* "On the Road Again"
** While the Tanners and ALF are cooped up inside the motorhome while it's raining.
-->'''Alf:''' Is it me, or are [[TheWallsAreClosingIn the walls closing in]]?\\\
'''Willie:''' We'll see you later.\\
''[The Tanners nearly stepped out to go jogging. Thunder comes. They come back in.]''\\
'''Alf:''' Welcome back.\\\
'''Alf:''' I vote we go home.\\
'''Willie:''' You're not voting on this!\\
'''Alf:''' Call the newspapers! Democracy is dead!\\\
'''Alf:''' I'm out of here! I'm history! ''[opens the door. DramaticThunder.]'' [[OhCrap I'm going to die.]]
** "Look it up!"
** "I'm not an anteater. I'm a... magical creature, of the forest."
* In "Lookin' Through the Window", Alf thought a neighbor was building an A-bomb in his basement (it was actually a pool heater). Near the end of the episode, it's revealed [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike Mr. Ochmonek thought the exact same thing]].
** A cop comes into Trevor's house, having picked up a tip from one "Willie Tanner".
-->'''Willie:''' Why does Alf always use my name?
* Alf is accused of eating the cat because it's disappeared.
-->'''Alf:''' Maybe it got sucked into a parallel dimension.