[[caption-width-right:312:And then, [[HilarityEnsues hilarity ensued]].]]

With its lovably quirky, eccentric and pleasantly over-the-top nature, ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' always had a nice feature of making things funny in otherwise serious moments, without ever detracting from the actual situation or alienating fans from the overall mood of a scene. As a very nice bonus its characters are ''very'' easy to make fun of, which the author and producers themselves take ''every'' advantage from.
* First, Uryu and Orihime are fighting over an old Japanese proverb. Orihime thinks it's "even cats don't eat childish fights", whereas Uryu thinks its "even cats don't eat ''children's'' fights." Sado then corrects them both. Orihime is thankful, but Uryu is just ''catatonic''.
-->'''Uryu:''' Orihime's craziness is getting to me... and to be corrected by [[TheQuietOne Sado]] of all people...
* Second, Orihime says that she knows Ichigo is nearby -- after all, she can smell him! The other characters look at her like she's just said the stupidest, {{Cloudcuckoolander}}-iest thing she's ever said (as she's about ready to jump out the window and they're on the second or third floor, and she's supposedly flashing the quad), then "Ichigo" leaps up to the window...
* Third, or actually the zero, since it predates those two. The whole [[{{Hachimaki}} Amazing Headband of Justice]] scene.
'''Urahara:''' ''Oh, what do you know. I can't believe he actually said it.''\\
It eventually ends with...\\
'''Ichigo:''' ''"Amazing Armor of Justice" my ass! More like armor of junk!''
** The scene can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucd4mfzjNvU
** The headband [[BrickJoke makes a return]] in the Bount Arc.
* [[http://www.mangasee.com/manga/?series=Bleach&chapter=3&index=1&page=5 In one of the early chapters of the manga]], Rukia tries to train Ichigo using a baseball pitching machine and baseballs filled with pepper, half with heads drawn on to represent Hollows, the other half with hands to represent Wholes. When he gets back, Rukia chews him out for missing the whole point of the exercise -- he hit all the balls instead of just the ones with heads. Ichigo retorts that, with her drawings, it's impossible to tell the heads and the hands apart. And he's right.
* Ichigo's reaction to finding out Rukia is now in the same school as he is.
* Before going to Soul Society, there's a funny moment where Urahara sends out a blood message to Ichigo's house... and then...
-->P.S.: If you think this is something from a horror film where people write messages with their blood... then you really have no sense of humor.
** The Japanese version ups the funny by having Creator/ShinichiroMiki (Urahara's seiyuu) speak in a real deep, scary tone... until the 'no sense of humor' part where he switches back to his normal wacky Urahara voice.
** Made funnier in both versions by the fact that this is almost word for word what Ichigo and Orihime ''did'' think.
** In the Manga, when Ishida shows up at Urahara's shop and Ichigo comments on his Quincy uniform:
--->'''Ichigo:''' ''Ishida, you... Did you walk all the way here wearing that weird clothing? You're very brave.''
* When Ichigo meets up with Rukia for the first time in the Soul Society arc and simply states that [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-LuLR3zHmw as the rescuee she has no say whatsoever in what happens to her.]]
-->'''Ichigo:''' I came here to save you, and that's what I'm gonna do. Oh, and from now on, I'm ignoring all your opinions. You're coming with me whether you want to or not, damn it. YOU GOT THAT?! HUH?! I'M THE RESCUER HERE! YOU JUST SHUT UP!\\
'''Rukia:''' Wha...? What'd you say?! Who do you think you are, ordering me around like that?! A RESCUER ISN'T SUPPOSED TO IGNORE THE RESCUEE!\\
'''Ichigo:''' YEAH?! AND WHAT KIND OF RESCUEE COMPLAINS ABOUT THE RESCUE?! Why don't you just go sit down and tremble in fear and cry out "Save me! Save me!" like you're supposed to!\\
'''Rukia:''' UGH! I don't need to be saved! AND I DO ''NOT'' TREMBLE!
** Followed by [[http://dragonluvr5.deviantart.com/art/Bleach-avatar-funny-94007399 this image]].
* Not to mention a large amount of the fight between [[DragQueen Charlotte Coolhorn]] and the obsessively {{bishonen}} Ayasegawa Yumichika. Within seconds of meeting, dissolve into a fight that stems from the fact they just called each other "ugly".
** [[DesignatedGirlFight Designated Bishie Fight?]]
* From the anime, Tessai attempting to give Urahara "cold medicine" and the hilarity that ensues.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_IHDZz0nZc Lucky Dance!]] It's random, it's silly, and it makes his forehead flash.
** There's a video about the english version being sung by Vic Mignogna.
* In the third volume, Ichigo [[spoiler:is attacked by Grand Fisher]], the hollow who killed [[spoiler:his mother.]] Prefacing this is some golden comedy. Most notably when Rukia shows up as they're visiting the grave. In the original manga when she appears Ichigo screamed "What in the name of God is she doing here?" However, they can't say the G-word in Viz due to "religious sensitivity." So instead, Ichigo's line is "WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT'S MAGICAL IS SHE DOING HERE?" And then this.
-->'''Karin:''' Who's that?\\
''' Karin:''' She looks kind of familiar...\\
* Charlotte is a walking, fighting, living CrowningMomentOfFunny. Hence why some fans LOVE him.
* Karakura-Rizer... Anything about the Karakura-Rizer episodes.
** Special note of Karakura-Riser Erotic -- whose power revolves around being a horny lesbian. And this is funny without Uryu explaining that she has a number of techniques they can't show on TV. Only one is mentioned -- Riser Doggy Style. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp_MED5V2f4 Hyper Erotic Mode!]]
** Special mention should go to Tatsuki's expression (Might be something in there), Kon going 'Exit stage left' awkwardly, and Keigo just looking depressed. Through it all, Ishida is obviously having fun.
** When Kon BreaksTheFourthWall and complains that the narrator's recap of the previous episode made no sense.
* Similarly, Mayuri 'reviving' Nemu. Not shown, but Uryu and Renji (who ''were'' shown watching every moment of it) appeared to be extremely interested. In the anime, Uryu tries to fathom [[BreakingTheFourthWall how this can be allowed on network television!]] Mayuri's later comment about them 'thinking naughty thoughts' was the icing on the cake.
** The dub made this even better.
--->'''Mayuri:''' "What are you talking about? [[BlatantLies Everything I do is family friendly!]] Get your mind out of the gutter!
* How come we've gone this far without mentioning: '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis GOOOOOOOOOOD!]] [[DynamicEntry MOOOOOORNIIIIIIIING!]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxJfZ7Z0Hss IIIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOOOOOO!]]'''
** And in episode 6, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj6i8UpjcpA Ichigo actually Dynamic Entries Isshin back]] (around 01:12) when the other is wondering wtf is taking him so long upstairs. HilarityEnsues.
** Isshin is a good source of these, like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pykcv6SQCYI&feature=related here]] where he does Deadly Dad Sliding and sees his daughter's Yuzu's underwear leading Karin to do a megaton kick on him sending him down the hill like a bowling ball into some animals like they were bowling pins.
** Somewhat related: In the game Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, there is a TROPHY for killing a boss by dashing into them emblazoned with Isshin's face called (what else?) GOOD MORNING ICHIGO!
* Chapter 368 contains someone who appears to have the same opinion of Hitsugaya "[[FanNickname Captain Jobber]]" Toushiro as some fans. And she finally got [[http://www.mangareader.men/bleach/368/14 a reaction]] out of him.
** Even funnier when you take into account his and Hiyori's argument over who's taller than the other. [[AllThereInTheManual In the databooks,]] they're ''both'' listed as [[PintsizedPowerhouse 133 cm or 4'4".]]
* When Ichigo rescued Rukia... [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvq07SLpFjE by throwing her down to Renji like a javelin]]. And on top of that, even though Rukia was screaming on the way down and had tears welling up in her eyes from the rush of wind, she looked like she was smiling. XD
* The Beach omake. Matsumoto teaching Orihime some -- err, interesting techniques to make sand castles. Yachiru sticking a crab into Ikkaku's loin cloth. Byakuya's artwork being ''exactly the same as Rukia's''! Then, there's Ukitake's "funeral". Just read it all [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v29/c260.5/2.html here]].
** The [[BeachEpisode anime episode]] based on the omake. When Ukitake nearly passes out on the beach from heat stroke, Ichigo, Renji and Ikkaku hurry off to get some ice for him, from Hitsugaya. [[CallingYourAttacks "Sit upon the heavens, Hyourinmaru!"]] So there you have it. Cue "''Too big.''"
** And then there's the mutant watermelons from the Department of Research and Development. What they were planning to do with mutant watermelons with shadow arms (besides smashing them on the beach), I don't think I'll ever know.
*** Well, as some of the lines from the episode mention keeping the tentacles out of bathing suits...
* In the flashback chapter about Renji, Hinamori, and Kira, Renji falling out of nowhere from a tree in front of Kira. And Rukia popping out of the bushes. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v15/c130.5/5.html Poor Kira.]]
* The time Chad and Ichigo met Keigo and Mizuiro. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v29/c260.5/3.html Best Dynamic Entry Ever!]]
* How about when Nel realizes that Ichigo is a Soul Reaper?
** In the same vein, Ichigo first finding out that "Nel is a masochist."
* Right after Nel regains her arrancar powers, she slowly turns toward Ichigo, and there's a tense moment where she glowers at him. Then she grins broadly, runs up and gets him in a bone-cracking hug. Orihime desperately points it out, Nel realizes she's put Ichigo on the brink of death... [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uufra5MwfTQ and proceeds to hug him again, begging him not to die.]]
* The first movie is fairly lackluster save for one scene. After dealing with the Hollow in the opening, Ichigo returns to Rukia who admonishes him for neglecting to use Kon while in public. When he brushes it off with "What's the big deal?", Rukia acts out a scene in which civilians have found Ichigo's soulless (and seemingly dead) body and are panicking. Ichigo replies that it would never happen, so Rukia simply points around the corner to where ''that exact scene is now playing out.''
** Well, Ichigo WAS right in that they did not call a hearse.
* [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v12/c102/8.html This]]. Hanatarou's expression (or lack thereof) is what makes it.
* How about when Yoruichi went into the hot spring with Ichigo, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-QeJzmHzWg but in cat form?]] ([[CovertPervert "You little pervert".]]) And after her explanation, Ichigo turns around to see her [[http://tinyurl.com/yfyukmb and...]]
** Like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz8IWLgdcUY the first time]] [[TheTease she showed her adult form to Ichigo]]?
--->'''Yoruichi:''' I see. You're more naive and innocent than I thought. It's the first time you've ever seen a naked woman, huh?\\
'''Ichigo:''' [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn WOULD YOU PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON]]?!
* Hiyori and Ichigo's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ahG20SOqL0 argument]] when he starts training with the Vizards.
* How could no body mentioned [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq_-0I9kAJA&feature=related Shunsui's first appearance?]]
* Pictured above: Chapter 380 of the manga. Ichigo's reaction to [[spoiler:Byakuya and Kenpachi]]'s arrival. [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-37652-4/bleach/chapter-380.html Nuff said]].
** Then, [[spoiler:Kenpachi]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-37652-8/bleach/chapter-380.html opens his mouth.]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-37652-9/bleach/chapter-380.html And attacks Ichigo]] instead of [[spoiler:Yammy]]. [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-37652-10/bleach/chapter-380.html Who attacks HIM.]]
** And then a couple of chapters later, after [[spoiler:Byakuya and Kenpachi's]] indulge in a mutual insult-session, [[spoiler:Yammy]] interrupts them and they both give him the ''exact same'' [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-39731-15/bleach/chapter-382.html look of annoyance.]]
* How about the filler episode that has Ikkaku Madarame volunteering to help with the local high school's kendo club? Eleventh Division BloodKnight training a bunch of freshman high school wimps? Priceless! And that is not even mentioning him ramrodding T-shirt; Hitsugaya into helping him.
** What's even funnier is the end and his reaction to [[spoiler:not getting to fight because the remaining kendo team member won his fight.]]
* Or how about the first time we see Gin and Kenpachi in the anime? Ken-chan tries to goad Byakuya into a fight only to have Gin ''tie Ken-chan up'' in less then ten seconds and haul him away over the rooftops, apologizing to Byakuya the entire time with that stupid ass grin never leaving his face.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqXbImG2ZwU Shuusuke Amagai saves his people]]. [[CantHoldHisLiquor While drunk.]] HilarityEnsues.
* Aizen basically shipping himself with Ichigo. [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-44833-16/bleach/chapter-388.html Here]]
** Ichigo's reaction at the bottom just seems to make it funnier.
** Aizen's hand is on Ichigo's bare chest. She doesn't know how she missed that the first time around, especially given Aizen's line, but it renewed the hilarity.
*** Oh, my, the [[FoeYay Foe]][[HoYay Yay]]! Hilarious, and gives all the people who shipped Ichigo/Aizen an excuse, which makes the whole thing even funnier. I think a certain manga-ka is ''trying'' to encourage as many [[CrackPairing crack pairings]] as he can.
* Chapter 398: [[spoiler:Isshin]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-49861-8/bleach/chapter-398.html suddenly headbutting Ichigo]]. Oh lord, their expressions...
** Double funny in that page -- Ichigo apparently forgets he can STAND ON AIR after receiving said head-butt.
*** ''So'' good to see after episodes of Aizen's absurd monologuing. As is the moment when Isshin and Aizen's fight is interrupted by Gin slicing up another building. Then Ichigo jumps into view, to the annoyance of Isshin who promptly ignores Aizen to argue with his son.
* A rough summary of Chapter 399:
-->[[spoiler:'''Gin:''' "Hi. Remember me? My shikai is a really long sword!"]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Ichigo:''' *Headtilt*]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Gin:''' "And my bankai's a really really long sword!"]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Ichigo:''' "... My bankai fires energy blasts. Huah!"]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Gin:''' "Dammit."]]
** ''"It's 13 kilometers"''. [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-50186-14/bleach/chapter-399.html *raepface*]]
** [[spoiler:Gin's Bankai itself]]. Not compensating for anything taken UpToEleven
** Am I really the only person who thought [[http://OliverBrett.deviantart.com/art/Gin-Ichimaru-161681117 this]]?
** And now "fastest bankai in the Gotei 13" takes on a hell of a new meaning.
* In one of the animated picture books, Ryuken, Uryu's dad, is working on some paperwork at the hospital when he decides to [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming look at a picture of Uryu as a little kid.]] In pops Isshin, who shoves a picture of Karin and Yuzu in his face. He brags that ''his'' kids are ''still'' cute. Then Ryuken starts firing arrows at Isshin, blaming Ichigo for Uryu's rebellious stage. Isshin says that's not his fault, but Ryuken responds by saying that the father must take responsibility for his son's sins. See it [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCVkF61ji2s&feature=endscreen here!]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ej9WMbmE5k Anime ending 23.]] Chad punching Zommari Leroux in the face. In a boxing match.
** Hanatarou in a ''maid outfit'' (and looking rather surprised about it since he was previously working in the newspaper office with Hisagi and co).
*** Speaking of the newspaper office, Hitsugaya, Iba, and Komamura all staring out the window incredulously at what appears to be Don Kanonji ''flying by like a superhero'' while Kira takes pictures.
*** The fact that Komamura actually {{SweatDrop}}s makes it even more hilarious. Considering he hasn't done anything like that before.
** Barragan dressed as a mob boss with his fraccion.
*** Made even funnier by seeing Loly, Menoly, and Cirucci all over him. Barragan's such a ''pimp''.
*** Even more amusing is the fact that Charlotte Coolhorn is there hidden like Waldo.
*** Starrk and Lilynette playing cards.
** Ganju as a pissed off shop keeper running after Nel, Mashiro, and Hiyori for stealing his food.
** Hachi as a chef, too.
** And Shunsui going in a date [[MarryThemAll with BOTH Nanao and Lisa.]] What makes it even better is seeing a drunk Ukitake behind, carried around by Sentaro and Kiyone.
** Tousen's outfit looks an awful lot like Michael Jackson's in the video for "Smooth Criminal".
** The thought "Aizen-sama, Ace Detective" was the immediate, hilarious thought.
* Chapter 147: [[BloodKnight Kenpachi Zaraki]] imagining how [[MoralityPet Yachiru]], [[HotBlooded Ikkaku]], and [[TheDandy Yumichika]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v17/c147/16.html would advise him]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v17/c147/17.html in his fight]]:
-->'''Imaginary!Yachiru:''' Attack with your intuition! ^-^\\
'''Zaraki (thinking):''' I'm doing that already!\\
'''Imaginary!Ikkaku:''' Then just use that! Duh! The mind's eye thing!\\
'''Zaraki (thinking):''' If I could use that I wouldn't be thinking about this, idiot!\\
'''Imaginary!Yumichika ([[EverythingsBetterWithSparkles spark]][[BishieSparkle ling]]):''' If it was me... I would probably give up... in a beautiful way...\\
'''Zaraki (thinking):''' Go to hell.
* Chapter 401: Very tense scene where [[spoiler:Aizen explains to Isshin what the MacGuffin ''really'' is.]] [[MoodWhiplash Cue to]] Ichigo and [[spoiler:Gin]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-50820-15/bleach/chapter-401.html interrupting the talk as they fight.]] Made even better by [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-50820-19/bleach/chapter-401.html this]].
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-498-16/bleach/chapter-44.html I'm starting to look like a Nike Mark!]]
** Which was actually preceded [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-498-3/bleach/chapter-44.html by this]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-498-4/bleach/chapter-44.html and this]]. Funny as Hell.
* [[RunningGag "Rukia, why do your drawings suck so bad?"]] Even Ichigo's English VA has stated it's one of his favorite lines.
* Ichigo calmly and cheerfully ''calling an ambulance'' before he soundly kicks the asses of some jerks who were tormenting Chad in a flashback. "How many? Let's see..." *takes a head count of the bullies* The bewildered faces of the guys only make it better. Doubles as a hilarious CMOA for Ichigo.
* [[http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs20/i/2007/269/5/d/Madarame__you_son_of_a__by_Bleached_Inc.jpg Hitsugaya's rape face scares even Ikkaku.]]
* One scene has Yumichika sparkling around Kenpachi, and Kenpachi comments that he looks a lot more lively than before causing Yumichika to blush, shake his butt, release some hearts, and squeal "Oh my, so you think I've gotten prettier?" In reply Kenpachi scoffs "I didn't say that... Quit shakin' your ass; that's freakin' nasty". Yumichika: "I'm sorry. I just got so excited".
* The deaths of Zommari and Aaroniero are more hilarious than dramatic. [[spoiler:Aaroniero's young-voice-head]] rants about his pain, repeatly shouts "NO!" and rolls. With his high-pitched voice. Zommari rises his arms and shouts "[=BANZAI=]" several times. "[=AIZEN-SAMA... AIZEN-SAMA... BANZAI!=]
* Chapter 402: Urahara uses a ''balloon decoy'' to fool ''Aizen''. And ''it works''.
* In Chapter 403, Ichigo's reaction upon seeing [[spoiler:Aizen's new form]]. "What... the fuck... is that..."
** Also, the technique that Isshin and Urahara use to bind Aizen. '''AIZEN PINATA'''. [[spoiler:Yoruichi smash!]]
** Also, [[spoiler:Aizen's new form]] itself. Some fans have joked that Kubo's background artist has finally been allowed to design a character.
* Chapter 404: [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-51822-9/bleach/chapter-404.html "There must indeed be something special for you to have survived my attack" "You mean MY LEG, right!"]]
** Also [[spoiler:Urahara and Yoruichi]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-51822-8/bleach/chapter-404.html bickering]] right before that.
* That time where Lillin gets indignant over being stuck in a doll's body only for Ichigo to suggest that they all help each other into their Gigais. If only for the scene of them running to where their gigais are.
* Also when Lilin says that she snuck her Gigai under Ichigo's bed.
* When the gang returns from the Soul Society and Keigo asks if Ichigo and Chad [[HoYay went somewhere together]]. And then they glance at each other and Keigo freaks out.
* Where's the love for all the Omakes (Quincy Encyclopedia, Arrancar Encyclopedia and Shinigami Picture Book), particularly the one for 272. [[spoiler:[[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Picture_23_8177.png After Ishida has been skewered by Hollow Ichigo]]]], Ryuken, his dad, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqtZt2vYPm0 has a great exchange with Isshin]]:
-->'''Ryuken:''' (Holding his bow) How're you going to compensate me??!!\\
'''Isshin:''' (Stuck to the wall by arrows) But I didn't do it!\\
'''Ryuken:''' [[ThisIsUnforgivable Unforgivable!!!]]\\
(He fires more arrows as Isshin dodges.)\\
'''Isshin:''' Fine! You can have Ichigo when this is over. Do whatever you want to him!\\
'''Ryuken:''' Damn right I will!\\
'''Isshin:''' Don't attack me!\\
(Cut to outside of hospital as it explodes and Isshin screams.)
** Kinda makes you wonder how canon will treat Ryuuken's reaction when he finds out about all of this. If I were Ichigo, I'd start running now. Not that it'll do him much good.
* Every freaking time [[UseYourHead Isshin headbutts Ichigo.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CsjIfapFYw&feature=related Amagai likes Ukitake]] [[HoYay very, very much]]!
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zonj98ukhYU Omake of episode 275.]]
** The omake of #252, when Ishida thinks he can talk to his bow (voice provided by Ichigo).
* Chapter 407. [[spoiler:Keigo. Tatsuki.]] That's all.
* Chapter 411. [[spoiler:[[http://www.mangareader.net/94-55199-16/bleach/chapter-411.html Don]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-55199-17/bleach/chapter-411.html Kanonji]]]], of all people, pulling a BigDamnHeroes moment... with [[spoiler:Tatsuki and Gin]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-55199-18/bleach/chapter-411.html looking at him with "WTF?" faces]].
* Episode 263. Every. Last. Thing. About. It.
* Chapter 414: Probably Gin's [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome CMOA]]. It's just the sheer {{Irony}} of how he chose to [[spoiler:OutGambit Aizen- watch and wait.]]
* Ichigo interrupting Aizen's speech. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c417/13.html It has to be seen]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c417/14.html to be believed.]] Also counts as a MomentOfAwesome.
** Even better [[https://youtu.be/iApi6Xk5vAI?t=4m18s in motion]].
** Something similar in the chapter after that: Aizen is being his [[LargeHam hammy]] self, and in true ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' fashion is going on about how he hopelessly outclasses Ichigo and the next attack will destroy him. Ichigo (echoing the audience's feelings by this point) just gives him a long, flat look, leaving Aizen sitting there looking uncomfortable. After an awkward silence, he just ''starts in again'', making him sound downright pathetic.
* [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v27/c241/11.html More goodness]] involving Isshin and Ryuken Ishida from [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v27/c241/12.html Chapter 241]].
-->'''Ryuken:''' That form... your powers returned, then?\\
'''Isshin:''' I guess... Looks good on me, doesn't it?\\
'''Ryuken:''' I feel that I may vomit.\\
'''Isshin:''' (...) Well, thank you very much.
* Whole of Episode 287, which was made as an 10 year anniversary celebration for the Bleach manga. It shamelessly rips in to and makes fun of the Soul Society Arc -- People's mileage varied, but most were howling in laughter every minute of it which was a welcome change for the heavy scenes going on at the time.
* Chapter 422. Byakuya and Kenpachi come through the Garganta from Hueco Mundo. All the 11th Division members are asking Kenpachi about the battle.
-->'''Kenpachi:''' Eh... It was boring as fuck.
** It then cuts to Yammy, lying on the sand, pretty much dismembered.
* Chapter 423. Yamamoto is lecturing Kenpachi, Byakuya, and Kyoraku for losing their captains' haori, which culminates in this exchange.
-->'''Yamamoto:''' Just what do you all think your captain haori are, anyway?!\\
'''Kenpachi:''' A pain in the ass.\\
'''Byakuya:''' Cheap.\\
'''Kyoraku:''' Stylish?\\
'''Yamamoto:''' *Twitch* YOU MORONS!!!
** Cut to the waiting hall where Ukitake, Kiyone and Sentarou are waiting. Their expressions are absolutely priceless.
* 425. Ichigo is having a dream about the Shinigami. The MoodWhiplash kicks in [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58424-5/bleach/chapter-425.html and the scene]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58424-6/bleach/chapter-425.html switches to...]]
** In that same chapter, Orihime's first [[spoiler:post-TimeSkip]] apparition could be renamed into: [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58424-13/bleach/chapter-425.html "How Inoue Orihime]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58424-14/bleach/chapter-425.html got her]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58424-15/bleach/chapter-425.html groove back."]] Glad to see your BrokenBird days are over, girl.
* What about episode 39 [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRchO9jG4so&feature=related]], the scene with Ikkaku and Yumichika with the wig? Actually, most of the scenes with the 11th Division are funny.
** Of course, episode 229 could be viewed as Yumichika's revenge. He convinces Ikkaku to wear a wig. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity ensues]].
*** Episode 229 also gives us the unforgettable sight of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjsCtg8r4dI ICHIGO LAUGHING.]]
* 426: [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58568-3/bleach/chapter-426.html Ishida and Ichigo's]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58568-4/bleach/chapter-426.html HILARIOUS team up]] against a FatBastard bully. [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-58568-5/bleach/chapter-426.html And the follow up is just as funny.]] The fact that his knocked out teeth show "426" is also hilarious.
* 430: [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c430/2.html Orihime's Imagine Spots.]] That's all.
* How come Unohana hasn't been mentioned once? The seemingly sweet, caring captain of 4th Squad, who scares the pants off of anybody without even trying, as seen [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v21/c180/4.html here when she freaks]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v21/c180/5.html out some rude individuals from 11th Squad]], and [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v44/c382/3.html even Ichigo.]] The looks on their faces say it all.
** Once she got their captain KENPACHI to back down
** Then there's Bleach on the Beach. Isane was freaking out over a skimpy one-piece her sister, Kiyone, wanted her to wear, which was amusing enough. Unohana decides to intervene. This [[ProperLady staid, primly-dressed, motherly woman]] [[CovertPervert takes]] ''[[CovertPervert Kiyone's]]'' [[CovertPervert side]]. And then reveals her own swimsuit... ''which is even skimpier''.
* The first half of episode 303. It's already funny when Hitsugaya becomes the OnlySaneMan in a dispute between the Mens and Womens Shinigami Association. But watch how the card game heats up [[spoiler:(Hisagi's massive nosebleed from staring at Matsumoto's Buxom Cleavage and Nemu whipping out a mechanical drill for a hand are just two examples]] and then culminates in [[spoiler:Sui-Feng whipping out her Bankai when anyone ''dares'' to try and take Yoruichi-sama's card.]] It'll make you cry, you'll be laughing so hard.
** It's even funnier that [[OnlySaneMan Hitsugaya]] only wanted to say happy new year but kept getting interrupted.
** [[http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/011/c/5/bleach_komamura_karuta_card_by_yoko_kawaii_nya-d36z8sv.jpg Komamura as a rabbit]].
* 433: '''[[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c433/21.html "OMIGOD HE'S A HOTTIE"]]!!'''.
* Episode 312 pretty much from the moment Omaeda opens his mouth without thinking and says he's [[spoiler:the Squad 2 captain]].
* In the Bount arc, Yuzu tells Ichigo he has a nice, loving family who will always be ready to help him, whatever happens. Why is this not a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming? [[spoiler:She just saw him talking to Ririn and Kon in their plushie forms and there's no way he could explain to her what these plushies ''really'' are.]]
* Again, Riruka. She [[spoiler:has just used her Fullbring to let Ichigo train in a Year Inside Hour Outside room in the shape of a dollhouse]], and now Ichigo wants out. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/3.html You should've]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/4.html thought twice,]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/5.html Ichigo.]]
** In that same chapter, Shishigawara gets ready to attack Orihime. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/12.html Then he sees her face clearly]]. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/13.html This]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c438/14.html happens.]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpDpgXL9R8c Yamamoto's Cleaning Rules]]... NO BANKAI!
* Ukitake playing innocent and telling Starrk to work his zanpakuto's powers out for himself. Did he and Kyoraku forget what kind of anime they're in?
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMr8d8DGhF8&feature=player_embedded From episode 200.]] Bonus points for Ishida and Renji's reaction to the whole thing.
* In episode 321 we are led to believe that all the doubles are physically identical to the person they replace then we see the {{Acrofatic}} {{Gonk}} Omaeda's double is a muscular {{Bishonen}}, they're just as hammy as each other though.
** He honestly looks like ElvisPresley.
* In a recent manga chapter, Ichigo fighting Mister Pork (basically, a fat Yakuza in a pig suit). Not even the pig suit turning into a monster could make it look serious.
** Then it's revealed that the normal, human form of the yakuza guy has a face ''that resembles'' his pig plushie form!
* Anything involving [[LargeHam Don Kanonji]].
* Have just seen the episode the page-image comes from. Forget trouble over Hollow-ness, ''that'' was the highlight of the episode, plus Ichigo's futile insistence that he needs to stay to finish the job.
* Chapter 450: Orihime drooling over Riruka's donuts and Riruka finally relenting and giving some to her.
* Only half paying attention to the mental Arabian Nights episode (episode 288), but Rukia/Rukiruki's 'execution' with the tiny Sokyouku bird was ''priceless''.
** Made even more hilarious when Ichigo comes to rescue her... and has to fight the Seaweed Ambassador. No, even better: he has to fight ''Byakuya dressed up as the Seaweed Ambassador''. And by this, we mean [[spoiler:Byakuya is wearing ''a green SWA outfit'' over his sort-of Arabian nights clothes, and has to take the first off before fighting Ichigo properly.]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edku5gnLceE&NR=1 It has to be seen to be believed.]]
--->'''[[DeadpanSnarker Ichigo]]:''' ... Those siblings need HELP!
** Heck, the very fact that ''Byakuya'', of all people, invented something as... strange... as the Seaweed Ambassador is hilarious in itself. Even better, he seems to ''love'' it.
--->"A cake in the shape of this character... It would truly represent Sixth Company."
** The Seaweed Ambassador makes a return in one of the Animated Picture Books. Ichigo is studying when Kon randomly leaps onto his head and covers his eyes. Then Renji pops in and shoves something in Ichigo's mouth, asking him how it tastes. Ichigo says that it tastes good, and is confused when Renji explains that the cookies their squad made haven't been selling. Then Renji shows that Byakuya had all the cookies look like the Ambassador.
** Nothing in that episode is what you would expect, and all of the surprises are hilarious. Yuroichi's the black cat, right? No, she's the magic carpet. The lamp has Kon's face on it, so he must be the genie, right? Nope, that's Rukia. They're riding Bowa Bowa, so Nel must be one of the 40 thieves, right? Well maybe she is, but she's not in this episode. This is Ichigo's dream, right? No, it's Isane's.
* In the middle of Ichigo and [[spoiler:Ginjou]]'s TrainingFromHell... [[http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/98988522/1 this]] provides a sudden MoodWhiplash. The mere fact that [[spoiler:Yukio]] used his Fullbring to make a sort-of [[spoiler:sprite house]] for [[spoiler:Orihime]]'s personal use in the middle of the training space brings the LULZ.
** [[http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/98988522/3 As for]] [[http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/98988522/4 said training...]] [[SpitTake Pfffffffft!]]
* During the "Turn Back The Pendulum" arc, Hiyori and Urahara go down to a prison to pay a visit to Mayuri. Hiyori acts the way she usually does and this causes Mayuri to call her a "disrespectful boy" for obvious reasons. Hiyori then gets really pissed off and offers to show him her boobs.
* Orihime and Nel [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKYi54dX1nU&feature=share smashing the fourth wall to pieces]]. Also the Arrancar Encyclopedia segment where a really nervous Ichigo has to introduce the visibly annoyed Starrk, Barragan, and Harribel. The sheer nervousness of his speech and the expression of the trio makes it even better.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTa2_BECEa8 Ichigo is just so confused...]]
* Ichigo [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtjDLgSpz18&feature=share is not gonna have kids...]]
* [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c417/5.html Chapter]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v45/c417/6.html 417]]: "Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro, Honsho, Kanonji... [[RunningGag Imoyama-san...]]
** "If you can't remember my name, at least be honest about it!!!"
* In Chapter 459, Tsukishima undercuts [[spoiler:Ginjo's]] EvilGloating by claiming it was only necessary because [[spoiler:Ginjo]] is a terrible actor. When the latter tries to deny it, Tsukishima points out that [[spoiler:Ginjo dropped his FirstNameBasis with Ichigo almost immediately after he reverted to normal. Ginjo's response?]] "Fuck you!" It's oddly hilarious seeing [[spoiler:the [[BigBad Big Bad's]] ''own'' ''[[TheDragon Dragon]]'' ruining his EvilGloating.]]
* Chapter 460 starts with Ichigo and Rukia sharing some reunion words, then [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/460/6 this]] happens.
* Chapter 462 has Urahara carrying an unconscious Orihime and Isshin carrying an unconscious Chad.
-->'''Isshin:''' (''struggling with Chad's weight'') I think you got the better deal between the two of us.
** Also the Engrish title "Why me sad".
* The "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_ytZt6_R5I take it off]]" scene between Ichigo and Renji in the anime.
* During the Turn Back the Pendulum Arc, upon seeing Yoruichi, a young Byakuya cries "AARGH, the cat monster!"
* Episode 326, Zaraki is getting ready to battle [[spoiler:Fake Sui-Feng]], and being ''Zaraki'' he's happy about it. Until [[spoiler:Komamura]] arrives, and stands in his way. Zaraki tells him not to interfere and [[spoiler:Komamura]] [[CompletelyMissingThePoint tells him not to worry about him.]] [[TheStoic He is tough.]] It's made even funnier by Zaraki trying to tell him to get out of his way with a fiercer voice, but he is ignored and [[spoiler:Komamura]] just continues talking to [[spoiler:Fake Sui-Feng]] like Zaraki isn't there. Yachiru joins in the fun with a [[spoiler:"Go for it, Bow-wow!!]]
* Episode 298, the Film Festivial episode. Ichigo once again being confused when the fourth wall is broken. Then there's 4th and 7th devision's movie. Komamura putting Iba as the main character (he's in a dog suit btw). Ichigo responds that Iba doesn't fit the image. Komamura's response? [[ComicallyMissingThePoint That he didn't think the suit was designed as well as he thought it could've been.]] (He's got a habit of missing the point doesn't he?) Then off-screen, Komamura teaches Iba how to act as a dog better. Then Unohana scaring ZARAKI! This was only the episodes first half!
* Chapter 464 has several:
** [[spoiler:Yachiru]]'s [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/464/3 surprise return]];
** Ichigo kicking [[spoiler:Ishida]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/464/7 in the back]];
** Rukia's reaction to [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/464/15 fighting]] [[spoiler:Riruka]] in... [[spoiler:a [[CutenessProximity space full of plush dolls]].]] Not even her opponent can believe it.
*** [[http://lilkisara.tumblr.com/post/18896341992/oh-rukia That one was even funnier in the anime]].
* In Chapter 465, Renji tells that Hisagi [[CrazyAwesome brought a motorcycle from the human world into Soul Society]] and caused a ruckus with it (and ended up being scolded by the captains). The mental image of Hisagi riding a motorcycle through the Seireitei is ''hilarious''. Who's willing to bet that this will get made into an anime omake or a filler episode?
** In the same chapter, Madarame sets a dislocated shoulder by flexing his muscles and making an [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/465/6 extremely strained face]]. Also, his opponent's reaction.
--->'''Madarame:''' FUCK YEAH!!!!
* In the preview to episode 342, Ichigo, knowing that he won't be using his Reiatsu for quite some time, rapidly yells Bankai several times just to stack up his call-outs.
* In Chapter 466, Hitsugaya has evidently learned the art of being a DeadpanSnarker. [[spoiler:And {{troll}}ing, considering how he defeated Yukio.]]
* In Chapter 467, Moe apparently [[ForgotICouldFly forgets that Fullbringers can fly]].
** His and Ikkaku's fight becomes a MAJOR HamToHamCombat. And it's as hilarious as it can be.
* 463. Kenpachi's line as he [[OneHitKill OHKs]] Giriko.
-->''"Hey, Kuchiki. I wanna switch opponents. Your guy looks stronger. Mine looks boring."'' ''(cue [=OHK=])'' ''"See? Boring."''
* (after the timeskip) We have this adorablely funny moment between Orihime and Ishida. Orihime being her oh so cute self, saying to Ishida, with such a happy-go-lucky & cheerful face, [[http://bleachasylum.com/signaturepics/sigpic14631_12.gif that they're both weirdoes]]... even better, later you can totally tell from the look on [[TheSmartGuy Ishida's]] face practically screams, '''''"She thinks I'm weird?!"''''' '''D:'''
** Orihime and Ishida have quite a few generally hilarious moments. He's this [[TheSmartGuy serious]] [[BadassBookworm nerd]], she's this [[CuteClumsyGirl adorable]] CloudCuckooLander... [[RuleOfFunny by law]] [[HilarityEnsues is bound to ensue!]] You have to admit, it doesn't matter if you [[{{Shipping}} ship them as a couple]] or [[JustFriends just see them as good friends]], Orihime and Ishida's interactions are ALWAYS funny and adorable!
*** Orihime and Ishida decide to disguise themselves as Shinigamis to better slip past through the Soul Society without trouble in order to rescue Rukia. Orihime forgets that she's alone with a man, [[InnocentFanserviceGirl she proceeds to undress in front of him.]] (She only goes as far as to take her shirt off though), seeing Ishida have an epic [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn freak out]] over it was the icing on the cake. And it didn't stop there. Orihime then created a separate changing room to fix the problem. [[CloudCuckooLander She happily]] ''tells Ishida he can now use it'' and change in peace. Ishida naturally [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] that normally it's usually the girl that would use the dressing room instead of the other way around.
* The animated version of the already described Chapter 425, now episode 343. Orihime sees Ichigo and Tatsuki in the school grounds from a second floor window. She starts by calling out to them, then she ''jumps out the window and slides down a drainpipe'' to get to them freaking out both her friends and apparently flashing them in the process.
-->'''Ichigo:''' Stupid! That's dangerous! You'll Fall!\\
'''Tatsuki:''' We can see your panties! *punches Orihime on the top of the head when she gets to the ground*
* Kon (in Ichigo's body) pulls the whole "gentleman" act on Orihime in an early episode and kisses her hand, which prompts everybody in the classroom to flip out. He makes things worse by kissing Tatsuki on the cheek, which causes her to start throwing heavy objects at him.
* Rangiku's scene, when she attempts to bribe Ichigo into letting her stay in his room by subtly ''emphasizing'' her [[AbsoluteCleavage assets]]. He tries to resist... but [[AllMenArePerverts can't.]]
* The entirety of the ''Color Bleach+ Official Bootleg'' is full of these moments.
* When Ichigo is rescued and revived after his first confrontation with Byakuya, he wakes to find Urahara's burly assistant Tessai lying on top of him. HilarityEnsues.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76Vai1TqOg8&feature=related Kon looking up Rukia's skirt]] with an arrow, saying "Nice angle" with a thumbs up and Rukia stomping on him.
** There's another Kon/Rukia moment in episode 115/116 where Kon tries to glomp Rukia and Rukia simply puts her foot up making Kon slam into it, and slams her foot to the ground.
** Also [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skK_qxzlJDo&feature=related And just what are the large boulders?!]] *stomps Kon repeatedly*
** The official Viz translation has him making some remark about "scaling the cliff", which is funnier and a nice contrast to his "valley of the gods" line.
* Rangiku simply punching Keigo away without looking when he tries to glomp her.
* Chapter 470: Rukia tries to use Kido while a plushie, and fails spectacularly. Ichigo annoys Ishida by being a LeeroyJenkins once again.
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/94-702-7/bleach/chapter-248.html]] Chapter 248: Nel doesn't doesn't want to be left behind and... well... hilarity ensues.
* Chapter 473. The following:
-->'''Ikkaku:''' Captain you're early!\\
'''Kenpachi:''' No shit. You're just '''late'''.
** Hitsugaya referring to the missing Kuchiki and Kuchiki, unwilling to use first name even for the sake of distinction. While Yukio complains-not that anyone's listening-because he's frozen and is going numb.
* Naked!Rangiku ticking Orihime when trying to cheer her up.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG_1e9CtlDE&feature=related Kon making Ichigo sit on a Boo Boo cushion]] and Ichigo sending him flying in retaliation.
* Pesche keeps his sword in his loincloth. When he goes to pull it out, he severely {{Squick}}s Uryuu, Renji, and Szayel.
-->'''Szayel:''' "WHAT ARE YOU [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything PULLING OUT]]?!"
* Komamura's reaction to Tousen-fly telling him he is far uglier than he had imagined. Tousen previously being blind and Komamura having severe self image issues.
-->[[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_J6T1VnueenM/Syl-4JHA9II/AAAAAAAAEOY/bLo8SdAkfRE/s400/bleach_386.jpg Komamura is not amused.]]
* The animated rendition of [[http://allaboutbleach.tumblr.com/post/13155635017 Shishigawara and Orihime's first meeting]]
** And the omake in the same episode. Tsukishima wearing an apron and hairclips, anyone?
* [[HarsherInHindsight Even though it was followed by]] [[TearJerker Chapter 392]], "Blazing Glaciers" had the little gem of Aizen getting to be a SmugSnake with Lisa... and with Sui-Feng... and with Hitsu -- cue Shinji's CheshireCatGrin. That just made my day. And then a week later [[spoiler:it turns out [[DeclarationOfProtection Hitsugaya ran Hinamori though]].]] [[DudeNotFunny Some people]] [[TheScrappy found that]] [[DissonantSerenity funny,]] [[BlackHumor too.]]
* In an omake during the Dangai training, the Inner Hollow berates Ichigo for flooding his Inner World... and then is shown wearing swim trunks and a swim ring. And all the while Tensa Zangetsu is swimming laps with a school of fishes.
-->'''Ichigo:''' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1YOjylUUcM "You look like you're having fun!"]]
* Chapter 475: Renji asking Rukia is she's okay and practically screaming into her ear.
* Keigo, the lovable idiot, comments in one scene about Chad and Ichigo: "What the heck? The two of you didn't go somewhere together, did you?" Chad and Ichigo share a confused look prompting Keigo to scream "Why're you looking at each other?! Don't tell me something happened between the two of you over summer vacation..."
* Rangiku's almost boob spill. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5_h7PmBmdY&feature=related "I was in danger of them spilling out!"]] "What would?" "My breasts?" "Good thing they didn't!"
** The dub translates Toshiro's last line as "I doubt that would upset you."
* What about Chapter 196, with the arrival of the scouting squad composed of Rukia, Renji, Madarame, Rangiku, Yumichika, and Hitsugaya? The look on Madarame's face when he is taunted in the classroom made me laugh out loud.
-->All right... those two who said "bald", stand up and face me...
** And then, in the following chapter, [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v22/c197/11.html when everybody gets out of the roof in Ichigo's room]]. And later, [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v22/c197/12.html when Kon gets excited over Rangiku's breasts]].
* Mayuri having Nemu hold down a struggling Ishida and Ichigo with MarshmallowHell while he tried to administer "medicine". "If he dies, he dies happy." Indeed.
* In Chapter 480, while Yuki is getting chased by Hollows, his expression and words make it rather funny. [[OhCrap Then,]] [[FromBadToWorse cue the next page...]]
* In 481, [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/481/11 Yuki sees his own gigai]]. And then, [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/481/13 Shino gives him lariat]]. While Ichigo and Ishida casually ignore the beating he's getting.
-->'''Ichigo:''' "Oh, well. Let's eat."\\
'''Ishida:''' "I think he might like the roasted mackerel bread. Let's leave it for him. [[FelonyMisdemeanor SHE DROPPED THE COLA]].
** [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/481/5 DELICIOUS BREAD ~ !]]
* 482: The absolute ''deadpan'' reactions from [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482/2 Orihime, Karin, Yuzu]], [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482/3 Chad, and Ishida]] to Ichigo and Ivan's interactions. [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482/4 While Shino and Yuki hug on the corner]].
** Especially the scene where Ichigo kicks Ivan in the face, and as he goes flying Orihime swiftly opens the window so he doesn't break it. When he lands, [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/482/5 Ivan incredulously asks why Ichigo kicked him.]]
* In one scene, Rukia, not above using force to get her way, decides to kick Tessai in the backside to get his attention, only to find out the hard way just how made of iron he really is. Not only does he not feel it, he only notices her when he turns to see her cradling her injured foot.
** The same happens in the flashback arc when Sarugaki Hiyori decides to kick Urahara in the nuts and learns that Urahara is always prepared for everything. Painful lesson, indeed.
* Chizuru's PsychoLesbian antics are always good for a laugh. I think my favorite moment is when she's looking at Orihime's huge boobs compared to Rukia's small ones and saying that she likes Rukia's just fine as they are "peaceful and adorable". Rukia's response is to laugh nervously and say "I do not know what you are talking about but I will take it as a compliment" while Ichigo just stands there with a [=WTF=] expression on his face.
* Tobiume and Haineko's interactions. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRTmzJIJWKA This one is pretty good.]]
* In the Bount Arc at one point Rukia flies into a rage after Kon compares her chest to a vertical wall.
* Hiyori, got really, really ticked off when Mayuri called her a boy.
** In the English dub she explicitly says (yells at him) that she will show him her boobs to prove she is a girl during that scene.
* Chapter 485: The return of [[spoiler:Nel.]] All [[spoiler:drooling and with snot coming out of her nose]] as she pulls a DynamicEntry on [[spoiler:Ichigo.]] And then [[spoiler:it's followed by MoodWhiplash as she bawls on him and begs him to help her since Hueco Mundo has been taken over.]]
** Ishida [[{{Tsundere}} freaking out and thinking]] Orihime is insulting him in a weird way when Orihime says Ishida and Ichigo [[VitriolicBestBuds have become better friends.]]
* That scene where the guys [[http://i424.photobucket.com/albums/pp326/bloody_riva/1193587414055gw1.jpg are blackmailed by Rangiku]] into doing her evil bidding and have to crossdress.
* Chapter 486: Okay, so [[spoiler:Nel]]'s return had some elements of funny. The hilarity is fully unleashed when [[spoiler:Pesche]] drops by as well.
** "You can't tell who I am by looking at my crotch!"
** "I don't wanna look at your ass."
** Nel calling Chad a "giant".
* 487: "That's not my mouth, that's a ''[[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v53/c487/4.html protuberance!]]''"
* Even ''the last episode of the anime'' manages to sneak some of these. [[http://frozenviolets.tumblr.com/post/20179321203 From the epilogue alone]], we have:
** Nanao being super {{Tsundere}} towards Shunsui.
** Sentaro and Kiyone tripping each other while they run towards Ukitake
** Ikkaku dropping his tough guy facade as he gets healed by Unohana
** Kira getting drunk and pissy because he doesn't want Rose as his captain, much to the exasperation of Yumichika and Iba.
** Sui-Feng's new practice targets... that have Shinji ''and'' Urahara's faces drawn on them, much to Oomaeda's horror.
** Toshiro meeting up with Momo... and then getting MarshmallowHell ''from behind'' thanks to Rangiku. ''Which launches him straight into Momo''.
** Mayuri and Nemu [[ComedicSociopathy being... well, themselves.]]
** Shinji and Hiyori screaming at each other over the phone.
*** And Hiyori ''hitting Shinji with the fourth wall.''
* Rukia doodling a mustache on Ichigo's face.
* In their first encounter, Ichigo kicks Rukia and flips a table after hearing Rukia's explanation of Soul Reapers.
** The table even has a note on the top saying "Warning: Only for the use of jokes like this".
* At the beginning of Chapter 488 we have two of Tier Harribel's Fraccion butting heads and arguing.
** Nel covering Ichigo's eyes.
* Findorr Carias retreating backwards away from Shuhei Hisagi... and accidentally flying through a building because he wasn't watching where he was going.
* 498. [[spoiler:Akon from the MissionControl team of Soul Society]] tries to contact Ichigo to tell him [[spoiler:about the massive invassion.]] Since Ichigo is fighting Kirge, Urahara replies to the call instead. HilarityEnsues. (And then MoodWhiplash to the core.)
* [[http://mymy202.deviantart.com/#/d5slzxy WHY ARE WE IN MY ROOM?!"]]
* In the Shinigami Academy flashbacks, [[http://teambleach.tumblr.com/post/18656928103 Renji tries to use kido.]] HilarityEnsues.
* In one of the commercials for the ''Hell Chapter'' movie, Ichigo is so outraged by Rukia's lousy drawings that he [[OneWingedAngel Hollowfies]] and tears them apart, while Rukia stands next to him with a big grin on her face.
* 503 [[spoiler:Has one that doubles as [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome a CMOA]] to lighten the mood where [[BloodKnight Kenpachi]] mentions how one [[EvilGloating Stern Ritter wouldn't shut up]] [[ExplainingYourPowerToTheEnemy about her powers]]. So, because he was deaf from fighting an enemy with MakeMeWannaShout powers, he just [[WhyDontYouJustShootHim tore her throat out mid-sentence]] before she could actually ''use'' her powers.]]
** [[spoiler:Kenpachi: "The 2nd one went on about having something against me and explained her powers forever. I could hardly hear her cos of the other guy's roaring. She was annoying so I just tore off her throat."]]
*** [[spoiler:"Get out of my way, beanpole. I ain't interested in you."]]
* "Get off my bed." Ichigo has no respect for dramatic entrances.
* Ichigo hears someone playing the guitar [[DreadfulMusician badly.]] [[http://sycoop19.tumblr.com/post/24359986514/ichigo-oi-you-there-ill-perform-a-konso-for Then we learn WHO is playing]]. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLJyzNbSWqU Meeeeep.]]
* 516 features the return of [[spoiler:none other than KON.]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/516/8 It has]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/516/9 to be seen]] [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/516/10 to be believed.]]
** Mayuri talks about how [[spoiler:if a bankai breaks, it can never be properly repaired]]. He mentions Renji and Ikkaku's bankais, then Ichigo goes, [[OhCrap "Wait, Ikkaku had a bankai!?"]] Mayuri goes, [[EverybodyKnewAlready "Oh yeah, he wanted that kept a secret.]] [[DeadpanSnarker Oh well, don't care."]]
* In 517, Shinji and Ichigo's reaction to [[spoiler:Squad 0 is virtually the same as the readers who expected a group of serious, tough-as-nails badasses... and got a bunch of badass but very quirky {{Bunny Ears Lawyer}}s.]]
** Watch the background. [[spoiler:Senshumaru, TheStoic of Squad 0, [[TheComicallySerious is playing some fanfare with her extra arms when they appear]].]]
* 518 should be renamed as Manga/{{Bleach}}: {{Funny Background Event}}, the Chapter. Specially with [[spoiler:Mayuri commanding the Twelfth Division to keep Kon restrained]] and [[spoiler:Chad and Orihime trying to keep the identity of their "mysterious savior" hidden from Ichigo so he won't worry for them.]]
** Add to it [[spoiler:the return of Kuukaku. And she's as feisty and hilarious as ever.]]
* 519, the hot springs scene, with [[spoiler:DrJerk Tenjirou treating the severely wounded Byakuya and Renji like rag dolls from one to another HealingSpring and teasing Ichigo about a literally butt naked Rukia.]]
-->'''Ichigo:''' "What the...!? You're holding [[spoiler:Renji]] like a beetroot!"
** A couple of panels later:
--->'''Tenjirou:''' ''(Looking at [[spoiler:Rukia]]'s butt)'' "Kinda puts you in the mood for peaches don't it?"
** Also, when [[spoiler:when Tenjirou mocks Ichigo for not understanding him, Hikifune gives Tenjirou a DopeSlap and orders him to explain properly.]]
* 520: Ichigo now is more or less fine, so is [[spoiler:Renji]], and they get ready to [[spoiler:continue exploring the surroundings and then meet the King of Souls]]. How will this be done? Why, [[spoiler:Tenjirou and his assistants will launch them in person]], of course!
-->[[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v53/c520/14.html "IS THIS THE ONLY WAY TO GET AROUND HEEEEEERE?!"]]
* 521. Where do we start? The chapter opens with Ichigo and [[spoiler:Renji]] yelling at each other mid-air, followed by [[spoiler:Kon]] becoming their "cushion"?; then we have a [[IncomingHam super over the top greeting]] by [[spoiler:Hikifune]], who almost throws them off the gate by accident. Third, there's [[spoiler:Renji and Ichigo's impromptu eating duel over [[SupremeChef Hikifune]]'s food, including a quite the rant about it from Renji]]. And after [[MoodWhiplash a somewhat more serious moment]], [[spoiler:Hikifune returns [[TemporaryBulkChange in her slim form]], causing them to go all SpitTake]].
* 522. Just 522.
-->'''Ichigo:''' "Renji. Tag in... this guy is not my speed."
** And this line:
--->'''Ichigo:''' ''(Regarding the women of Galaxy Phoenix Club)'' "Don't let your guard down. There's gotta be a catch. I'm sure they'll turn out to be dudes or something like that."
* 528 has [[spoiler:Ikumi]] [[UseYourHead epically headbutting]] Ichigo.
* 529:
** [[spoiler:Isshin Shiba]], the former captain of Squad 10. Pretty much everything about him, but the prize goes to the scene when he lifts Hitsugaya in the air, saying "takai, takai!" (which roughly translates into "big boy"). Doubles as a CMOH, considering how many Soul Reapers still treat Hitsugaya as a kid.
** What, no Matsumoto hilariously and awesomely beating [[spoiler:Isshin]] for perving on her and her GagBoobs?
* 533: Masaki's friend Shiho is asking her what it's like living with "Ishida-senpai" because... [[{{Bishonen}} dayum.]] Masaki protests that they're cousins and it's just not like that between them! Shiho replies that [[AllWomenAreLustful if Ryuuken was her cousin, she'd STILL glady ride his]] [[UnusualEuphemism joystick]].
* 535: Urahara and Ryuken get shocked to speechlessness by Isshin's reckless heroism. [[http://bigbabyrenji.tumblr.com/image/48682052605 It looks like this.]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c535/18.html His face makes it.]]
* 536: Isshin's narration describes how much Masaki meant to him, connecting it to a line in a movie Masaki liked about her being his sun. [[http://i3-img6.mangachapter.net/1193/18685630/015.jpg The very next panel]] is a VisualPun of this.
** Earlier in the same chapter, right after Urahara is done linking Isshin and Masaki's souls together, Isshin suspects Masaki is [[CovertPervert fantasizing dirty things]] about what could have happened, had they stayed in her inner world for a little while longer.
** Isshin yelling at [[InnocentFanserviceGirl Masaki]] for being so casual [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn about being naked in front of him.]]
* 538: Ichigo looks ready to charge into action... [[http://jenanime4eva.tumblr.com/post/51062015480/bleach-chapter-538-in-a-nutshell until Isshin asks him if he even knows where he's supposed to go and how to get there.]]
* 540 shows how good [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/540/3 Ichigo is at pulling fastidiated faces]]. Followed by [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/540/5 the colorful arrival]] of [[spoiler:Nimaiya]]'s all-girl assistant group.
** Despite wearing a Hollow mask (or actually having it for its face), [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/540/4 the Asauchi's expression]] is even more hilarious.
* 544: As much needed "rest" after [[spoiler:many Vandereich-related revelations]], we get to see the return of [[spoiler:Orihime]]... and [[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/544/18 one of the middle pannels]] is really damn funny.
* Chapter 545 has several moments.
** The fully recovered Rukia and Renji have a staring contest... as part of their training. Both fail hilariously.
** Renji recalls their visit to Shutara. Both he and Rukia had to undress so Shutara could take measurements for their new shihakusho. When Renji protests against standing naked in front of her, Shutara casually suggests she cut off his ''dick''.
*** Rukia then worries about how Byakuya will be forced to go through this indignity next, and Renji gets annoyed about how she wasn't really bothered by him going through it.
** Shinji and Hiyori are fighting over the phone. Hinamori just pretends she isn't there.
** Hiyori's epic pose.
** Kyoraku meets with [[spoiler:Ichigo's friends]]. [[spoiler:Mizuiro]] proves to be the most talkative, and Kyoraku expresses his disappointment that [[spoiler:Mizuiro]] isn't a girl.
* Chapter 547: After the Vandenreich attacked for the first time, Akon revealed that he had video camera's in Kurotsuchi's room. We see Akon looking at a monitor and saying "Captain... What is that?!?!" With the expression of someone watching vivisection being performed without anesthetic. It turns out to be... Mayuri's new, ''very interesting'' new choice of wardrobe (and the fuzzy magician-like outfit he apparently made Nemu wear).
* Rangiku's ''[[http://www.mangareader.net/bleach/548/13 face]]'' in 548.
* Askin's "NO" face in [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c550 Chapter 550 is hilarious.]]
* Chapter 551: Nanao reveals she was chosen as lieutenant because of her skill in kido. Kyoraku protests that isn't why he picked her, and she tells him to shut up.
* Chapter 552: Mayuri gets annoyed by Urahara and hangs up on him, only for Urahara to reveal he was in the room the whole time.
* Chapter 554: Bambietta does a monologue, then turns around and finds that her teammates left while her back was turned. She loses her temper.
* Chapter 559: [[MaskedLuchador Mask de Masculine]] gets ADayInTheLimelight. HilarityEnsues.
** The reveal of Mask's epithet in the next chapter. Fandom speculated it to be "the Shadow", "the Stealth", "the Sneaky" - anything that would indicate that Mask specializes in sneak attacks, making them more powerful when he is unnoticed. And it turned out to be the exact opposite of that: "the Superstar".
* The seven strange cases of Karakura Town omakes: Ichigo investigates rumors about ghostly apparitions, only for them to turn out to be the Shinigami doing weird things in the human world. The best of them has Ichigo investigating a rumor about "a floating figure in white" -- which turns out to be Ishida patrolling in his Quincy uniform, using a disk of spiritual particles to get by.
* Chapter 566: Renji falls asleep in the middle of the battlefield. [=NaNaNa=] finds and observes him, thinking he was trying to trick him. Renji wakes up and leaves, and [=NaNaNa=] gets irritated that he ''really was'' just sleeping.
* Chapter 567: Combined with Narm, As Nodt bend sideways in confusion at [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c567 his powers failing to work.]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c567/5.html And he keeps doing it...]]
** As well as his derp eyes when he explains what exactly makes fear unblockable, and his "wtf?" expression when Rukia explains her own powers.
* Chapter 569: As Nodt comments that the last time they met, he tore out Byakuya's stomach. He then asks Byakuya if he's lost weight.
* Chapter 570: Yachiru has no concept of stealth. She continues to be her usual loud self even though they are supposed to be hiding.
* Chapter 572: Yachiru's dance.
* Chapter 574: Kenpachi reveals he doesn't know what cookies are.
* Chapter 581: A building in the distance breaks apart. The female Sternritters wonder what that was, then Ichigo {{Flash Step}}s near them and explains that he briefly [[TooFastToStop lost control of his speed, causing him to crash into the building]]. Made even funnier by the [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c581/18.html unamused faces of Candice and Liltotto as the building breaks apart]].
* Chapter 582:
** Ichigo asks Kenpachi if he can stand, [[CaptainObvious and Kenpachi comments that that's a stupid question given how injured he is.]]
** After Ichigo knocks the female Sternritters through some buildings, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle are amazed by his strength and note how Ichigo is considered a Special War Power by Yhwach. Suddenly, Candice goes on a rant, screaming that she will never forgive Ichigo for getting dust on her. The others are weirded out by her SkewedPriorities.
* Who said there is no place for humor during a fight? Chapter 583 proves otherwise.
** Ichigo tosses the girls into a building yet again. When Candice hits the wall, the other girls use ''her'' as a cushion. And for a bonus, [[DissonantSerenity the totally unfazed]] Liltotto's boot lands on Candice's face.
** Giselle is good at [[http://img.mangastream.com/cdn/manga/53/2401/06.png pulling faces]].
** Candice declares that the one who defeats Ichigo will have all their desires fulfilled by Yhwach. Immediately, the girls think of their favorite stuff: Meninas imagines [[TheOjou luxurious things]], Liltotto's dream is [[BigEater all she can eat]], and [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant Gise]][[CloudCuckooLander lle's]]... is [[AndNowForSomethingCompletelyDifferent pitch blackness]].
** [[BreakingTheFourthWall "If we're all in the same page, then it's quite simple!"]]
* Chapter 584: Candice has an arm cut off [[HoistByHisOwnPetard by her own thunderbolts]] and tells Giselle to [[TheMedic fix it]]. It's all tense until Giselle [[{{squee}} pretty much starts salivating]] at the possibility of using blood for it... And when Candice tells her that nope, she doesn't want her to use blood, she goes all droopy.
* Chapter 585:
** Ichigo's expression when the gunslinger quincy appears right beside him, he seems more annoyed that the quincy caught up with him than worried about having a gun to his head.
** When Renji saves Ichigo from Bazz-B, Ichigo complains about almost getting hit by Renji's attack.
* Chapter 586: Ikkaku taunts the Sternritters with, "If you want us to go away, just die right now!" Annoyed, Yumichika says that doesn't make any sense.
-->"Good thing, I'm already used to your crazy!"
* Chapter 587: The glorious HamToHamCombat between Renji and Bazz-B. Bazz-B gets upset when Renji makes [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c587/17.html fun of his mohawk]], then angrily retorts by complimenting Renji on his eyebrows. Flabbergasted and actually ''blushing'', Renji actually admits Bazz-B is "[[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c587/18.html such a nice guy!]]"
** Rukia's deadpan reaction in the background makes it even funnier.
--->"... Okay, focus on that then."
** What does Chad do to stop Ichigo's pointless brooding? [[http://i995.mangapanda.com/bleach/587/bleach-5031491.jpg Lifts him from the ground and throws into the nearest building]].
*** Orihime and Ichigo's reaction faces make it even more hilarious.
* Chapter 588: Giselle's reaction when Yumichika accuses her of actually being a man, saying s/he reeks of semen. There's [[UnsettlingGenderReveal so many]] [[ReallyGetsAround possible]] [[TrashTalk explanations]] here, and they're all [[CrossesTheLineTwice hilarious.]]
* Chapter 589: Chad, [[NotSoStoic uncharacteristically]] puts Ichigo on the spot and [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c589/7.html asks him what he thinks of]] [[{{Stripperific}} Orihime's outfit?]] The real kicker is Yoruichi thinking Ichigo has hurt Orihime's feelings and [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c589/9.html bitch slapping Ichigo for it.]]
** Not to mention, Orihime being all embarrassed as she mistakenly thinks Ichigo believes her to be a pervert. And Urahara being a DirtyOldMan all around.
*** Yumichika still mocking Giselle despite being injured and about to be turned into a zombie. And Kurotsuchi's costume reflecting light to the point that Giselle can only see his outline.
* 590: [[BastardGirlfriend Giselle's]] behavior towards [[spoiler:Zombie!Bambietta]] is [[UptoEleven so over the top]] and so close to a BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine, that, [[NightmareFuel instead of creepy]], [[GallowsHumor it comes off]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice as this]].
** [[spoiler:Seeing Giselle bring out her Zombie army ''should'' be horrifying, as even Ikakku and [[CulturedBadass Yumichika]] are both disturbed by it... but she's just brought it out on the assumption that the reanimated bodies of Gotei 13 soldiers will unnerve ''[[ForScience Mayuri]]'' [[labelnote:*]]Who once planted bombs into and blew up his own soldiers to test Orihime's powers[[/labelnote]]. Cue [[TokenEvilTeamMate Mayuri]] making an incredibly sarcastic speech about how he [[SarcasmMode couldn't possibly fight the Gotei 13 zombies]] [[BlatantLies because he's too nice a person]]... ''[[EvilVersusEvil so he'll just use his own zombies]]!'']]
* 591: The return of [[spoiler:Dordoni, Luppi, Cirucci, and Charlotte.]] The latter especially fills the chapter with absolute hilarity. To make a review...
** [[spoiler:Charlotte]] spends his first pages being an incredible and snarky LargeHam, which pisses the HELL out of [[spoiler:Yumichika]] as almost all his jabs are directed at him.
--->'''[[spoiler:Charlotte]]:''' Hmmmm~? Who is that hot mess of a ''fashion nightmare'' over there~? Could it be~? Yuuuu~? Miii~? Chiii~?... [[{{Troll}} Ah, I forgot! Oh no, oh no, no no nooooo~!!!]] I cannot believe I went and forgot that ''ugly'', Little Miss Droopy over there's name~!!!\\
'''[[spoiler:Yumichika]]:''' (''[[SlasherSmile Seething with rage]]'') Don't worry! After I ''chop and fillet you again'', I'm sure it'll all come rushing back to you!
** [[spoiler:Dordoni]] and [[spoiler:Cirucci]] [[HamtoHamCombat join the porkitude shamelessly]] while announcing their motives to be there [[spoiler:(Dordoni wants to see what's Ichigo doing, Cirucci wants to have revenge against Ishida)]], while [[spoiler:[[OnlySaneMan Luppi]] ]] is completely deadpan. [[spoiler:[[SociopathicHero Mayuri]] ]]'s reaction to this? [[HypocriticalHumor "Stop the small chat."]] [[spoiler:And then he electric shocks the group up. ''[[ButtMonkey Luppi]] included''. (He even screams that he wasn't talking!)]] As for [[spoiler:Charlotte]], [[spoiler:he seems to be immune at first... ''then'' an electric shock hits him. And nothing happens.]]
** Later [[spoiler:Charlotte]] gets ready to directly fight [[spoiler:Giselle]]. Bad thing, he first [[spoiler:tries to bond with her over "their problems"]].
--->'''[[spoiler:Giselle]]:'''... Are you my opponent? Not that luminous body over there?\\
'''[[spoiler:Charlotte]]:''' (''Smiling'') Yes... My instincts are telling me to fight you... because you resemble me ''so'' very much.\\
'''[[spoiler:Giselle]]:''' (''Incredulous'') '''''In what way?!'''''
** Which naturally upsets her so she [[spoiler:sends out Zombie!Bambietta]]... and [[spoiler:Charlotte tosses [[FanNickname Zombietta]] ''[[GrievousHarmWithABody right at Mayuri]]''.]] The last one is even funnier thanks to [[spoiler:Charlotte]]'s reply to [[spoiler:Mayuri]]'s complains.
--->[[BlatantLies "Oops, my hand slipped ~"]]
* 596: Pepe attempts to control [[spoiler:Mayuri's zombies of Kensei and Rose]]. The OhCrap face he makes when [[spoiler:Mayuri]] explains [[NoSell that it doesn't work]] is priceless.
* In 599, the reaction when Shutara summons a GiantMook.
-->'''Gerard Valkyrie:''' "Wow. So she's a size queen."
* In 605, Yhwach fires an arrow at himself to launch himself back into the battlefield. As one commenter put it: "Quincy finally uses a bow again. Immediately shoots himself."
* In 611, Team Ichigo finally arrives in the Royal Realm. Orihime uses her shield to protect everyone from the impact... except for Ganjuu. She apologizes, saying she couldn't make it big enough for it to fit [[TheBigGuy him.]]
** Also from 611: [[spoiler:Ichibei Hyousube comes BackFromTheDead, thanks to a variant of ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve, [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction treating the whole damn thing like it happens EVERY SINGLE DAY]]. Ichigo and Ganjuu's joint reaction is priceless, and likely mirrors that of the readers. ]]
* In 612, when the remaining Soul Reapers regroup, as usual, they don't care about [[ButtMonkey Omaeda]] and barely pay attention to him. Even Shinji doesn't care about him when Omaeda tries to praise his efforts at keeping everyone alive. When Omaeda [[HypocriticalHumor LOUDLY]] orders everyone to be quiet so they don't wake up his little sister Mareyo, Sui-Feng [[GroinAttack kicks him in the nuts]] and points out he's the only one being loud.
* 613: Ukitake shows up too, and he is so ''eerily'' happy about being able to fight again that it's really, really funny. [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c613/7.html He just]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c613/8.html can't stop]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c613/9.html smiling at everything.]]
* 614: Hiyori and Shinji meet once again, resulting in their classic [[SnarkToSnarkCombat volleying of insults]]. Though funny on its own, what really adds humor to the scene is Shinji's attempt to get Sui-Feng on his side by claiming that by mocking his haircut, Hiyori is mocking Sui-Feng's as well; Sui-Feng responds by threatening to kill him if he ever claims their hairstyles are similar.
* 617: In the context of his [[MemeticMutation memetic status]], [[spoiler:Aizen]] gets a crowning moment by already [[{{Troll}} trolling]] Shunsui the very moment he makes his return to the manga.
* 621:
** Omaeda saves Sui-Feng from some of the shadow babies, and she immediately backhands him.
** Aizen is very amused while watching the SS Struggle against Yhwach's shadow babies:
--->'''Aizen:''' "This is hilarious. Why are you lot waving your swords like that?"
* 622: [[spoiler:Aizen's]] almost bemused reaction to the fact his CoolChair wasn't at all affected by the usage of his signature Hado [[spoiler:#90: Black Coffin]], without incantation, on the army of Yhwach's shadow babies.
-->'''[[spoiler:Aizen]]:''' "This is one good chair."
* 624 is fairly serious... [[MoodWhiplash until]] Yoruichi shows up and kicks an unconscious Ichigo in the back to wake him up. [[HilarityEnsues It goes downhill from there]].
* 625:
** The tension between Ichigo and [[BloodKnight Grimmjow]] is growing, it looks like there's gonna be a fight... until [[GenkiGirl Nel]] glomps Ichigo from nowhere, completely taking the wind out of Grimmjow's sails. What's more, Nel glomps Ichigo in ways that makes Orihime and Chad feel ''[[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c625/11.html very uncomfortable.]]''
** Ichigo having a Grade-A FreakOut when he realizes he's been LockedOutOfTheLoop yet ''again'' ([[spoiler:in that the Arrancar and Fullbringers have been backing them up]]). Yoruichi claims there was NoTimeToExplain, but Ichigo points out anybody could have told him during the journey to the Royal Realm.
** Though the subject they're discussing is fairly serious, the badass, [[PraetorianGuard Schutzstaffel]] lying around on couches and eating fruit is hilarious to look at.
* 628:
** Ichigo's reaction towards finding out that Yoruichi has a little brother.
--->'''Ichigo:''' Yo... you had a little brother!? Why am I only hearing about this now!?\\
'''Yoruichi:''' Why am I obligated to specifically explain the existence of a little brother to you? [[DeadpanSnarker You planning on putting a ring on my finger anytime soon?]]
** The group imagining what Yoruichi's brother looks like. First a gruff Armstong-esque guy, which Yoruichi points out that he's closer to her physical appearance, to a humanoid cat.
--->'''Yoruichi:''' Not in that form!!
** Yuushirou's {{Adorkable}} antics are hilarious as heck, specially when he tries to go meet his beloved big sister... [[ButtMonkey and almost ends up falling off a platform for his trouble.]]
* 629:
** Ichigo also ran off a platform and almost fell. Yoruichi gets annoyed and says he's just like her brother, and has to inform Ichigo that that wasn't a compliment.
** Mayuri and Nemu arrive in a different area than the rest of the Gotei 13. [[TokenEvilTeammate Mayuri]] gloats and gives a big monologue about how he doesn't care about the struggle against Yhwach and now he's free to pursue his own goals, only to find Kenpachi is [[RightBehindYou right behind him]], [[OhCrap which actually]] [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c629/11.html startles him.]]
** Almost any panel that features the return of [[ButtMonkey Hanatarou]] is this. His trying to find someone else in this group that isn't either a mad scientist or a barbarian [[http://m.mangatown.com/manga/bleach/v58/c629/13.html also doesn't turn out very well.]]
--->'''Hanatarou:''' What do you think of all this?\\
'''Nemu:''' I don't think.
** Askin laments his luck when his superiors order him to intercept Ichigo's group [[ThisIsGonnaSuck all by himself]].
* In 630, Askin suvives a massive attack from Grimmjow. When his attacker is distracted by complaining to Ichigo about how he's not his boss, Askin tries to [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere make a run for it]] while making one of his funniest faces ever. HilarityEnsues.
* 635:
** [[spoiler:While she's currently bleeding out from a hole in her stomach and thus ruins some of the humor of the moment]], [[DeadpanSnarker Liltotto]] does get points for noting that, for all Bazz-B's talk of wanting a "one-on-one fight" with Haschwalth, [[spoiler:he still got taken down [[CurbStompBattle almost pathetically easily]]]], while also noting the {{Irony}} of that statement [[spoiler:since her and Giselle's fight with Yhwach went much the same way]].
** [[BoisterousBruiser Gerard]] getting completely lost while trying to find the enemy.
** Askin whipping out a thermos for a nice coffee after he thinks he got away from Grimmjow. Keyword is ''thinks''.
* 640:
** There's something rather amusing about the fact that, for all of Mayuri's [[CrazyPrepared Crazy Preparedness]], he completely failed to take into account [[spoiler:the Quincy's basic EnergyBow. His strategy is completely undone when his opponent simply manifests the bow and blows up his Bankai from the inside.]] It's also pretty hilarious that one of the only members of the Vandenreich Quincies [[spoiler:to actually use the Quincy EnergyBow]] is [[spoiler:a giant disembodied arm.]]
** Pernida mimics Mayuri's EvilLaugh, then pauses to ask him if it was done right.
* 644: [[spoiler:Shunsui is ''apparently'' shot by Lille, but it turns out he wasn't.]] That's [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome pretty awesome]], but not funny. The hilarity takes place when [[spoiler:Shunsui reveals how he outgambitted Lille - by [[DynamicEntry literally appearing]] [[RightBehindYou right behind him]] with a really funny face.]]
* 645: Nanao threatens to shave Kyouroku's chest hair off if [[spoiler:he dies before she returns]].
** "But that's one of my defining characteristics..."
* The Lille Flamingos, specifically the first one we see going ''hilariously crazy'' over the loss of his HolyHalo. His head spins around as he shouts "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" and blasts his surroundings. Then we see a swarm of crazy Lille Flamingos everywhere and it only gets more hilarious with the noise they were making according to [[spoiler:Kira]], basically standard bird noises in Japanese.
* 662: In a serious moment, where Yoruichi is on her hands and knees just to stay conscious, Askin get interrupted monologuing by Kisuke suddenly appearing behind her apparently looking at her ass and says "It looks like you got your ass stuffed full of a lethal dose from where I'm sitting!" She promptly kicks him in the jaw. They quickly bicker over said situation. Then he touches her behind which suddenly has her rocket upwards, surprising Askin. When she and Kisuke are running off she asks what he injected into her ass, the first thing we see is the words "God of Thunder 3" with a [[MaleGaze great degree of focus on it]].
** After Urahara suggests Yoruichi use her SuperMode. She refuses as she doesn't like it. So he makes her transform by peeling a sign which reads it will do exactly that.
* Chapter 663 and Yoruichi has now gone a full 180, from a cat that behaves like a human to a human that behaves like a cat, including washing herself, playing with a bulrush provided by Urahara and scratching a huge slash in Askin's shoulder.
-->'''Askin:''' Aw, hell no!
* Chapter 666 has some MoodWhiplash after Urahara and Askin's fight. First Byakuya arrives to help Hitsugaya, saying that Gerard as an opponent is a summit he can't hope to reach one-one and he'll need his help. After which Hitsugaya makes a height joke, which Byakuya doesn't react till he points it out in which he gives a fake laugh to it. Finally Gerard tries to launch an attack only to have his hand sliced off by Kenpachi, which gets this exchange
-->'''Kenpachi:''' The fuck's goin' on here? Captains holdin' hands and singing Kumbaya. I just threw up a little in my mouth!!\\
'''Byakuya and Hitsugaya:''' Terrific... just when I thought things couldn't get any worse...
** What really sells it is Byakuya's [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan]] expressions when he's talking with Hitsugaya.
* Chapter 670 after [[spoiler:Zaraki's arm splits apart from his new bankai, he does an instant [[FacePlant face plant]] and gets promptly squished.]]
* Chapter 673 has some more humor with [[spoiler:Hitsugaya's new appearence. After Renji and Rukia arrive to the battlefield and see [[OneWingedAngel Gerard]], Hitsugaya expresses amazement that they survived. Renji, however, is more confused over who "that guy" is. Rukia tells him not to be an idiot, saying he should recognize him by voice alone...]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Rukia:''' [[BaitandSwitch Clearly it is Commander Hitsugaya's older brother!!]]]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Renji:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Oohhh, quick thinking! Pleased to meet you!]]]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Hitsuguya:''' Y... Yes, It's an honor to finally meet the both of you!]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[DeadpanSnarker Byakuya]] (Thinking):''' Not even gonna try, are you...]]
* In 674, as Byakuya tucks Renji and Rukia under each arm in his DivingSave... while he carries the small and light Rukia [[BigBrotherInstinct rather gently]], on his other side he drags [[TheBigGuy the much heavier Renji]] as if he were a sack of potatoes, causing [[ButtMonkey poor Renji]] to [[AmusingInjuries smack his shoulder and arm against a wall]].
-->'''Renji:''' "YEOWCH!!!"
* Chapter 678 has dark humor in that [[spoiler:Ichigo prepares to deliver a ShutUpHannibal to Yhwach, by unleasehing his brand new bankai. We get a two-page spread of him unveiling his new sword, expecting Ichigo to deliver a beatdown... only to get the exact image again, this time with the sword broken in half within a millisecond as [[StoryBreakerPower Yhwach]] uses The Almighty and completely NoSell it, leading to the biggest OhCrap look on Ichigo's face, scene previously when Aizen also did it to Ichigo way back in the Soul Society.]]
* Chapter 681: [[TallDarkAndSnarky Tsukishima]] [[BigEntrance announcing his arrival]] [[BlackComedy by... backstabbing Ichigo]] and pissing off Ginjo by [[HeelFaceTurn declaring that they're joining Ichigo's side.]]
* Chapter 685: Hisagi mentions that he's mastered bankai, only for Matsumoto and Hitsugaya to both point out that they've never seen it and think he's making it up. Even Hisagi's own captain agrees with them, despite having seen said bankai.
* Chapter 686: Several funny moments in the final chapter:
** The last color spread has Ichigo, Orihime, Rukia, Renji, Chad, Ishida, Yuzu, Karin and Mizuiro chilling and lounging around... [[FunnyBackgroundEvent while Keigo tries to jump into the group and Tatsuki is getting ready to punch him.]]
** Hiyori chasing [[spoiler:Kazui out of her home.]]
** Rukia and Renji visiting Ichigo and noting how [[spoiler:"busy" his clinic is. Ichigo tells them to shut up, as the emergency clinic being empty is supposed to be considered a ''good'' thing.]]
** Keigo greeting Rukia in his own familiar manner. Tatsuki then [[ButtMonkey puts him in his place]] with a [[AmusingInjuries well-timed]] [[BrickJoke punch.]]
** Karin teasing Yuzu for [[spoiler:showing Kazui the same type of affection she shows for Ichigo.]]
** Renji and Rukia about to introduce [[spoiler:their daughter, Ichika, to Ichigo but realize that she abandoned them. They try to play it off as no big deal but Ichigo is not having any of it. He even calls them out for letting their daughter regularly beat on helpless humans.]]
** The nonchalant way that [[spoiler:Yhwach's reiatsu is wiped out forever. Kazui simply touches it.]]
** The first meeting between [[spoiler:Kazui and Ichika. Ichika sneaks into Kazui's room, determined to impress by showing off her sword. Kazui simply transforms nonchalantly into his Shinigami form, causing Ichika to scream out in surprise.]]
** Chad is now [[spoiler:a world-famous boxer]]. Ichigo pretty openly lampshades how OutOfFocus he'd been for the entire series and notes how weird it is that Chad of all people would turn out to be the most famous out of all of them.
* Come on, man, no one mentioned that [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdaLYvF6jTY Isshin sent Aizen flying]] by [[FlippingTheBird flipping him the bird?]]


[[folder: Meta ]]

* The Bleach "Soul Sonic DVD" contained extras with the Japanese VA having a good time. Such as:
** The (fake) release of a Bleach Dating Sim, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvOpFQIR2IU Dramatic Love Simulation game- LOVE BLEACH: I Want to be Cut by the Zanpakuto of Love]].
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyXrxH-aohc The Soul Society Fashion Awards]]