[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* On a bonus clip for the DVD of ''[[WesternAnimation/ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnythingAVeggieTalesMovie The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything]]'', one of Elliot's fears is Buzz-saw Louie. Elliot is played by Larry. In ''The Toy that Saved Christmas'', Larry is standing right next to Louie the first time Louie ever brings out his buzz-saw, and while Louie was perfectly justified in doing so under the circumstances, he didn't warn Larry that he was going to beforehand, and having someone bring out a sharp pointy object right next to you without warning you would be a very nerve-wracking experience. It makes sense he'd appear on a list of things a character played by Larry was afraid of.
* In "Dave and the Giant Pickle" (a retelling of the David and Goliath account), while David is singing about how with God's help, "I know I can do big things!", he momentarily hops up on King Saul[=/=]Archibald Asparagus' seat. It may be nothing, but it could also be a subtle {{foreshadowing}} of David later taking over the throne through God's help.
** In the same episode, the French Peas call King Saul's men, "Pigs". [[StealthInsult Seeing how pork isn't kosher....]]
* The entire show is about the [[StealthPun Fruits of the Spirit.]]
* Pa Grape's transition from white trash to AmbiguouslyJewish was followed by him primarily appearing in [[Literature/TheBible Old Testament]] episodes (for those who don't know, the Old Testament is the Jewish scripture, known to the Jews as the Tanakh).


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Veggies eating veggies:
** In "Sweetpea Beauty," the titular character, played by Petunia Rhubarb, is singing a cute little song about how not so nice or pretty things like bees and mud are useful and are in some way beautiful. Then she sings a line about peeling an onion. In a world populated by sentient vegetables.
** In the song ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldnLxqCo3dU Pizza Angel]]'' Larry spends the song desiring his pizza, with TOMATO sauce.
** At the end of "Where's God When I'm S-scared?", Qwerty accidentally shows a recipe for yummy meatloaf instead of a Bible verse. The recipe says to use half an onion.
** WordOfGod is that it's okay to eat non-sentient food items; presumably the onions and the tomato sauce weren't sentient.
** "Moe and the Big Exit" has the "river of blood" plague be "river of tomato juice", presumably ''sentient'' tomato juice given that Bob's character falls over in a dead faint when the substance is identified.
*** [[FridgeBrilliance What else would the VeggieTales equivalent of blood be but the fruit and vegetable juice of the sentient characters?]] Sure it's morbid in context but no more morbid than the original tale when translated back to human terms.
* The "Island of [[TickleTorture Perpetual Tickling]]" mentioned in ''Esther'' is intended to be a G-rated version of the hangings in the original Bible story, but once you know that there have been at least ten recorded cases in RealLife of people [[DieLaughing dying of laughter]], it doesn't take too long to realize that being banished there would be a very painful way to die.
** Ditto for the babies floating "up the river" in "Moe and the Big Exit": the baskets would likely be soaked and sink, causing the babies to drown.

[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* "...How are we clapping?" "I have no idea."
** [[RunningGag That one comes up a lot.]] For example, before the intro song, Larry points out to Bob that he can't play the guitar because he has no hands. One wonders how he can change notes on the tuba...
*** This can be done by varying your embouchure, although this requires a tremendous amount of facial strength and control for a tuba.
** And yet in Lord of the Beans, when Ear-o'-Corn is doing his Elvis impersonation, he does play the guitar without hands!