!!Animal Games
* [[spoiler:The flea having the bar raised ''way'' above the stadium, then ''missing it completely'' and falling into the sea.]]
* The inclusion of the walking catfish in the 100 meter dash.
* [[spoiler:The resized elephant being unable to lift even 25kg.]]
* The cheetah being intimidated by the resized cockroach.
* The bushbaby accidentally landing on the fruit fly larva after its high jump.
* The camera being bumped into by the skipper butterfly caterpillar and needing to be fixed by the gorilla.
* [[spoiler:The whirligig beetle constantly losing its sense of direction and never making it to the finish line, in spite of being faster than most of the other competitors.]]

!!Animal Winter Olympics
* [[spoiler:The polar bear ''finally'' making it to the end of the track in sledging.]]
* [[spoiler:The polar bear crashing into a torch and getting disqualified in ice skating.]]
* The existence of the "cold endurance" competition.
* [[spoiler:The reindeer being suspected of using drugs due to it eating hallucinogenic mushrooms during cross country.]]
* The ice hockey match.
* [[spoiler:The musk ox herd being unhappy about their representative only earning silver in cold endurance and having to be warned off by the tiger.]]