* The end of the Executioner chase where Alice runs into a clearing, finds and eats the "Eat Me" cake. The Executioner runs in, ready to attack, then Alice grows to massive size. Cue an OhCrap from the Executioner who drops his scythe (and his jaw.) before he meets the underside of Alice's shoe.
** You are then given a tutorial on playing as Gigantic Alice. Unlike previous tutorials, the drawing of Alice is now large enough to have a face. A very bright happy face.
* After the introductory part of Deluded Depths, Alice and the Mock Turtle are attacked by sharks and Alice gives her snark a workout.
-->'''Mock Turtle:''' Confounded beasts, they want my ship!\\
'''Alice:''' I think ''you're'' more to their taste.\\
'''Mock Turtle:''' Never! We're almost ''relatives!''\\
'''Alice:''' You're related to ''soup,'' Admiral.
* This exchange, mainly due to Carpenter's motor-mouthed response:
-->'''Carpenter (to Alice):''' You need to deal with these sailors. It's your time.\\
'''Walrus:''' Time? Time? The time has come to talk of ships and, and, and vegetables and royalty and, and, and whether pigs have wings...and so on.\\
'''Carpenter:''' Enough of that, Walrus. Youstartwailingabouttherebeingtoomuchsandonthebeach, I'llhaveyourblubberforbreakfast!
* Alice summarizing the Carpenter's Oyster Show, just before everything goes wrong in a most disturbing fashion.
-->'''Carpenter:''' Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the [[ChewingTheScenery SHOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!]]\\
''*Oyster girls run up on the stage and start dancing as the Carpenter sits next to Alice*''\\
'''Alice:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Rather bizarre show...]]
* Whenever Alice interacts with the Hatter... while wearing the [[{{DLC}} Hattress Dress.]] Seeing the reassembled Hatter leaping from factory to factory with a tiny female version of himself clinging to his back is equal parts funny and adorable.
* The first [[CutsceneBoss "boss" fight]] with the The March Hare and the Doormouse can give a few laughs and/or aggravation to the player. Alice, and even the player, is prepared for their first boss fight with a [[HumongousMecha big mechanical monster]], but immediately, a giant tea pot falls on them and knocks them out completely. The way they fall out is comical at best.
* It's subtle, and you almost have to be listening for it, but when Alice smashes the first of the Queen's hearts when she's Giant, you can hear the Queen say [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail "It's only a flesh wound."]]
* Alice saying "booop" whenever she successfully shoots a time-switch.
* When you recover the Mad Hatter's arms and legs, a group of mechanical arms put him back together. And when they place upon him his hat, one hand pats the top of it gently.
* Some of the [[MetaphoricallyTrue wrong answers]] to Radula Room riddles can be funny on their own.
** '''King's cloak, priest's cassock, lady's wrap, judge's robe all hang by me. What am I?'''\\
''London Gibblet'' or ''Lord High Executioner''
** '''What warms like the summer sun, heats like a blazing fire, and yet does not burn?'''\\
''Molten Lava''
** '''I talk, but I do not speak my mind. What am I?'''\\
''A politician.''
** '''What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?'''\\
''A suicidal insomniac.''
** '''Feed me I live; Give me a Drink and I die.'''\\
''An Alcoholic.''