[[folder: ''Video Game/Armored Core4'' ]]

* The mission where you have to fight No Count and Big Barrel (and PQ on hard mode) where you destroy Big Barrel and PQ but not No Count, No Count will beg for his life and you can let him run away without fighting him.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Armored Core For Answer'' ]]

* You get [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChyENn5VIAAxoyH.jpg this stabilizer]] for achieving S rank in all hard missions.


[[folder: ''Video Game/Armored Core V'' ]]

* RD and Rosary get one where Rosary tells RD to grow a pair. [[spoiler:Turns out to be HarsherInHindsight]]
** The pre fight dialog against A and BEC.
-->"By the way, did we have a strategy?\\
"We need one?"\\
"Same as always then...[[IndyPloy wing it!]]\\
"And if we die...tough luck!"
* The end of the Order Missions has this little exchange between Fran and Rosary:
--> '''Rosary:''' Fighting, strength... are they really so special?\\
'''Fran:''' Maybe it's like that man said. Maybe fighting is what we're meant to do.\\
'''Rosary:''' It doesn't matter. I'm sick of carrying what others think. I'm just gonna do what I want from now on.\\
'''Fran:''' Like what, for example?\\
'''Rosary:'''Hmmmm... [[MoneyFetish Like making money]]?