!! Anne of Green Gables
* Anne accidentally getting Diana drunk. Though the consequences aren't funny, the event itself is. What she thought was raspberry cordial turned out to be currant wine, [[UnsuspectinglySoused and Diana drank three tumblerfuls of it]].

!! Anne of Avonlea
* Mr. Harrison, Anne's irascible new neighbour, tells her to stop letting her cow get into his garden. Shortly afterwards, Anne sees a cow that looks just like hers in his field, thinks her cow has escaped again, and goes to chase it. By the time she catches the cow, she's so thoroughly out of sorts that she promptly takes the opportunity to sell it to Mr. Shearer on the spot. Only afterward does she discover that her cow is right where it was supposed to be - the cow she sold was actually ''Mr. Harrison's own cow''. Fortunately, Harrison takes this all with reasonably good grace when Anne goes to explain and apologize.

!! Anne of the Island
* The girls of Patty's Place trying to humanely chloroform a stray cat, by sealing it in a wooden box... which they totally forget to check for knotholes.
-->"Why in the world don't you come?" demanded Stella, appearing in the doorway. "We've got the grave all ready. What, 'silent still and silent all?' she quoted teasingly.
-->"'Oh no, the voices of the dead/Sound like the distant torrent's fall,'" promptly counter-quoted Anne, pointing solemnly to the box.

!! Anne of Windy Poplars