* The motto for [[http://project-apollo.net/mos/mos056.html a recovering mad scientist's consultant agency]].

[[folder: "We'll show you, we'll show you all." ]]

* How do you know your head-mounted computer is really good? When you hack into and decrypt a professional data-forwarding service's database ''[[http://project-apollo.net/mos/mos077.html by accident]]''.
* There is a ''slight'' flaw in [[spoiler:Mad Scientist!Ben's]] [[http://project-apollo.net/mos/mos248.html plan]] to destroy the Vorstellen Police without leveling the city he's in.
-->'''[[spoiler:Mukhali]]:''' Why don't we use the geodynamic ray? That'll get that Vorstellen cop off our tails!\\
'''[[spoiler:Ben]]:''' What, and destroy the very city we've come to conquer? No, we'll get out onto the regolith and ''then'' paste him!\\
'''[[spoiler:Djaya]]:''' Without our spacesuits?\\
'''[[spoiler:Ben]]:''' ''[throws down his electric bullhorn]'' '''Dammit!'''