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[[WMG: The Italian remake]]
* Production notes mention the Italian ''Guardia di Finanza'' (a gendarmerie specialized in financial crimes) once managed to arrest ''[[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Arcueid Brunestud, Nrvnqsr Chaos and Roa]]''. Why is this here and not among the awesomeness? Because of how it happened: Arcueid simply let herself get arrested because she knew she would get out soon enough and becoming a wanted criminal could have caused her unneeded distractions, Roa's arrest consisted of him getting shot a dozen times and the ''Guardia di Finanza'' complaining about their weak sidearms when they saw he was still alive, and Chaos ''laughing until he fainted'' when they ordered him to stand down. [[TheDreaded They still got a fearsome reputation out of it]] (because Roa couldn't say anything to anyone, Arcueid doesn't care of setting the record straight, and Chaos was too ashamed of what happened to reveal he wasn't really defeated in some epic battle).
* [[PrettyGuardianSailorMoon Mio Kuroki]]'s HeroicBSOD in "Addestramento Sailor" ("Sailor Training") when Seiya mentioned Minako in her presence.
** Right before that, Seiya mentioned Minako's condition on allowing them to cut their training short and leave the planet: [[ImpossibleTask survive a round with]] ''ChuckNorris''. [[GenreSavvy Wisely, they don't dare until Minako tells them they can do it]].
* The explanation of why the Shitennou hated each other: they used to be friend, but one day the friendly competition between Zoisite and Nephrite led the former to create Mio and Nephrite, following the advice of a drunken Jadeite, created five tentacle monsters. It degenerated from there.