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* Why would supposedly savvy Columbus let other people get the drop on him twice? He knows all about zombies, ''not'' people.
* Pacific Playland:
** Why does Wichita do something as rock stupid as turn on all the lights and music in an amusement park, when you think she'd know that that will just attract every zombie within miles? Is she trying to get herself killed? ''Yes, she is.'' They've come all this way, betrayed and abandoned so much just to make it this far, and Pacific Playland isn't really a survivors' colony but just another abandoned building. There's nothing left to fight for or hope for that she can see, so all they can do is eat, drink, and ride the merry-go-round, for that night she and her sister will die.
** Having done quite a bit of acting in her con days, Wichita could have been acting scared to avoid cluing Little Rock in on her DeathSeeker tendencies. Outright letting her little sister know would just make things worse, as Little Rock might not share the same desire for death as her older, "wiser" sister.
** Alternatively, Pacific Playland is to her what Twinkies are to Tallahassee - the last reminder of her old life she has left. And her only weakness. She just didn't think her actions through because she just wanted one last taste of her old life.
** How would someone like Tallahassee know whether Pacific Playland "totally blows"? [[spoiler:He's been there, with his son. And thanks to that, he's got a game plan for zombie-killin' there at the end of the movie, and even knows where the Twinkies are kept.]] That might be why [[spoiler:he's seemingly so comfortable with the prospect of dying -- he's consoled by the memory of happier times with his son, and all the more enthusiastic about avenging him.]]
* In Columbus' flashback, he is shown playing ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''. Close examination shows that he played as a Night Elf, a race belonging to the Alliance. Apparently Columbus has been battling the Undead long before they came to his doorstep.
--> "Help Zombies are after me."\\
[[ComicallyMissingThePoint "I'll bring my hammer!"]]
* The rules that Columbus keeps writing down could easily be compiled into, say, a [[Literature/TheZombieSurvivalGuide survival guide]]. One wonders if the character's real name is Max.
* Columbus didn't have Rule 31 (Check the Backseat) until after the incident in Garland. Because Rule 32 is something he picks up not long after with Tallahassee.
* The climax is a send-up of zombie games - there's Tallahassee on the rail shooter sections on the roller coaster and the tilt-a-whirl, Columbus in the claustrophobic survival horror section in the haunted house, and the girls on the high ride with the co-op HoldTheLine-style game.

* TheReveal about [[spoiler: Tallahassee's son]] is worse than initially apparent. [[spoiler: Consider how unlikely a clean or quick death would be.]] And consider [[spoiler: who would have to put the resulting zombie down.]]