* Early in the film, after the helicopter extracts Hoot from his surveillance mission, they fly over some wild boar. Hoot, who hasn't eaten or slept in two days, takes one look at them.
-->'''Hoot:''' Hey, who's hungry?
** He follows this up with the happiest grin you see in the entire movie.
** Then added to with a GilliganCut to back at the base, where a pig is being roasted on a spit.
* Early on, General Garrison's increasingly-frustrated attempts to get their somali informant to do his job (marking the building where a meeting of high-ranking militia members is going to take place), leading to this exchange:
-->'''Harrell:''' Now he's saying the building is a couple blocks farther down, but if he's seen outside he'll be shot.
-->'''Garrison:''' *thoroughly exasperated* I'll fuckin' shoot him myself, "a couple blocks down"! You tell him to park his skinny ass ''in front'' of that building. He doesn't get paid until he does exactly that.
* CrowningMomentOfFunny:
-->'''Grimes''': Why aren't you shooting?!
-->'''Waddell''': We're not being shot at yet!
-->'''Grimes''': How can you tell?!
-->'''Waddell''': A hiss means it's close, a snap means—
-->[''a bullet snaps right by them'']
-->'''Waddell''': ''Now'' they're shooting at us! [''fires off long burst from his M60'']
* Yurek, after getting separated from the rest of the squad, accidentally comes across Nelson and Twombley, who have also been separated. Twombley mistakes Yurek for a bad guy and shoots at him, forcing him to scramble for cover. He then realizes that it didn't sound like an AK...
-->'''Yurek''': Rangers?\\
'''Twombley''': Who?\\
'''Yurek''': It's Yurek, ''you f*cking assholes!''\\
[''Nelson and Twombley quickly communicate with each other'']\\
'''Twombley''': Dude, we almost f*cking killed you! Well, come to us!\\
'''Yurek''': ''F*ck you!'' Come to me!
* And the immediate {{foreshadowing}} to the above: Yurek encountering the [[ChekhovsGun same donkey]] that Twombly and Nelson just passed.
-->'''Yurek''': [[NiceKitty Nice donkey.]]
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Twombly and Nelson]].
* [[LargeHam Captain Steele]] catches Sgt Pilla making fun of him in front of the men.
-->'''Steele''': [[RightBehindMe Pretty funny,]] [[VerbalTic Hooah?]]
* Two Somali insurgents, a kid and his dad, [[TooDumbToLive think they're gonna get the drop on an American soldier]] as he exits a building. The soldier drops/slides to the ground as he exits the door and the kid shoots his own dad instead. Doubles as a Tearjerker as the kid realizes what he's done and runs to his father, who is slowly dying from the gunshot wounds inflicted by ''his own son''.
* After Wolcott's bird crashes, one of the Delta soldiers climbs out of the helicopter with a Somali running towards him shouting... who is promptly gunned down by said Delta member.
* Grimes complaining about his SoldiersAtTheRear career, in particular having spent every major campaign he has participated in [[YouGetMeCoffee making coffee for other Rangers]]. After ending up in the worst of the fighting in Mogadishu, he copes with the stress of being trapped inside the city by [[MustHaveCaffeine making coffee using a pot he finds in an abandoned building.]]
--> '''CPT Steele:''' Grimesy, you are squared away!