* CrowningMomentOfFunny:
-->'''Grimes''': Why aren't you shooting?
-->'''Waddell''': We're not being shot at yet!
-->'''Grimes''': How can you tell?
-->'''Waddell''': A hiss means it's close, a snap means—
-->[''a bullet snaps right by them'']
-->'''Waddell''': ''Now'' they're shooting at us! [''fires off long burst from his M60'']
* Yurek, after getting separated from the rest of the squad, accidentally comes across Nelson and Twombley, who have also been separated. Twombley mistakes Yurek for a bad guy and shoots at him, forcing him to scramble for cover. He then realizes that it didn't sound like an AK...
-->'''Yurek''': Rangers?\\
'''Twombley''': Who?\\
'''Yurek''': It's Yurek! ''You fucking assholes!''\\
[''Nelson and Twombley quickly communicate with each other'']\\
'''Twombley''': Dude, we almost fucking killed you! Well, come to us!\\
'''Yurek''': ''Fuck you!'' Come to me!
* And the immediate {{foreshadowing}} to the above: Yurek encountering the [[ChekhovsGun same donkey]] that Twombly and Nelson just passed.
-->'''Yurek''': [[NiceKitty Nice donkey.]]
* [[ThoseTwoGuys Twombly and Nelson]].
* [[LargeHam Captain Steele]] catches Sgt Pilla making fun of him in front of the men.
-->'''Steele''': [[RightBehindMe Pretty funny,]] [[VerbalTic Hooah?]]
* Two Somali insurgents, a kid and his dad, [[TooDumbToLive think they're gonna get the drop on an American soldier]] as he exits a building. The soldier drops/slides to the ground as he exits the door and the kid shoots his own dad instead.
* After Wolcott's bird crashes, one of the Delta soldiers climbs out of the helicopter with a Somali running towards him shouting...who is promptly gunned down by said Delta member.
* Grimes complaining about his SoldiersAtTheRear career, in particular having spent every major campaign he has participated in [[YouGetMeCoffee making coffee for other Rangers]]. After ending up in the worst of the fighting in Mogadishu, he copes with the stress of being trapped inside the city by [[MustHaveCaffeine making coffee using a pot he finds in an abandoned building.]]