* Whenever Robotnik goes into LargeHam mode (which is pretty much every time).
* [[http://youtu.be/_z2onG9ZXvU The end credits.]] So funny that they got a ShoutOut In ''Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog Comic''.
* Momma Robotnik PERIOD. She constantly abuses her son (Robotnik!) and is always escaping from a mental institution.
** A mental institution known as "Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers" no less.
* In episode 38, we get this wonderful gem: (Robotnik has just completed his own robot wife) When Robotnik revealed her to Scratch and Grounder, Grounder commented that "She's got really big..." Scratch interrupts him saying "...hair!" GettingCrapPastTheRadar much?
* The "Zoobotnik" episode takes the cake for the best (and cruelest) prank Sonic has ever played on Robotnik. He disguises himself as a justice of the peace, marries Robotnik to [[AbhorrentAdmirer Katella]], and ''invites Mama Robotnik to the wedding''. HilarityEnsues.
* The episode "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" has one of these in Scratch trying to seduce Masonic (Sonic's ancestor). When dolling himself up, Grounder tells him to hurry up, prompting him to say, [[CampGay "Oh, don't rush me! I gotta look juuuust right so he'll be attracted to me!"]] He then [[FallingIntoHisArms falls into Masonic's arms]] and, after, picks Masonic up and ''{{Marshmallow Hell}}s him'' with his boob-cones. The wonderful moment was sadly cut out of the Toon Disney broadcast.
* At the beginning of "Black-Bot the Pirate", after Scratch accidentally uses Robotnik's time machine to go back to the first Thanksgiving, he comes back after apparently ending up ''in'' their turkey and complains "Stupid pilgrims! It's bad enough they tried to eat me for dinner, then they had the nerve to say I tasted lousy!"
* Pretty much the entirety of "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby."
* The entirety of the breakfast scene from the beginning of "Robotnikland".
* The ending of "The Robotnik Express".
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=8wPIFj-HCTM#t=1128 Scratch's reaction to a shredded truck tire]] in "Road Hog." One of the few times the show breaks its NeverSayDie rule.
-->'''Scratch''': WE ARE GOING TO DIE! WE ARE GOING TO DIE! \\
''*crash*'' \\
'''Scratch''': ...WE ARE DEAD!
** This exchange a mite earlier in the same episode:
-->'''Scratch''': You will stop in two seconds flat!\\
'''Hypnotized Road Hog''': I will stop you in two seconds with a flat!\\
''He proceeds to give Scratch's vehicle a flat tire, thereby [[VisualPun stopping him in two seconds with a flat]].''
* From the opening of "Birth of a Salesman":
-->'''Robotnik:''' Nincombots! Metal morons! Idiots! Robotic rejects! Seditious slabs of unsalubrious circuitry! You...you...''[[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment you nincombots]]!''\\
'''Scratch:''' Excuse me, Your Viciousness, you already said that.\\
'''Robotnik:''' Then allow me to repeat myself yet again! ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis YOU! ARE! NINCOMBOTS!]]''
* In the German dub, Scratch ScreamsLikeALittleGirl. In the first episode, when Grounder drills him in the tail, Scratch lets out a ridiculously high-pitched shriek of pain.
* "86 on the chicken!" from Mobius 5000.
* After being near an exploding wall in "Tails' New Home", we're treated to a shot of Robotnik with a swollen eye. He then ''[[EyeScream pulls a brick out from underneath his eyelid.]]''
** Also in the same episode, when Sonic tricks Scratch and Grounder into being smashed by posing as a post man with fan letters (he actually used it ''twice'' in the episode), a mushed Grounder responds with this.
-->'''Grounder:''' Dear Lulu, thanks for the letter. Please take a long walk off a short pier. Formally yours, Grounder.
* Robotnik's interview in "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted".
* And then there's the [[MemeticMutation ever-classic]] "Snoo'''PING AS''' usual, I see!"
* In "Over The Hill Hero", after Sonic uses Captain Rescue's rescue rocket to go up into space so the force field he's trapped in can release him (thanks to air pressure which Sonic and Captain Rescue pointed out themselves), Sonic ends up hanging around in space.
-->'''Sonic:''' Wait, how am I gonna get down? ''(realizes)'' [[OhCrap Oh, yeah...]] [[GravityIsAHarshMistress I'LL FALL!!!!]]
* During the episode, "Boogey-Mania", we get this exchange;
-->'''Robotnik''': Fools! Idiots!
-->'''Scratch and Grounder''': You called?
* The part in "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" where Sonic tricks Scratch and Grounder into thinking they're on a game show and as Robotnik is about to tell them on the phone that the game show host is actually Sonic, Sonic slices the phone cord with a knife, which somehow cuts the line on ''both'' ends much to Robotnik's bewilderment.
* The first episode shows just how [[TooDumbToLive stupid]] the Badniks really are.
-->'''Sonic:''' ''I'm'' over there.
-->'''Badnik:''' *''Looks away''*
* "[[DeadpanSnarker Wow Scratch, you almost made me think Robotnik put a brain in you]]". BAM "'''SILENCE!'''"