Just about every one of Axel Foley's scenes could be considered a supremely funny moment, but some of the best exchanges in the films occur between Taggart and Rosewood.
* During the StormingTheCastle sequence in the first film, Taggart and Rosewood are pinned behind some statuary while goons with Uzis blast away at them. Rosewood goes into perhaps the greatest ByTheBookCop moment ever seen on film.
-->'''Rosewood:''' (standing up, holding his badge) "Police! You are all under arrest!"\\
(Goons blast away, forcing him to duck.)\\
'''Taggart:''' "Billy, if you do that again, I'll shoot you myself."
** It's made even funnier by the final scene in this sequence, when about two dozen uniformed cops rush in and all aim their guns at the goons in unison.
-->'''Rosewood:''' (standing up again) "Police! You are all under arrest!"\\
'''Taggart:''' "They know that, Billy."\\
'''Rosewood:''' "Put your weapons down, and come out into the open with your hands up!"\\
'''Taggart:''' "They have their hands up, Billy."\\
'''Rosewood:''' (grinning broadly) "This is great!"
* Billy gets to play a similar gag during the shootout sequence in II. A truckload of weapons is leaving the scene, so he grabs a conveniently located M72 LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon) and reads the instructions out loud as he arms it.
-->'''Rosewood:''' "Remove pin."\\
'''Taggart:''' (shooting at badguys) "Billy!"\\
'''Rosewood:''' "Extend." (click) "Wow."\\
'''Taggart:''' "BILLY!"\\
'''Rosewood:''' "Aim through here, push this."\\
(The missile launches backwards, [[AccidentalAimingSkills scoring a direct hit]] on the escaping truck and blowing it to bits in a [[StuffBlowingUp spectacular explosion]].)\\
'''Taggart:''' (after a moment of stunned silence) "[[PrecisionFStrike Fuck]] Franchise/{{Rambo}}."
* There's also the moment at the end of the first movie where the Beverly Hills Chief of Police confronts Axel after the massive shootout
-->'''Chief''': What's this man doing here?
-->'''Axel''': [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Bleeding, sir.]]