!!Animator Vs. Animation 2
* The Chosen One [[spoiler:killing AIM by throwing the open AIM window at him, right before the Animator is about to be told how to defeat his creation]].
* The Animator [[spoiler:defeating the Chosen One by using avast!.]]
!!Animator Vs. Animation 3
* The Animator smacking the Chosen One aside in Microsoft Word with a over-sized "POW!"
* The Dark Lord getting thrown into a Minesweeper game and tries to carefully tread his way out. The Chosen One blew the whole thing up by throwing Firefox into it.
* The Animator trying to finish his game of Solitaire while the Dark Lord and Chosen One fight, not noticing them deciding to team up against him.
** Earlier, he tries to continue the game while the Chosen One and Dark Lord are fighting within it.
* When Clippy asks to help against the animation, [[TakeThatScrappy the mouse hovers over no for a brief second]].
!!Animator Vs. Animation 4
* In a way, it's kind of funny how [[spoiler:the Animator revives the Second Coming's closed friends: ''he refreshes the page'']], and there they all are, casually playing cards. It's also kind of funny how upon seeing this, [[spoiler:the Second Coming ''immediately'' changes his mind about working with the Animator]].