* Young Calogero's confessional.
-->'''Priest''': Wait. Can you back up a bit?\\
'''Young C''': I ate meat on Friday once?\\
'''Priest''': Not that one. Back up a little more.\\
'''Young C''': About witnessing a murder?\\
'''Priest''': Yeah, that's the one. Do you realize what you said?\\
'''Young C''': It was only once!
* In the opening narration Calogero talks about how at night you could hear the sounds of young Italian men wooing their women - cue a man drving slowly alongside his wife/girlfriend shouting "Honey, will you just get in the fucking car?!"
* As Sonny trains Calogero to play craps, he keeps sending his cronies, one by one, into the single-stall bathroom so as to clear the room of bad luck and distractions. The scene almost plays like something out of a slapstick comedy; as Calogero keeps throwing the dice, the guys crammed inside the bathroom wriggle around uncomfortably to peek out and see if they can finally escape their claustrophobic confines.