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!!Ace Attorney: Investigations


[[folder: Turnabout Visitor ]]

* Edgeworth's response to Gumshoe when inspecting Portsman's door:
-->'''Gumshoe:''' Aha! So I guess only a great cat burglar could get in! That must be who our culprit is!\\
'''Edgeworth:''' ...Might I advise you to return that conclusion to whatever pawn shop you bought it from?
** HilariousInHindsight, as we learn the identity of the cat burglar in question.


[[folder: Turnabout Airlines ]]

* "Um... Well... Uh... How should I put this... [[BrutalHonesty It's hideous]]."
** ("Hmm. Maybe that was a bit too direct.")
* "I-I pinky-swear on my honor as a prosecutor."
* Cammy Meele's first testimony. That is just the pinnacle of unhelpfulness.
* Also, when Franziska asks you about how you suppose Agent Hicks died, if you choose anything but [[spoiler:"free fall"]], HilarityEnsues.
--> '''Edgeworth''': Agent Hicks was trapped in the elevator, and died from oxygen loss!\\
'''Franziska''': (...)\\
'''Edgeworth''': A-and... [[IdiotBall he was bruised when he collapsed]].\\
** This one is also NightmareFuel, considering that [[spoiler: exactly that nearly happened to Edgeworth himself when he was a child.]]
* When you first land, either before talking to Gumshoe or after, talk to the eating passenger. "[[MemeticMutation OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! In Soviet Russia, World Flags Lunchboxes eat j00!]]" and "[[MemeticMutation I feel a wave of CR34T1V3 P0W3RZ coming ON! It's over 9000!!! LULZ!]]" And the fun doesn't even stop there. It's Sal Manella and the lunch boxes are a wink to Angel Starr.
* When you start investigating the crime scene, and you examine certain parts of the room. For example, if you have Edgeworth look out the window.
--> '''Edgeworth:''' (These counter windows offer a glimpse of the sky, but these clouds, they tell me nothing...\\
'''Teneiro:''' Mr. Edgeworth...? You... look like you're talking to the clouds.\\
'''Edgeworth:''' Is that so? Then tell me, what do you suppose I said to them?\\
'''Teneiro:''' I don't know, but it looked like a rather one-sided conversation.\\
'''Edgeworth:''' (The clouds... They tell me nothing.)
* "Don't sleep while [[GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger I'm pointing my finger at you!]]"
* The fact that Cammy [[spoiler:''invokes'' her snot bubbles with a bubble pipe]].
* Zinc Lablanc falling through the air in slow-motion, as while this is going on, dramatic music is playing.
** What caused him to fall down in the first place. He was mad at an officer for not letting him in the crime scene. Lablanc then threatens the officer that he's now resorted to use force instead. Cue Lablanc giving the officer one pathetic shove and not even getting the officer to budge as he falls off the railing.
** And while this is happening, Edgeworth and Franziska discuss about the victim's cause of death and don't even bother looking. Meanwhile, Gumshoe is beside them and is just ''begging'' to get the two to notice. [[spoiler:Of course, Edgeworth ''has'' noticed, but Lablanc falling over the railing has given him a EurekaMoment which he's discussing with Franziska now.]]
--->'''Gumshoe''': ...You two aren't listening at all, aren't you...?


[[folder: The Kidnapped Turnabout ]]

* After Emma's explanation of her latest forensics device:
-->'''Edgeworth:''' '...Science has never been more ominous to me than at this very moment...'
* Edgeworth's reactions to Oldbag are enough to make this game her best appearance.
-->'''Edgeworth (upon seeing Oldbag as [[spoiler: the Pink Badger]]):''' 'It's official. This has gone from the typical [[NotMyLuckyDay "not my day"]] into the realm of "waking nightmare".'
** Even funnier if you know exactly WHAT Edgeworth's day has even included. Here's a hint Cases 2, 3, and 1 all happen within hours of each other in that order.
* The scene where Lang gives a gift to one of his men, saying that it's a present for his ''younger brother's wife's young brother's birthday!'' While Lang's 'pack' are going on about what great guy their ''shifu'' is, Edgeworth has these thoughts.
-->(...I should probably leave them to their "alone time.")


[[folder: Turnabout Reminiscence ]]

* When you talk to the father and son duo who were standing beside a model of the court building, he reveals that he was the one who made the model, and was fired the day he completed it since he used up enough money to build the real thing. He said it's because it has some special mechanisms. Examine the model itself and you get this:
--> '''Edgeworth:''' '...Is that a face? And hands? Does this thing [[TransformingMecha transform]]?
* The case shows that Edgeworth liked to do glaring contests when he was younger. He has two, one versus a bailiff and another versus ''his own reflection''. He loses the former, but wins the latter. The point of glaring is to cow your opponent into submission. That's right, Edgeworth ''cowed his own reflection into submission''. [[MindScrew Try figuring that one out]]. Also, the bailiff was asleep. Edgeworth doesn't realize this immediately, though.
* You get to cross-examine, of all people, the Judge:
--> '''Edgeworth:''' "Objection! Your honor...!\\
'''The Judge:''' "I cannot allow you to make an objection."\\
'''Edgeworth:''' "Wh-what? I'm sorry, Your Honor, but I cannot allow you to not allow me to make an objection."\\
'''The Judge:''' "Egads! I've been overruled?!
** When you present [[spoiler:Det. Badd's testimony]] to the Judge, he asks Edgeworth whether he wants that added to the court record while the "Added to Court Record/Organizer" sound plays.
* Edgeworth asks Detective Tyrell Badd a simple, off-handed question that causes him to bug his eyes out in a glare and reach into his tattered coat as if he's going to pull out a gun. Edgeworth himself believes the Detective is about to do just that... but all he does is pull out a ''mirror'' and proceed to scratch his beard while admiring his reflection.
* [[spoiler:Kay Faraday blows her nose in Edgeworth's cravat.]] Also causes some MoodWhiplash due to the TearJerker mood right beforehand when [[spoiler:everyone finds out Kay already knew her father had been killed]].
* Calisto Yew says something to get on Franziska's nerves, and Franziska readies her whip:
-->'''Edgeworth:''' Franziska, choose who you whip ''carefully'' or we could end up getting ''sued''-- ''(Is instantaneously whipped)'' -- Oww!\\
'''Franziska:''' There. I have chosen carefully, as you have asked.\\
''([[TheHyena Calisto]] breaks into hysterical laughter, which for once is actually appropriate.)''
** "What is ''wrong'' with these two women?! Why does [[BastardGirlfriend my pain give them delight]]?"
* When you examine the hot dog selection on the vending machine:
-->'''Edgeworth:''' "When you're in hot water, you might need a hot dog."................Hmm...It looks like this slogan was decided through a public contest. And the winner was... Prosecutor Winston Payne...?
--> '''Franziska:''' Hmph. What a pathetic slogan. No presence at all! Now, if it were up to me, it would read... "If you leave matters in a von Karma's hands, everyone in court will be found guilty dogs!"\\
'''Edgeworth:''' .............\\
'''Franziska:''' Overruled!
** The entire vending machine, really. Inspecting the "Defendant's Milk" leads Fran and Miles into a debate as to whether the milk is freshly milked ''by'' defendants or ''from'' defendants.
* At the end of the case, Franziska's response to Gumshoe calling Detective Badd "Pops".
-->'''Franziska:''' "Pops?"...? Watched one too many detective dramas recently, have we?\\
'''Edgeworth:''' (Way to single-handedly destroy the cheery atmosphere with one snarky comment.)
* If you present your prosecutor's badge to Detective Gumshoe when you first meet him, Edgeworth tries to show his badge to the detective, who declines, saying that "a real man has a police badge"! Edgeworth is pretty angry, and it's fairly obvious that, it being his first case and the prosecutors not usually wearing their badges, he just wanted to show off.
* Most of the conversations, as usual, between Franziska and her "little" brother are pretty funny when they're not being heartwarming. You can almost hear them sticking their tongues out at each other at times.


[[folder: Turnabout Ablaze ]]

* Larry's second testimony, as it's essentially a non-stop stream of Edgeworth and everyone else present ripping into him.
* Pretty much anything between Edgeworth and Larry, honestly - the entire conversation about [[spoiler:why Larry was on the roof and Santa Claus being an unlawful trespasser -- and to boot, that the ides of March would be in a matter of hours, and Santa only comes in December]] is hilarious.
-->'''Edgeworth:''' [[spoiler: Santa Claus only comes on December the 24th. That's in December, you nitwit!!]]
* Anything that has Edgeworth interact with the Steel Samurai mythos. Especially his reaction to Larry being the Steel Samurai. Imagine Nixon-like jowls.
** Steel Samurai Sushi Slice!
** If you present the autograph to Larry, Edgeworth gives this gem:
--->'''Edgeworth:''' Larry. I have one question for you, and depending on how you answer, I may let you live.
** This gem:
--->'''Larry:''' [...] Watch as I defeat Edgey in a battle of wits!\\
'''Edgeworth:''' (Larry, have you forgotten that, [[PyrrhicVictory should I "lose", your victory prize will be your arrest]]?)
** If you present anything to Larry that doesn't lead to a specific reaction, Franziska knocks him out with her whip.
** Examining the pool to find Larry popping out of the water.
* Three words...
-->'''Edgeworth:''' '''''Objection!''''' Go away!
* Oldbag as [[spoiler:the Pink Badger]]? Clever. Oldbag as [[spoiler:the Pink Princess]]? Hilarious.
** Part of its fun is in the music they use. It really captures the moment perfectly.
--->'''Oldbag:''' Heh... This must be what they call fate.\\
'''Edgeworth:''' How could this happen two days in a roooooow?!
** This conversation:
---> '''Oldbag''': I guess I misjudged you.\\
'''Franziska''': Misjudged...?\\
'''Oldbag''': I thought he was trying to avoid me, you see.\\
'''Edgeworth''': (That was no misjudgment on your part! That's PRECISELY what I was trying to do!)
** And this one:
---> '''Edgeworth''': I thought you were working at [[spoiler:Gatewater land as the Pink Badger]]?"\\
'''Oldbag''': What are you talking about? That was AGES ago!"\\
'''Edgeworth''': (That was YESTERDAY!)
** This gem:
---> '''Franziska''': (talking to Oldbag) Aren't you a lively old lady.
* Poor Edgeworth. Wendy Oldbag had been his tormentor and creepy stalker for so long... they just HAD to include her undershirt as a piece of evidence. Of course, [[ButtMonkey Franziska takes it the wrong way]] and think he's just being a pervert, while he's just as [[{{Squick}} squicked]] as the rest of us. It's still damn hilarious, though.
* This quote from Lang:
--> '''Lang''': "Aren't childhood friends the best?...For punching."
* A particularly priceless moment while examining the belongings of DiscOneFinalBoss [[spoiler: Shih-na/Yew]].
--> '''Edgeworth:''' "Let's examine her shoes."\\
'''Lang:''' "Hey Mr. Prosecutor. You know what they say about men who look at a woman's shoes?"\\
[[spoiler: '''Shih-na:''']] "Ahah! How scandalous!"
* As the finisher to an entire ''conga line'' of increasingly unlikely objectors, when someone objects, and everybody wonders who it was:
--> '''Forensics:''' It was meeeeeeeee!
* Lang and Shih-na's joint reaction to the photograph of the Yatagarasu ([[spoiler:actually a statue wrapped in a coat]]) apparently flying through the air:
-->'''Lang:''' I know you may not have realized this, but...\\
''Shih-na shows up out of nowhere so they can both [[MundaneMadeAwesome dramatically]] [[GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger point]] in unison''\\
'''Lang:''' ...[[CaptainObvious people can't fly]].\\
'''Edgeworth:''' Of course I know that! That's [[DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch bloody]] common sense!
* Lang sends one of his subordinates to ask for permission to examine the Primidux Statue. When the latter hesitates, Lang's habit of reciting the proverbs of his ancestor produces this gem.
-->'''Lang''': Lang Zi says: ... JUST GO ALREADY!

!!Ace Attorney: Investigations 2


[[folder: General ]]

* Sebastian accidentally slapping himself in the face with his own baton when he's caught off-guard ([[TheDitz which is often]]) never gets old. ''[[ComedicSociopathy Ever]]''.
** On a less sadistic note, his surprised animation is both adorable and cute, because his IdiotHair, carefully crafted into the shape of a question mark, stands straight up like an exclamation point.


[[folder: Turnabout Target ]]

* Almost everything Nicole Swift does. [[spoiler: [[MoodWhiplash Well, until she becomes a suspect, that is.]]]] In particular, try presenting her own tape recorder to her during the right-side audience investigation.
* Kay's ''entrance''.
* When asked [[spoiler: which evidence was tampered with]] towards the end, selecting "the bullet", despite giving you a penalty, causes a pretty hilarious conversation.
* Huang admitting he hid under the bed after the assassination attempt [[spoiler: even though ''he knew it was fake'' '''because he's terrified of the sound of guns''']] is particularly hilarious in the Let's Translate, where it goes like so:
--> '''Huang:''' But I hate the sound of guns! They're so scary! What do you want from me?
--> ''*awkward silence*''
--> '''Nicole:''' ...[[RageQuit There's no way I can make an article out of this.]]
* After Huang breaks down, his character turns from resembling a lion to resembling a St. Bernard...
* When you talk to Winston Payne, he makes an offer that you can see him in his office at any time. However, he is only called "Prosecutor" at the top of the dialogue box. After Edgeworth thanks Payne for his offer, he thinks, "Who is this guy again?"


[[folder: The Imprisoned Turnabout ]]

* When searching for [[spoiler: the missing metal weights]], Edgeworth tells Gumshoe to use his one of his "Seven Secret Weapons"...and instead of [[spoiler:the metal detector]], Gumshoe eagerly pulls out...a fishing pole.
* The BaitAndSwitch buildup to Raymond [[spoiler: greeting Edgeworth as Manfred von Karma.]]
* Any testimony by Sebastian, period. But the first one still stands out, as most players ''really'' don't see its sheer absurdity coming. [[BGMOverride His theme even plays over it!]]
* Justine "overruling" what is essentially a ''pickup line'' from [[ChivalrousPervert Raymond]].
* Sahwit returns, and true to form, ''smacks Edgeworth with his toupee!''
* Edgeworth and Raymond rushing to help Kay, the crisis music kicking in and everything... only to find her being ''smacked by an elephant.'' Then Raymond trying to get a hug from Regina, only to yell as the elephant hits him too.
* Present incorrect evidence when cross-examining Patricia Roland and you get this exchange:
-->'''Edgeworth:''' Warden, would you have a look at this evidence?
-->'''Patricia:''' What's this, Edgey. You want my attention so badly?
-->'''Edgeworth:''' No, I didn't mean...
-->'''Patricia:''' I'll give you as many hugs as you like!
-->'''Raymond:''' [[TheGlomp Miles, run!]]
-->'''Edgeworth:''' O...kay.
* At one point, Edgeworth has to talk to Simon Keyes, but Simon finds Edgeworth so intimidating that Kay has to talk on Edgeworth's behalf. At one point, Edgeworth starts thinking of questions that Kay asks...''without being told first.''
-->'''Edgeworth:''' (Is Kay...stealing my thoughts?)
-->'''Kay:''' No, they're just written on your face!
-->'''Edgeworth:''' ''(Reacts)''
* Shortly after meeting Raymond, Edgeworth wants to know about the room. So he asks Raymond, who gives three (wrong) options which spawn three amusing conversations. Here's what happens if you say "Lecture Room":
-->'''Edgeworth''': ''(to Raymond)'' This room... was where the body was found. Do you know anything about it?
-->'''Raymond''': Ah, this room, eh? Here's a pop quiz for our prodigy prosecutor. Which one of these three is the name of this room?
--> Options are "Lecture Room", "Morgue", and "Entertainment Room"
-->'''Edgeworth''': ''(folding his arms and looking unimpressed)'' ... The Lecture Room?
-->'''Raymond''': ''(with feigned surprise animation)'' So they tied up Knightley-boy and lectured him to death? ''(claps)'' As expected of Prosecutor Edgeworth! You sure have an eye for the details! ''(grinning)'' Well, lets reveal the correct answer! Prosecutor Edgeworth's answer is... Wrong! ''(failure sound effect)'' The correct answer is the Workroom.
-->'''Edgeworth''': ''(still looking unimpressed)'' ...
-->'''Edgeworth''': (all three choices were wrong. I hate it when he does that.)


[[folder: The Inherited Turnabout ]]

* Edgeworth asking ''Larry Butz'' to point out an error in Sebastian's argument. He does, easily.
** Hell, even [[TheDitz Larry]] calls Sebastian an idiot. Like one Youtube comment says: "When Larry Butz calls you an idiot, you know that you have a problem with yourself."
---> '''Larry:''' Hey Edgey... Don't you think this prosecutor is kind of an idiot?
---> '''Edgeworth:''' Indeed. Although I known him for a short time, his logic is always absurd.
* Sebastian gives us this gem:
-->'''Sebastian:''' [[EurekaMoment I get it now...! Yeah. That's it!]]
-->'''Edgeworth:''' Huh... what did you realize?
-->'''Sebastian:''' [[InsaneTrollLogic The victim committed suicide! And he thought he'd look refined if he died in an art gallery!]]
-->'''Edgeworth:''' ................
* The [=DeLite=] couple planning their next heist, with Ron in his [[TooDumbToLive Mask de Masque outfit]].
* The intro scene with Badd meeting Shields, and the slightly concerned sprite they chose for Gregory to explain about Shields' odd paper-eating habit, as well as Badd's surprised reaction. All the while, Shields is standing off to the side, nonchalantly eating the paper describing Badd. Apparently, it tastes "kinda bitter".
* If Edgeworth presents the wrong evidence when asked to show the poison gas's origins, the player gets this gem:
-->'''Justine''': ...Sebastian, don't get too close to Mr. Edgeworth. His foolish logic will make you dizzy... I find it poisonous, and even guilty.
-->'''Sebastian''': ...... (Cue animated surprised expression where he ''actually scoots away from Edgeworth'')
-->'''Edgeworth''': (He actually backed off...)
* Jeff's introduction to [[spoiler: Gregory]] and Raymond involves him singing a song. The detention guard next to him...is doing jazz hands. Then they do the song again only this time [[spoiler: Gregory]] gives this remark :
--> [[spoiler: '''Gregory''']]: (I got caught up in their song myself.)


[[folder: The Forgotten Turnabout ]]

* When Franziska Von Karma meets Sebastian Debeste. The guy can't finish a sentence without getting whipped. He even himself lampshades it, and gets whipped for it.
* Examining the WingedUnicorn statue on the Big Tower roof leads to a completely irrelevant and hilarious bit of dialogue. The title of the stature turns out to be "Contradiction". The memetic popularity of a certain show makes it HilariousInHindsight.
* Karin and Bonnie's BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine where the former whacks the latter's round hair bun from behind like a speedball and the latter conks the former from her blind spot with her walking stick.
* When Kay [[spoiler: lost her memory]], Edgeworth attempted to get her to remember the names of completely mundane everyday things, but she managed to turn them all into thief-related stuff.
* Franziska meeting with Lotta again. Not only does Franziska absolutely remember Lotta, but she ''hates'' her. Of course, it's a matter of seconds before Franziska whips her and they're both cheesed off. Made funnier by Ema and Edgeworth commenting on it from the peanut gallery.
-->'''Ema''': *nonchalant thinking face* ... Ms von Karma seems to really dislike Lotta.
-->'''Edgeworth''': *with his arms folded and his eyes closed, evidently bored* ... I can't say she's fond of her.
* Lotta's running animation.


[[folder: The Grand Turnabout ]]

* The case begins with a crime scene suggesting an interesting yet sadly implausible murder: [[spoiler:the president of Zheng Fa being stomped on by a {{kaiju}}]]. Edgeworth has to repeatedly remind Kay that this is probably not the case.
* When Sebastian has to [[spoiler: find evidence his father threw out.]]
* Justine [[NotSoStoic calling Lang a werewolf]]. Especially since it's so otherwise out-of-character for her.
* Try examining the rabbit and tortoise-shaped play equipment during the [[spoiler: SS-5 orphanage recreation]]. Kay's version of the Tortoise and the Hare fable [[CloudCuckooLander has to be seen to be believed.]]
* The final boss's breakdown, in which [[spoiler: he gets the crap beaten out of him by the circus animals.]]
* Present the Yatagarasu Badge to Lang and watch as Kay and Lang argue over whether crows or wolves are stronger like children in rival fandoms.
* As usual, every time Franziska gets ''royally cheesed off'', it's hilarious. Somehow even moreso than before due to her CharacterDevelopment making her genuinely kinder and more patient. When she finds out two key pieces of evidence are missing and they're luckily granted a 15 minute recess due to Shields' quick thinking, she makes her presence known off camera by a number of sound effects that either indicate her stomping about, which is hilarious on its own, or hitting Shields (though there is no whip sound effect). Edgeworth calmly notes, "... And here comes another noisy individual."