''Comicbook/BirdsOfPrey'' is a {{superhero}} comic published by DCComics revolving around [[AmazonBrigade a team of women heroes]] from TheDCU. The team is lead by Barbara Gordon, the original ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} and currently the information broker and hacker knwon as Oracle, and usually rounded out with ComicBook/BlackCanary and Huntress. Other heroines, [[TheOneGuy and some men]], appear througout the series as needed, [[HeroesUnlimited giving the series a somewhat fluid lineup]]. The series was cancelled in 2009, but revived in 2010 under the ''BrightestDay'' banner.

!!Some of the funny moments within ''Comicbook/BirdsOfPrey'' are:

* In issue #8 of the relaunch, Current, [[ShockAndAwe a villain with electricity powers]], has been hired by the Calculator [[{{Mook}} as some supervillain muscle]], but he did not realize just what sort of league he was playing in.
--> '''Current:''' "No, ''you'' listen, dammit. You didn't say it'd be [[ComicBook/BlackCanary the Canary]] '''and''' [[Franchise/{{Batman}} the Bat]], Calculator!"\\
'''Calculator:''' "Are you kidding? Aren't you supposed to be badass?"\\
'''Current:''' "Look, I just got this electric gear. I ain't fighting ''those'' two. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere I'm]] ''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere out]]''."
* In the first series, Helena does a massive SpitTake when Zinda complains that no one will accept her senior citizen's discount.
* "Holy crow, that boy is ''fancy''?!"