* The entire "Rudy the Undead Hound" discussion from the second podcast.

* The second PAX game was outrageous.
-->'''Wil:''' You guys, I saw a lot of necromancers when I was in Hell.
-->'''Scott:''' When you were in 'Nam?
-->'''Jerry:''' Not Nam, Hell!
-->'''Wil:''' Nam ''was'' hell. "Necromancers are dicks, you guys. Necromancers are dicks." Aeofel just stares off, the wings beating beneath him, his silvery hair blowing out behind him, a thousand-square stare in his eyes. He feels nostalgia as a standard action. A single tear falls from his perfectly black, orbular eye, and turns into a diamond as the wind catches it and carries it away.

* The Darkmagic family song:
-->''We are the Darkmagics\\
Come see our bitchin' house!\\
Our favourite young son\\
His name is Jim.\\
And he loves to\\
'''[[spoiler:[[ADateWithRosiePalms MASTURBATE ALL DAY!\\

* Omin isn't really known for his physical prowess, but...
-->'''Chris''': Did you just beat [[BoisterousBruiser Binwin Bronzebottom]] in a test of strength?
-->'''Jerry''': ''And'' intellect.
-->'''Chris''': Who the fuck are you and [[KillAndReplace what did you do with Jerry]]?
** And he does it again next turn!

* In the 2013 PAX game, when Mike and Scott reveal that they have no idea what [[spoiler: [[NighInvulnerability The Tarrasqe]]]] is.
-->'''Chris:''' What are you doing at this table, man?!

* LastWords: ''Is THIS your card...?''