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* In ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', during the 4th Council of Doom, Dartz demands Mai Valentine's dick, but that makes sense only when Marik said in the 1st Council of Doom, "There are no women in Yu-Gi-Oh! There are only extremely girly men!" On a second thought, that might be FridgeHorror.
** In fact, that would also explain why Mai and Serenity have male voices...... Again, that might be Fridge Horror.
** But Dartz wanted her (card) DECK, it was his pronunciation issues that made it sound like he said the other word so your point is moot.
** Well, one of the henchmen did [[VomitIndiscretionShot vomit]] when Dartz said that.
* In [=BBT=] Abridged, Jaden obsesses over Paradox attacking Venice. Why? Because Yusei said if he could tell him why they were in Venice he'd let him ride his motorcycle. Jaden's trying to find out to take up Yusei's offer.
* Although (possibly?) unintentional, Shadi's hatred of the Jews does make sense... [[spoiler: After all, he was around when they disobeyed his Pharaoh and brought down all those plagues...]]
** Also, he's a parody of the character Borat, who shares his IrrationalHatred of Jews and his distinctive catchphrases.
** Why does Celtic Guardian seem to hate the Blue Eyes White Dragon so much? Remember when Yugi and Kaiba last dueled? Blue Eyes destroyed Celtic Guardian and defeated Yugi. He still has a grudge.
** On the subject of Dragons, Yugi makes fun of Kaiba's fetish for dragons, one season later we learn about his hot dragon girlfriend from his past life.
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LdCophxHgk this]] video, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past From the Future claims that there is no deity. At first, this causes [[FridgeLogic a bit of confusion]] given that there ''are'' gods in the story's universe, as confirmed by Shadi, but just think back to when Kaiba first saw the ghost. He specifically said he ''really'' needed to lay off the drugs. Therefore, the ghost is just a product of Kaiba's subconscious and is only echoing what he himself believes since, by his own admission, he is "the most skeptical person on the planet".
* By Season 3 everyone seems to reference the real world a lot (even for the show standards). In other words they're BreakingTheFourthWall. The same Fourth Wall that collapsed during the Season 2 Finale.
* In Florence's DayInTheLimelight, the first thing he does is break up with Zorc because he says he's started seeing another villain, one who doesn't want to destroy the world. What happened to him in the previous episode? He met [[PokeThePoodle Marik]] [[TransparentCloset Ishtar]], whose most evil plan to date is pushing Yugi Mutou off a boat.
** Also in this episode, Florence seems to contradict his bieng gay and ''not'' British by telling a story about how he got his British accent. Said story is a reference to the speeches the Joker made about how he got his scars in The Dark Knight, all of which are different, and therefore, probably made up. Well that must mean that Florence's story is ''also'' made up, and he truly is, as he said, gay and not British!
*** Yami Bakura is not British - he's [[spoiler:ancient Egyptian]]. (And gay.) That's FridgeBrilliance in and of itself!
* Téa is upset when she finds out the spoiler for the last Harry Potter book (she ships Harry/Hedwig), this is a good year before the book came out. Book comes out and Hedwig dies one chapter in. No wonder she was so upset...
** Téa, a self-described shipper, is the one shown giving Marik's Millennium Item to Florence.
* In episode 46 "Melvin'd" Bakura mentions that Zork got a job in "The sweet life of Zork and Cody". Four episodes prior Zack fell off the blimp and they needed a replacement.
* In episode 36, Marik said that, if the fanfiction he's read is correct, the one Yugi loves most is Joey, and seemed shocked when Odion suggested that he loved Téa. Why? Because ever since he's a kid he's been a YaoiFanboy.
* At first, Season Zero Abridged Episode 2 looks like it provides a straight up continuity error when Tristan angrily shouts at Yugi that his parents are dead. Then you remember the rest of the seasons are the [[MoralGuardians 4Kids Censored Versions.]] In other words, they were were able to be alive during Episode 41 because NeverSayDie was in effect.
** I'm to believe Season Zero is an Alternate Universe, so it doesn't make a difference.
* In "Pharaoh's throne" The Pharaoh asks if Lady Gaga is an egyptian god. He may have been refering to Hapi, who is decifered as a hermaphodite in Ancient Egypt! Intentional, it's awesome that LK is researching, unintentional? Awesome!
* In Episode 52, why does Duke hate the song "99 Duel Monsters Cards on the Wall"? Because it's the song Tristan kept singing while they were ''dangling over the edge of the blimp'' in Episode 41.
* In episode 55 Seto calls Noa “Munchkin”, it could be a jab at his height, it can also be because munchkin is a term used to describe players so dead set on wining that resort to creative in their interpretations of rules or outright cheating if they thing they won’t get caught. Which it’s easy if you literally control the world.

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* Probably deliberate and PlayedForLaughs, but this exchange from Episode 25 definitely qualifies:
-->'''Tristan:''' Your sister's the sexiest thing I've ever seen! I'm going to sleep with her!
-->'''Joey:''' If you do, I'll kill you with my bare hands.
-->'''Tristan:''' ''You're just jealous!''
* Episode 52. Gozaburo chooses to use all his money for weapons of mass-destruction, Kaiba of all people responded with "That insane!", this is the guy who blackmailed a company into giving him money.
* In Season Zero 2 Kaiba comes across as an overly cheerful StepfordSmiler with hints of EmptyShell in there. It's hilarious until we see that in this continuity MOKUBA [[EnfanteTerrible is the bad guy]]. What do you think "[[BigBad Emperor]]" [[SmugSnake Mokuba]] [[BigBrotherBully might have done to him]] to turn him into...''[[StepfordSmiler that]]''?
*** He even shows hints of being a masochist.
-->'''Pharaoh:''' So Kaiba, are you ready to enter a world of pain?
-->'''Kaiba:''' Sounds delightful.
* Fridge TearJerker: So much of Marik and Florence's WillTheyOrWontThey is PlayedForLaughs. It becomes less funny once you take a closer look and/or read ''Marik and Bakura Go To [CENSORED] Town''. Marik is miles deep in his TransparentCloset and ImplausibleDeniability. Florence, meanwhile, is a DoggedNiceGuy Type 2 who genuinely cares for Marik, but simply cannot read Marik's feelings since the latter is the MasterOfTheMixedMessage. All this is [[{{Gayngst}} painfully familiar]] to many who've been on the wrong side of IncompatibleOrientation; doubly so if their crush [[AmbiguouslyGay actually MIGHT]] [[AmbiguouslyBi be interested]]. But how would Little Kuriboh know about that, let alone care enough to work it into the plot? [[BiTheWay oh... wait]].
* In Episode 45, Marik reveals that Melvin was created as his imaginary friend to "give him all the hugs he ever needed". Heartrending in itself, then you realize that Melvin uses "hug" as a euphemism for "fatal stabbing", which means Marik was suicidal at around age 10.
** Also, the OmnicidalManiac Melvin is eerily willing to kill Marik off on a whim, despite admitting that there's a good chance this will mean his own end too. He describes himself as "[[JustForPun Die-Curious]]''. That's right, he decides to gamble with his own life even before he gets the chance to kill his main targets just because. (Contrast this with his canon self, for whom this was never a danger and who always defaulted to self-preservation.)
* Noah's {{Leitmotif}} towards the end of the series is ''Mad World'' - specifically, the remix used in ''DonnieDarko'' (the song, FYI, was originally by ''Music/TearsForFears''). A viewer might dismiss it as [[StandardSnippet just a stock "sad song"]]... until they remember the lyrics. The song's bemused narrator reflects on how he can't connect with other people or find meaning in the world around himself, and mentions that his favorite dreams are the ones in which he dies. ''Noah is trapped in a fake world full of fake things and people because he's an AI. Nothing he can do here makes any difference.'' These things gave rise to his LackOfEmpathy. His story ends with a [[DeconstructedTrope debatably]] HeroicSacrifice. ...[[TearJerker ouch]].