* After reading the last chapter of ''Manga/XxxHolic'', something hit me in relation to the symbols Yuko and Watanuki used to represent themselves, a butterfly and bird respectively. Back in the volume two, when Yuko had folded a butterfly to track someone, she mentioned that it could also become a bird if it had to travel farther. Meanwhile, in the completely different Creator/{{Clamp}} series Manga/{{Chobits}} from years back, Zima ends that series mentioning that children were meant to surpass their parents. Watanuki isn't meant to just be a cheap replacement- He may not be Yuuko's son, but he's her successor through and through, and one day he'll be more powerful than she ever was. Also, Clamp is ''really'' big on keeping track of their multiverse's rules. Tropers/{{Zashiki-Warashi}}
** Something hit me as I was reading this; Tanpopo. The little bird that Watanuki hatched and gave to Himawari.[[{{Shipping}} Regardless of your ship]] Watanuki gave something of ''himself'', (i.e. his symbol) to her in the hopes of making her happy.
** When the series gained the tagline "Rou" (meaning "cage") it was obvious that it referred to how the shop had become a cage that Watanuki was trapped in... but then he ''really'' became "the bird in a cage" when he decided the bird would be his symbol.
* The FacelessMasses. The fact that people outside of the main cast and Yuuko's customers are always depicted this way [[spoiler: foreshadows that Watanuki can't remember the faces of anyone else. ''This is how he literally sees them''.]]

!!! Fridge Horror
* Yuuko has probably seen Watanuki die [[spoiler: hundreds of times because of the stable time loop in Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle]]