* In the story where Brummelisa proposes to Bamse (yes, she proposed to him, not the other way around), the gang have gone on a cruise up North to see the midnight sun. While the story's main focus is on the journey and on the big question, there is a pretty funny minor B-plot with Katten Jansson and Husmusen getting all excited about seeing this "midnight sun" that everyone keeps talking about, speculating what it might look like -- "Maybe it's square!" -- and getting really disappointed when they realize it's just the normal, regular old sun. They decide it wasn't worth staying up for this and decide to go to bed, only to get into an argument over whether it's right to say "good night" or not since the sun is still up.
* The stage play ''Bamse och Världsmästaren i Elakhet'' ("Bamse and the World Champion of Nastiness") has several funny moments; most of them involving DeadpanSnarker Skalman.
** Skalman delivering some Stealth Insults:
-->'''Skalman:''' Very interesting. ''Very'' interesting.\\
'''Bamse:''' Uh... Who are you talking to, Skalman?\\
'''Skalman:''' Myself. You never do that?\\
'''Lille Skutt:''' I don't!\\
'''Skalman:''' No? Of course, it would depend on who's there to talk to.
** Skalman's brief fight with Reinard lasts for one punch -- Reinard tries to punch Skalman, but hits his hard shell, and jumps around in pain. Whereupon Skalman turns to him and says, with his most deadpan expression:
-->"Pardon me, sir, are we dancing waltz or tango?"
*** The above situation also happens a few times in the comic whenever someone attempts to physically attack Skalman.
** Skalman looks up "Basilisk" in one of his books to find a cure for a petrified Bamse, and in a rare-for-this-francise GettingCrapPastTheRadar moment, he thumbs past the pages for "Biology, Bingo, Billiards, Bikinis" ... and at the last one goes "hmm" in an approving way and goes back to look at the "bikini" page for a few seconds before continuing his search.
** The entire scene with Skalman and Lille Skutt preparing to help Bamse in his predicament just gets funnier the longer it goes on, because Skalman acts incredibly slowly to everything, even stopping to have a snack in the middle of everything, while Lille Skutt gets more and more frantic and frustrated with him.
* One short comic has Burre shooting a snacks saleswoman in the eye with a water pistol as a prank, then worrying that he's blinded her when she's not at her stand the next day. What could have been a somewhat trite morality tale about guilt becomes hilarious when Burre then has a nightmare where the lady turns up and tells him that since she's lost her eye, she's decided to ''become a pirate''. [[spoiler:Goes into a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming when it turns out that the lady's eye is fine after all, and she rewards Burre for apologising by filling his water pistol with lemonade.]]