* Eldore has to [[spoiler: sacrifice his youth to travel to the future, but traveling to the past for the main party without any reprecussions apparently only requires a specific magic book.]] Why is that? [[spoiler: When our characters go to the past, they're not changing the course of history's events, but just retrieving objects. Eldore came to make sure that the good guys won, and they might not have were it not for him.]]

* Despite no longer being in [[spoiler: control of Leonard's body]], Madoras still can [[spoiler: use the White Knight when your avatar is fighting him.]]
* The Sun King was supposedly Madoras's personal Knight, but Grazel is its pactmaker and for whatever reason, Madoras [[spoiler: hid the main fragment of his soul within Wizel rather than Adolmaea.]]
** Ledom just told Grazel that to improve his lie that Grazel was Madoras's reincarnation, since he already knew Grazel was the pact-maker for Adolmaea.
* It just occurred to me: The Player Avatar is a parody of self-inserts heroes- they purposely made him a side-character as a way of messing around with the typical 'put myself as the hero' players.
** Until he really became the most important character in the whole series....if you're japanese.
* Leonard has to defeat the Umbral Spirit Phantom before taking control of the White Knight. It's only after you beat him that he states that Leonard is worthy of a pact, but later on in the story [[spoiler: it's revealed that Leonard has been Wizel's pacemaker since infancy, and for ''ten millennia'' on top of that. So why didn't it immediately respond with, "Hey! Longtime no see!"]] Somehow I get the feeling that this game went through some rewrites, but the writers forgot to go back and change certain things...
** the Umbral Spirit was the biggest fragment of Madoras's soul and wanted to test if the incoming host had potential to be his vessel. Hence why it looks similar to the Demon-Knight and uses weak versions of Demon-knight's moves.
* ''Origins'' introduces '''tons''' of this.
** The White Knight talks despite supposedly being [[spoiler: controlled by Leonard as an infant.]]
** The Black Knight is ''not'' in fact controlled by [[spoiler: baby Kara, but some Grazel lookalike.]]
** Apparently the White Knight [[spoiler: pulled a HeelFaceTurn and saved Mureas before being sealed away. So if it helped save the day, then why was it sealed?]]
*** All the knights were sealed when Mureas destroyed the Demon Kight, which Madoras had fused into after the tide of battle had turned against him due to the betrayal of Wizel. It shattered the demon-knight back into it's component knights, "killing" Madoras by trapping/scattering his soul amongst all the knights, and the strain of which is what killed Queen Murias.

* The opening of ''Origins.'' You know that [[spoiler: baby Leonard is in that Knight that's destroying your home town.]]
* The fact that Yshrenia used newborn infants to power the Incorrupti is frightening enough, but what must have been going through their parents minds at the time?