Fridge Brilliance: the math doesn't bear out there being 1560 hexes on the Well World. . . unless you realize that since the people who built it were the masters of their own reality and after doing things like building planet-sized computers and controlling the very laws of physics to enforce technology barriers and create universes, it wouldn't be difficult to stretch space inside the hexes. In other words, the hexes really are hundreds of kilometers across, but not until you're inside them. From the outside they're shrunken down to fit on the planet. Anything else the author says could just be Chalker assuming we know or can figure out more than he tells us.
* No, the math doesn't bear out there being a ''pattern'' of 1560 hexes, regardless of how much bigger they are on the inside. The tesselation doesn't work.
* It is, however, stated more than once in-universe that the Well World isn't actually covered entirely in regular hexagons. In addition to the Zones, the border, and the border hexes, this troper seems to recall it being mentioned in at least one of the books that many of the hexes aren't actually regular hexagons.
* Still doesn't matter. Look at the series and you see how the tesselation works, including the non-hexagonal "hexes" at the equator and polar regions. You can't get 1560 regions to cover the map.
** The Well is literally a computer that controls reality. It can do whatever the hell it wants to.