[[caption-width-right:350: That sound is Aquaman being RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap.]]

* "That's your weakness, Namor. You're too noble to cheat." [[note]] See the page image over there --> [[/note]]
* Store owner [[DirtyOldMan Randy]]. He's such a CardCarryingVillain, it's hard not to laugh. You're pretty much expecting his employee, Jennifer, to suddenly say "We're talking about sexual harassment here, and I don't have to take it."
* Finding out Sharks are the ocean's Ditz:
--> Shark 1: *seeing a hole Aquaman cut in a net to help them out* It's true. Look, he has cut a hole in it.
--> Shark 2: It's a very nice hole.
--> Shark 3: Yes, let's look at it some more.
* Arthur's reaction to finding himself in the middle of a desert.
-->'''Aquaman''': [[OhCrap Uh-oh]].
* The ghost of an Atlantean statesman in the DC Rebirth era actually referring to Orm as a "blowhard."