cha-ching!\\
Ye olde goodbye!\\
The night is dark, and full of treasures!\\
Now go shoot some wizards or something!\\
Why [[HonorBeforeReason choose an honorable weapon]], [[TheCombatPragmatist when you could buy a gun?]]
* A RunningGag is Tiny Tina giving Lilith various nicknames. Lilly of the Valley, Free Lilly, etc.
* When you first meet Ellie, Lilith says that she will talk to her [[TheRoleplayer in character]], and then clears her throat to do so. Whichever character talks to her in-game will say a line of dialogue, implying that's who Lilith's character is, meaning that theoretically, she could be playing as Krieg.
** If you talk to her as Gaige, then Gaige will speak in character (ie. "Good morrow, milady..."), meaning Lilith is playing a character playing a character. [[MemeticMutation Yo dawg]].
* Once you've killed the Ghost Kings, Roland dubs you a knight of "justice and cupcakes and stuff."
* If you talk to Roland outside of a mission, one of his random lines is:
-->''If you ask me why I'm the ''White'' Knight, [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore I may have to punch you in the throat.]] Fair warning.''
** Heck, the fact that Roland talks exactly like Tiny Tina... [[TheComicallySerious only with Roland's voice.]]
* Gearbox is giving out [=SHiFT=] codes for class mods from "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon's Keep" DLC for each vault hunter in the form of [[http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/1060 Tiny Tina giving the six vault hunters letter of invitation]].
** For Axton:
---> '''Hey girl''', I know the last time we were around each other [[NoodleIncident you said some things you'd probably wish you could have taken back, and I threw some]] '''[[NoodleIncident dynamite]]''' [[NoodleIncident I might have wished to take back]] but let's bury the hatchet and forget the fact that you hate me, ... I'm pretty sure you're what literary scholars would refer to as a ''''scrub'''' but anywayz, I'm hosting a game of '''Bunkers & Badasses''' and I made you this extra-special gift. So come to my party!\\
Or I'll cut you,\\
** For Gaige:
--->'''Gaige''' '''Gaige''' '''Gaige'''\\
we should hang out more. [[RobotMaster You make robots]], [[DemolitionsExpert I make bombs]]. [[GirlishPigtails You got cute pigtails]], I got cute pigtails. [[AccidentalMurder You killed one of your classmates]], and I think it's [[BlackComedy really funny that you killed one of your classmates]]. Scientificmally I decided we should be best friends five-ever. Which brings me to the letter you're readin: I'm hostin a '''Bunkers & Badasses''' party and I made this present just for youuu! And I hear you're super into that stuff (bein the discerning lady of ultraviolence that you are, naturalmente). So lets hang out and swap stories about making people explode. It'll be greeeeat yaaay\\
** For [=Zer0=]:
---> Look, I'ma be straight with you -- I don't have a clue what you are or if you can read or if you're, like, a robot who just eats paper to survive so you maybe won't even bother reading this message before jamming it into your throat-hole, but I wanted to let ya know that I'm havin' a shindig and I wanted my favorite [[AmbiguousGender man/lady]]/[[AmbiguouslyHuman alien]]/[[AmbiguousRobots paper-hungry roboto]]/whateva '''[=Zer0=]''' at the proceedins. We're gonna play '''Bunkers & Badassess'''! (game mastered by yours truly, thankyouverymuch) and I thought you might wanna join us. But if you eat the character sheets I will cut you deep.\\
Love youuuuu\\
** For Maya:
--->Good morrow, milady!\\
If you ain't busy tryin to get Krieg to stop starin at you I thought you could come down and roll some dice. The new edition of '''Bunker & Badasses''' is out and I made a module that is if not off the chizzo, most definitionly chizzo-adjacent.\\
I made this gift to get you ready for the party and i hope you love it.\\
Also: [[PrecociousCrush you're real pretty and I like you do you like me]]\\
please mark one:\\
Yes [] No []\\
** For Krieg:
--->'''Hey Supafly Meat Boy,'''\\
I'm throwing a party and you're invited. It's going to be off the Chain. And cause i kinda dig ya, I made a thingy for you that you should definitely bring to my sick-ass '''Bunkers & Badassess''' party! We're gonna punch some imaginary orcs inn the face! Or, to put it in words you understand,
Oh, and bring snacks.\\
love you bye,\\
** For Salvador:
--->'''Sal, you so tinyyyyyy i love it.'''\\
I made this present for you because we tinymens have to look out for one another and cause i was hopin you'd come to my '''Bunkers & Badasses''' party and maybe let me [[TotemPoleTrench stand on your shoulders while wearing a trenchcoat so i could know what it's like to be regular size]]. But if not just coming to the party is cool too!\\
Aaaaalso I may have designed all my dwarves to look kinda like you so don't be angry kaayyy love youuuu,\\

* The "MMORPGFPS" sidequest. Especially anything '''420_E-SPORTS_MASTA''' yells.
--> '''[720NoScope]Headshotz''': VAULT HUNTERS ARE SO OP! (After being killed by you)
** When you turn it in Torgue yells "What is an e-sport?!"
* The quest "My Dead Brother". Simon the necromancer curses you, forcing you to find his brother's body just to make sure he's dead. Simon is a heartless asshole, and his brother Edgar is a stupid jock; they're both pretty hysterical characters
-->'''Simon''': ''(as you look for Edgar's corpse)'' C'mon, Edgar, where are you? See, this is why you never get drunk before a murder. I definitely burned his house down, but I can't remember if I locked him inside first. Gaahhh, so irritating.
** After you find the body and Edgar is resurrected, you have the option of siding with him and killing Simon.
-->'''Edgar''': Fraticide is the best-icide!
* [[LargeHam Murderlin's]] tendency of emphasizing words... '''''AT RANDOOOOOM!!'''''
* The Sir Reginald quest. The riddle is a reference to the movie Darkman, but before the characters can solve it, Brick rolls by throwng down his die with such force that it smashes Reginald's figure. Tina chalks it up as an acceptable quest resolution.
* When you first meet Moxxi in the tavern, one of the patrons attempts to hit on her by comparing his manhood to that of a Vault Monster, to which Moxxi snarkily replies:
-->[[AnalogyBackfire So it's hard to find and ultimately disappointing]]?
* You encounter a wizard in the game... who just happens to be Claptrap in a NiceHat. He then attempts to channel [[Film/LordofTheRings Gandalf]].
-->'''Claptrap''': [[ShoutOut YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!]]
-->''Staff blows up in his face and he falls over.''\\
'''Mission Objective''': Pass.
** He also gets a sidequest where you empower his magic staff, and he attempts to demonstrate his new power by creating a demon and slaying it. He instead creates legions of the brooms from ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}''. Which then try to kill you.
** Best part of the mission is that with each attempt to destroy them, he ends up inadvertently doing the opposite, i.e. making them stronger. He then catches on and decides to intentionally make them stronger. This time, [[OhCrap it works properly.]]
--->'''Claptrap''': [[SpringtimeForHitler ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? THE ONE TIME I WANT MY SPELL TO FAIL AND IT WORKS!?]]
* While running to the sorcerer's tower, your character thinks about what they're going to spend their reward money on once they save the queen.
-->'''Axton:''' Guns and ladies. [[BiTheWay And sometimes dudes]].\\
'''Gaige:''' Eh, maybe some guns. And, [[GadgeteerGenius a Hecker circuit reintegrator]]. Those things are neat!\\
'''Maya:''' [[{{Bookworm}} Lots and lots of books]]. And guns.\\
'''[=Zer0=]:''' I care not for cash. / [[BloodKnight I live for the true combat]]. / That said, I'll buy guns.\\
'''Salvador:''' Guns. [[GunNut And guns]].\\
'''Krieg''': [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers MEAT]].


[[folder: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2: Digistruct Peak ]]

* Patricia Tannis makes regular comments as players progress through Digistruct Peak, including some very meta ones regarding gear or enemies as well as her usual weirdness and ComedicSociopathy.
-->'''Tannis''': ''(when opening a chest)'' If the chests give only white shields, blame Schrodinger and his zombie cat.\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when Scorch appears)'' The Children of the Firehawk had Scorch killed for being a heathen. Being a god, however, he naturally respawned.\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when the Black Queen appears)'' The Black Queen is not actually a queen, as spiderants have no formal system of government. I discovered this when I infiltrated them and attempted to run for Prime Minister.\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when the Black Queen appears)'' The Black Queen is the Moxxi of the spiderant world. Were you an arachnid, upon looking at her chitinous plating you would bite your knuckle, inhale sharply, and whisper "''damn''" to everyone around you!\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when smashing a Handsome Jack cardboard cutout)'' Hmm! Seeing you smash that Jack cutout filled me with a joy I normally only reserve for children falling down and hurting themselves.\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when Dukino's Mom appears)'' Dukino's mother was the most terrifying creature the town of Lynchwood ever saw, next to Moxxi's archenemy, the nefarious Nipplemancer.\\
'''Tannis''': ''(when Dukino's Mom appears)'' Oh! An update on Dukino himself. Crazy Earl will resume his attempts to domesticate him once Dukino pukes him arm back up.\\


[[folder: TK Baha's Bloody Harvest ]]

* Upon returning the brain candy to zombie TK Baha to help him deal with his brain craving:
--> '''TK Baha''': I'm gonna mash these candies into one big lump and pretend it's the brain of someone I don't like. Hehe, just kidding, there ain't nobody I don't like: [[ImAHumanitarian they're all delicious.]]


[[folder: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler ]]

* Mister Torgue simply needs no introduction. He sells the entire DLC by himself.
'''Mr. Torgue''': ''(shouting)'' HEY! GET OVER HERE SO I CAN WHISPER SOME THINGS TO YOU IN SECRET! ''(whispering)'' Real talk: the Gobbler fight is rigged! The Torgue Board of Directors made the Gobbler unbeatable so it'd eat all the contestants and get us a buncha hits on the [=ECHOnet=]. But I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE CAUSE YOU'RE COOL. AND '''OH CRAP I'M NOT WHISPERING ANYMORE MY BAD'''.\\
'''Mr. Torgue''': DAMN, THAT DOOR'S LOCKED! LET ME ACTIVATE MY REMOTE LOCKPICKING PROGRAM! ''(detonates a [=TorgueVision=] to blow open a hole in the door)'' '''LOCKPIIIIICK! MEEDLYMOWWWW!'''\\
'''Mr. Torgue''': WHEN GOD CLOSES A DOOR, I BLOW IT THE *** UP!\\
* President Smith explains his actions to Mr. Torgue:
-->'''President Smith''': You know why we made the Gobbler invincible, Torgue? [[spoiler:So YOU could kill him. After dozens of failed attempts by other contestants, YOU were supposed to finally kill it on camera, while wielding our most EXPENSIVE guns. You would have looked like a hero!]]\\
'''Mr. Torgue''': WHY BE A HERO WHEN YOU COULD '''''EAT''''' ONE?\\
'''President Smith''': You are the dumbest person in the world.\\
'''President Smith''': This is your last chance, Torgue. Call this off or you're out of the company!\\


[[folder: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day ]]


[[folder: Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre ]]

* The unique dialogues each of the Vault Hunters has for each situation. Especially Krieg:
'''Krieg''': MORE JUICE!\\
'''Krieg''': [[LampshadeHanging DON'T ASK ME TO SHOW YOU NORMAL!]]\\
'''Krieg''': WIG PLEASE!\\
** Salvador [[BaitAndSwitch saying something that might allude to his]] [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalism]]... only for it to turn into how he hates going to the store and buying food. This is apparently enough to make a baby cry.
** Gaige gives us these little gems when she drinks the whiskey:
--->'''Gaige''': Geeueuhh. I can't feel my face.\\
'''Gaige''': Considering the drinking age here is probably, like, birth, I guess it's okay to drink this stuff.
** When the Vault Hunters are trying to make the baby cry:
--->'''Axton''': Sometime you'll try to make people laugh by using a meme from the [=ECHOnet=], [[DisproportionateRetribution but instead they'll track you down and set fire to your house.]] Look forward to that.\\
'''Gaige''': Ugh. Country music exists.\\
'''Krieg''': [[{{Foreshadowing}} YOUR PARENTS ARE DEAD, SO DEAD-DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!]]\\
'''Maya''': Everyone will tell you small lies, except the people you love, who will tell you large ones.\\
'''Salvador''': Sometimes you'll be, like, hungry? But there won't be any food around, so you'll have to, like, [[FauxHorrific get up and go all the way to the store and buy some.]]\\
'''[=Zer0=]''': Life is very short / One day you will grow older / And then you will die.
* Later in the DLC, Innuendobot tries to woo Moxxi with a can of grease.
--> '''Moxxi''': ''(deadpan)'' Vault Hunter, go kill Innuendobot.
* The entire reason you're trying to make a baby cry in the first place. In order to keep the titular wedding afloat, Moxxi sends the Vault Hunters to fetch ingredients for a love potion: something new, something old, something borrowed, and something gold. Ellie's brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone is to steal - sorry, "borrow" - a ''baby'' to count as "something new" and "something borrowed". Ellie then tries to convince the Vault Hunters to use the entire baby in the potion, before relenting and having them use its tears instead. Moxxi is decidedly unhappy about this once she finds out what the ingredient is, and makes the Vault Hunters return the baby before starting the wedding.
** The baby itself resembles a miniature Goliath with the signature helmet, albeit in baby clothes, implying that it's the baby the bride and groom - also Goliaths - lost before the Vault Hunters showed up.


[[folder: Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax ]]

* Mordecai's new pet, Talon, getting a little bitey on Lilith. She still finds it adorable, though.
--> '''Mordecai:''' Heh. I think he likes you.
--> '''Lilith:''' Awww. Are you sure? Because heeee is biting pretty hard ow owowowow he's drawing blood.
--> '''Mordecai:''' Oh crap. I'll get him off --
--> '''Lilith:''' No he's too cute ow ow ow I love him.
--> '''Brick:''' Damn girl, you weird as hell.
* Drunk Varkids. That is all.
* A savage's response to being a called a savage by Sir Hammerlock:
--> '''Savage''': Hey man. Don't call me a savage!\\
'''Sir Hammerlock''': Oh, you speak English? I thought -\\
''' Savage''': I graduated from Eden-4 Megaversity with honors. Check your privilege, dick.
* Brick, Lilith, and Mordecai reminiscing about killing Crawmerax over and over again, even mentioning the glitched ledge that many players exploited to farm him.
* Both the Vault Hunters [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFN3uaH2AqY reactions to hearing about "The Son of Crawmerax", and the ENTIRETY of the "Victims of Vault Hunters" quest]]
** For the first part, every Vault Hunter has a baffled reaction to the word "Crawmerax".
--> '''[=Zer0=]:''' [[FlatWhat What did you just say?/Please, what is a "Crawmerax"?/And what is its son?]]
--> '''Salvador:''' Crawme-WHAT?! (Laughs) ''That's not a name!!''
--> '''Axton:''' ''Thaaaat...'' ...Means nothing to me.
--> '''Maya:''' Sorry, son of ''who?''
--> '''Gaige:''' Son of a what-a-''whaaat?''
--> '''Krieg:''' '''[[BigWhat WHAT?!?!]]''' ''[[ComicallyMissingThePoint I HAVE NO SON!!]]''
** For the second part, the quest starts out with Sparky Flynt (son of Captain Flynt) hiring six bounty hunters, [[EvilCounterpart each assigned to hunt a specific Vault Hunter]], [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge and each with a different reason for wanting that Vault Hunter dead]]. [[spoiler: Except they're all killed off by various other assassins looking out for the Vault Hunters]], causing Sparky to enter a VillainousBreakdown, and the Vault Hunters to crack various quips about how each bounty hunter [[spoiler: snuffed it.]]
* At the end of the quest, Sir Hammerlock gives the player an individualized note from [[spoiler:a person who helped with assassinating the Victims of the Vault Hunters]]. [=Zer0=]'s is as such.
-->'''[=Zer0=]:''' "To [=Zer0=]: 0ne." Well, that's irritatingly cryptic.
** Turns out even [=Zer0=] can have limits on the mysticisms.


[[folder: Others]]
* The Launch Trailer for Borderlands 2 includes several gems:
** "87 Bazillion guns just got ''bazilliondier''!"
** "Even more skills[[note]]For the payment of larger bills.[[/note]]
** Claptrap's dubstep dance, and the subsequent message - "96.5% more WUB WUB."
*** Randy Pitchford went on to say in an interview that the above line was true as there was no WUB WUB in the first one.
* The in-game radio advertisements give us these gems:
** Torgue:
---> '''Torgue Spokesperson''': The following message from Mr. Torgue does not reflect the opinions of the Torgue corporation itself.\\
'''Mr. Torgue''': [[NoIndoorVoice IF YOU DON'T BUY TORGUE GUNS YOU'RE]] [[SoundEffectBleep *beep*]][[NoIndoorVoice ING RETARDED!!!]]\\
'''Torgue Spokesperson''': [[ViewersAreGoldfish The previous message from Mr. Torgue does not reflect the opinions of the Torgue corporation itself]].
** Another Torgue:
--->'''Mr. Torgue''': Did you know that 97% of all living things on Pandora aren't exploding right now? THAT'S BULLSH*T! BUY TORGUE!
** And Mr. Torgue only gets more and more funny, as you'll see below.
* The following gem can be found on all toilet-containers.
-->Dook hut -- [[ADateWithRosiePalms no fapping]]!
** Also, the very fact that weapons and ammo can be found in an abandoned public toilet - and unlike Borderlands 1's dried-out ones, [[NauseaFuel these ones cough up some of the stuff along with a gush of murky liquid.]]
*** And someone drew a smiley face in the crud on the toilet lid. BLEUGH!!
** In a hilarious ECHO you pick up during a quest for Moxxi in the Torgue campaign, Tina jumps onto [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWp5lZM9edA the interview show, and takes it over]] (it starts around 1:40 in the video). It's quite hilarious to listen to, particularly at the end when Moxxi delivers a PrecisionFStrike.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9e38ok1imI WIPE THE RAISIN ABOMINATION OFF THE MAP!]]
* Any time you respawn at a New-U station.
-->Aaaaaand RESPAWN!\\
The only thing worse than respawning is not respawning.\\
[[VideoGame/AlteredBeast Rise from your grave!]]\\
If some idiot claims that life is meaningless without death, Hyperion recommends killing them.\\
Do not worry about the afterlife, valued Hyperion customer. Hell is reserved exclusively for pedophiles and people who buy Jakobs munitions.\\
Permanent death? Shmermanent... shmeath...\\
The Hyperion corporation would like to clarify that the bright light you saw was our [=DigiStruct=] technology, and not a higher power. Not higher than Hyperion, anyway.\\
The Hyperion corporation suggests: Live! LIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVE!\\
Between you and us, that thing that killed you is a total dick. Please disregard this message if you committed suicide.\\
Don't think of your death as failure, think of it as fun! Don't think of Hyperion's respawn charges as war profiteering, think of them as war... fun!\\
Hyperion recommends swearing vengeance on the thing that killed you, unless it was an inanimate object such as a cliff.\\
Hyperion recommends taking a few deep breaths before swearing vengeance on whatever killed you.\\
Hyperion is sure that wasn't your fault.\\
Hyperion would like to take this opportunity to say: cha-ching!\\
The Hyperion corporation assures you that any spawn-campers will be permanently banned from this plane of existence.\\
So long as you believe in yourself, nothing can truly kill you. Except for Handsome Jack.
* The vending machines will sometimes crack jokes, both when you open one up, and after you close it. And often in LargeHam fashion.
-->"Two words my friend: No refunds."\\
"Catch-a-guuuunnnn! Guh! I'm never saying that again."\\
"Who needs a medical license when you've got style!"\\
"It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad!"\\
"Don't tell your friends!" - Crazy Earl, a joke to one of Marcus' quotes when you leave a vendor\\
"Goodbye friend! If you shop anywhere else, I'll have you killed."
* The names of the Bandit-brand guns all have hilariously poor spelling and grammar.
* The Catch-A-Ride terminals again.
-->"All the ladies say Scooter is the fastest ride in town! CATCH A RIII--aw, I just realized that's an insult."\\
"My cars might not get you there ''alive'', but they'll get you there!"\\
"You know, ''technically'', my cars are the safest on Pandora."\\
"Hey, if you ain't a stickler for seatbelts, airbags, or engines that don't go [[EveryCarIsAPinto BEWM]] iff'n you push 'em too hard, y'come to the right place!"\\
"Heh. Hey, y'all! Welcome to the new and improved Catch-A-Ride! Now with 47% more than 26% deaths annually! That is down from last year, hold your applause!"
* The secret "What does it mean?" trophy/achievement. Going to a certain area in the Highlands will prompt a brief appearance of a [[MemeticMutation double rainbow]]... as well as an absolutely hilarious transmission from either [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEOzDtRLhQo Jack]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etd77s4OAso Claptrap]].
** What makes it even funnier is if you complete the game before finding it [[spoiler:and get Handsome Jack, it makes it seem like he came back from the dead just to talk about a meme]].
* Ever wanted to see Borderlands 2 abridged? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9XIJBzhg4Y&feature=related Look at this video.]]
* The use of message templates is a [[RunningGag running gag]] throughout the game.
* There was going to be a bandit vendor, and it had some [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILpqqRFvsZI&feature=related pretty funny quotes]]. The two funniest are written down below for your hilarious convenience:
-->'''Bandit''': [[ToiletHumor I smeared my diarrhoea on the handle!]] That's [[{{Pun}} viral marketing!]]\\
'''Bandit''': This cash will feed my children... TO ME!
* Handsome Jack's VA wins "Best Performance By A Human Male" during the 2012 Spike VGA's preshow:
-->You're ''shitting'' me. ''(jaw drops, grins)''
* Gearbox can even make their patch notes funny.
-->- Deathtrap can no longer restore an enemy's shields, [[GoodBadBugs even though it was hilarious]].
* Tediore weapons come with the perk that instead of putting a new clip in to reload, you toss them like a grenade and they explode. Tediore rocket launchers, however, ''fire the launcher as if it was a rocket''.
* Some of the radio ads are just awesome!
--> "Come on down to-\\
'''*WARNING: DOCTOR ZED IS [[BackAlleyDoctor NOT A REAL DOCTOR]]. SEE ALSO: [[ProductPlacement PEPPER]], [[GangstaRap DRE]], [[ComicBook/SpiderMan OCTOPUS]]. PLEASE SEEK OUT AN ACTUAL LICENSED PHYSICIAN*'''\\
- Doctor Zed's!"
* The old VideoGame/{{Borderlands}} tradition of hilariously named weapons returns. One contender for "funniest weapon name" is the Hyperion "Bitch" sub-machinegun, returning from that position in the first game, which can result in the names: "Analytical Bitch," "Proactive Bitch," "Social Bitch," "Rightsizing Bitch," "Corporate Bitch," "Cutting Edge Bitch."
** Torgue is no slouch either in that department -- say it with me, "Lumpy Bangstick."
*** Or the (and it's actually spelled, punctuated and capitalized this way) ''derp Duuurp!'' which people will actually lug around because it's ''the'' most powerful randomly generated rocket launcher in the game.
** Torgue pistols with the Jakobs long barrel are known as "Rods". Possible prefixes for the Rod include Lumpy, Hard, Thrusting, Thick, and ''Double Penetrating''.
* Tediore produces a Legendary shotgun called the Deliverance. Being a Tediore weapon, it's thrown when you need to reload it. What truly makes this weapon legendary in every respect is what happens thereafter. The gun will, through no apparent means, begin flying in the direction of the nearest enemy and firing the remaining shells in its magazine, before it explodes on impact with its target.
* The [[http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/13gsxi/iama_mister_torgue_and_will_answer/ Mr. Torgue AMA mentioned above]] is pretty much pure hilarity. One of the highlights is a redditor posting a Shakespearean sonnet and asking Mister Torgue how it "deals with the relationship between time and love and explosions." Torgue replies with an edited sonnet of his own:
-->My mistress' eyes are nothing like AN EXPLOSION
-->EXPLOSIONS ARE far more red than her lips' red;
-->If snow be white, why then her breasts are NOT EXPLOSIONS BUT STILL PRETTY GREAT
-->If hairs be DYNAMITE wires, black wires grow on her head.
-->I have seen roses damask'd, red and white, WHAT DOES DAMASK’D MEAN
-->But no such EXPLOSIONS see I in her cheeks;
-->And in some EXPLOSIVES is there more delight
-->Than in the EXPLOSIONS that from my mistress reeks.
-->I love to hear her EXPLODE, yet well I know
-->That EXPLOSIONS hath a far more pleasing sound;
-->I grant I never saw a EXPLOSION go;
-->My mistress, when she walks, EXPLODES on the ground:
-->And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
-->As any she belied with false EXPLOSIONS
* Sometimes certain quotes can happen after a very specific one, and hilarity WILL ENSUE.
'''Krieg''': ''(entering Buzz Axe Rampage)'' WHO WANTS THE FIRST SLICE?!
* Lilith's cult sidequest chain, the whole damn thing. The ending in particular involves you killing everyone in the cult (fairly easy since every other quest has been helping them commit suicide) and then the people you saved with her help start a cult worshipping ''you''.
* As Salvador, dual wield both [[YouBastard Morningstar]] and [[ShoutingShooter The Bane]] while using [[BloodKnight Shield 1340]]. To make this even better, [[BoisterousBruiser Salvador]] doesn't shut up much while gunzerking anyway, and you'll be triggering all 3 of them all the time.
* Handsome Jack's [[http://www.reddit.com/r/Borderlands/comments/2irv09/hey_kiddos_handsome_jack_here_ama_about_how_im/ Reddit AMA]].
* Someone on Reddit came up with an...[[http://www.reddit.com/r/Borderlands/comments/2n427o/the_warriors_hidden_secret/ interesting theory]] about the true nature of the Warrior.
* After you do a certain mission for Hyperion ([[EnemyMine who apparently has put up the white flag for this job]]), they give you a gun that ''berates you when you reload it.'' That moment is EvilIsPetty incarnate.
* Hammerlock describing Krieg's Raving Retribution skill, which lets him shoot fireballs at anyone who hits him while he's on fire:
-->''How does this happen? I've absolutely no idea, but by Jove it's bloody entertaining!''