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* From the manga story "Turnabout With the Wind":
** After Winston Payne goes over the weather conditions on the night of the murder.
-->'''Maya''': Yeah, it was really windy, and it started pouring a little before nine... We couldn't leave the office. I thought I was gonna starve to death.\\
'''Phoenix''': You're exaggerating. It stopped after a nhour.\\
'''Maya''': Well you were the one crying and screaming, "I'm scared! It's the end of the world!"\\
'''Phoenix''': Sh-shut up! You don't have to tell everyone!\\
'''Judge''': The defense will keep their lovers' spats outside of the courtroom.\\
'''Phoenix''': Y... Yes, your honor...
** Larry's reason for trying to resist arrest:
-->'''Larry''': I ''had'' to run! That was right when they were gonna catch the culprit in the cop show I was watching!! I figured at least ''one'' of us should get away...!!\\
(''VisibleSilence from the gallery, as Phoenix {{facepalm}}s.'')\\
'''Maya''': Cop show...
* In "Turnabout Gallows", Phoenix and Maya look through Robin Wolfe's sketches, which he admits aren't very good, attempting to praise an admittedly cute calico cat and what appears to be a comical octopus, "with eyebrows and everything." It's a self-portrait. Phoenix quickly changes the subject.
* [[ A non-canon bonus chapter]] [[ in Volume 3]] of the official manga showed what would happen if Franziska whipped someone harshly [[RealityEnsues in real life.]] [[SubvertedTrope Well,]] [[DoubleSubvertedTrope almost.]]