You wouldn't think a series of slasher style movies would have much humor, you'd be wrong.

Works with their own pages:

* ''Funny/{{Aliens}}''
* ''Funny/AlienResurrection''

!! Alien
* Parker as the three survivors prepare to detonate the Nostromo
--> If we don't' get out of here in 10 minutes we won't need no rocket to fly through space!

!! The Kenner Comic book series
* The comics had some hilarious artwork (Apone thinking, "What a jerk!" when his mouth looks like it's broken), and even funnier out-of-charachter one liners and quotes:
-->'''Ripley''' (when facing a giant facehugger): HUG THIS!
-->'''Apone''': Monster rhinos?!?
-->'''Atax''': So-how do you like your eggs, queenie? Scrambled, of fried? Howzabout scrambled?
-->'''Bishop''': Everything's cool...for now!