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* As in many western [=RPG=]s, there is a Haggle skill that can get you better prices in stores. But what use is haggling in modern-day America, where prices are fixed? It seems silly until you realise that every single "store" in the game is one where haggling would logically be permitted. You buy things from a pawn shop and out of the back of a truck. Even the petrol station's gear is being sold "unofficially" by one of the employees.
* A fine example is examplified by the Voerman sisters. Therese, who claims to have sired Jeanette, is acting in a manner completely different from her sister and childe, acting in a typical Ventrue manner and personality while her sister is anything but. Then it is revealed that the two are actually two distinct personalities of the same person, who turns out to be Malkavian. This also justifies how the two personalities fit into the stereotypes of two completely different clans in spite of the fact that one sired the other, in that she obviously has a few screws loose to connect the two personalities under the same bloodline.
** Also, there's a good chance the player will realize the StealthPun at work before the PlayerCharacter brings it up in dialogue: [[spoiler:the Lunatics [in this case, a nickname for Clan Malkavian] are running The Asylum]].
* While the were-shark quest may seem to come out of nowhere, by the book canon, it is surprisingly through and plausible. The wereshark is a Same-Bito, a hengeyokai variant of the Rokea (weresharks). Same-Bito, unlike regular rokea, have taken time to try and adapt to the life on the surface. Hengeyokai also are far more likely to deal with Kuei-Jin on neutral terms, unlike western shifters and kindred.
* Why does [=LaCroix=] insist that you look at him when you tell him that you saw [[spoiler:Nines Rodriguez]] leaving Grout's mansion? Dominate requires eye contact, and the Prince wants to be absolutely sure he's getting the truth of the matter.
** [[FridgeBrilliance Or that you remember seeing what he wanted you to see.]]
* The Elisabeth Dane, a ship where the Ankharan Sarcophagus was discovered had all it's crew slaughtered before the rest of the plot happened. The endings in which you discover what is in the sarcophagus seem to come out of nowhere unless you remember that [[spoiler: Jack used to be a pirate.]] Yes, that, turns out to have been an actual hint.
* The entire Malkavian route is full of Fridge Brilliance, because a good part of the story is hidden away in the twisted conversations before anything happens. In theory, you could know the outcome very early just by paying careful attention to the dialogue. Also, the weird "tuna-joke" the newscaster tells a Malkavian player? It's exactly what is happening, and might yet happen. Even the chess-motif is similar to the mail you get.
* Why are VV's poems so terrible? Because, even though she's a Toreador who appreciates beauty more than other vampires, she's still undead, and most of them have lost the creative spark in the Embrace. Or maybe it's because she's a stripper, not a poet.
* Why does Grout take so long to develop the madness of his clan? Answer, he doesn't. Later mentions of hearing voices are separate to his true insanity, which is his "infatuation with reason" as he puts it. A less charitable description would be a sociopath who grows increasingly more cold and clinical in his thinking while distancing himself from emotions.
** There's a further layer of fridge brilliance there: what could be the greatest possible madness to afflict a Malkavian, who have incurable insanity as their [[GangOfHats hat]]? Being absolutely convinced that he is the OnlySaneMan, of course. This leads to yet another layer of fridge brilliance regarding the voices he hears: so far from being random babblings, they are a fine example of paranoia-as-heightened-awareness - truly an ironic affliction for someone who believes himself to see the truth more clearly than anyone else. The final layer comes when one realizes that [[spoiler:even this heightened awareness was a falsehood - the greatest danger to him came from Ming-Xiao, not [=LaCroix=]]].
* So, there are Werewolves, notorious for their hatred of vampires, that are hanging out in Griffith park? Why haven't they attacked the city before now? [[spoiler: Especially when an Antediluvian is about to rise?]] Answer: [[spoiler: The sarcophagus contains only explosives, and the werewolves, with their spiritual powers know that. Hence, they have more important things to do then mess with a few vampires in a city.]]
* The game makes a huge deal out of maintaining the Masquerade, to the point that when you accrue enough violations your game is immediately over. How, then, does that explain the Sheriff's Chiropteran form on top of Venture Tower? That's clearly a MASSIVE Masquerade violation, well in the view of several hundred people in adjacent buildings at least. But think about it. [[JudgeJuryandExecutioner Who punishes Masquerade violations?]] [[HangingJudge Prince LaCroix]]. [[SuicideMission Who has been trying to kill you the entire game?]] [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Prince LaCroix]]. [[OhCrap Whose office are you a few steps away from?]] [[DirtyCoward Prince LaCroix]]. With the Ventrue being one of the weakest clans in combat and you being a certifiable badass, he's so frightened of you that he's willing to sanction this enormous violation rather than risk having to face you in person since he knows he'll die if that happens.
* It seems strange that a blundering security guard like Chunk should land a high-profile job as the front desk guard of the Venture Building right after screwing up his last job, until you realise that his sole purpose is to be a disarming figurehead for anyone wondering if there's something sinister going on in the building. The front entrance is filled with cameras, there's a small army of heavily-armed guards, a dozen powerful vampires past them, and finally the Sheriff if anyone should get past all that. Chunk's sole duty is to just sit there and look humorously incompetent to throw Hunters off the trail.
* The Santa Monica safehouse has exposed windows and no apparent "safe zone" for a sleeping vampire. [[SuicideMission The prince doesn't plan on you staying the day, does he?]]
* Most of the time, the crazy street preacher in Santa Monica just spits out rather generic-sounding demands that passersby repent in their last hours. However, every now and again, he'll remark "The bones of your ancestors will rise up and reclaim the flesh that they leant their sorry progeny!" In most of the legends concerning Gehenna, the apocalypse is supposed to kick off with the Antediluvians awakening and devouring the younger generations of their clan.
** Also, in several rants, he makes reference to "The Great Worm" under the city, and "worms stripping the foulness from the skull of the earth." Well, werewolves are already featured in the game, so perhaps the [[EldritchAbomination Wyrm]] as well...
* The chess metaphors you're mailed from "a friend" tend to make even more sense if you actually know more than just the basic rules. LaCroix as the white king seems straightforward enough, but consider that the king, despite its critical importance to the game, is extremely weak and vulnerable, and relies on the other pieces to protect it... just like how LaCroix relies on everyone else to play along with his game, and will go down without a fight unless you side with him. Grout is the bishop - technically important and useful under the right circumstances, but also limited in scope and just as useful as a sacrifice. As a Primogen, he's nominally important to the Camarilla hierarchy, but as an insane Malkavian he's unreliable and useless, and very few would miss him, making him a prime subject for trap bait. Finally, the fledgeling as the pawn - commonly acknowledged as the weakest piece, with limited movement and ability; disposable, replaceable, forgettable. But if a pawn manages to survive long enough to cross the whole board, they can become any piece they want to be, and is deep inside enemy territory when that happens. Just like how the fledgeling, at the end of the game, will have a wide spread of powers, abilities, weapons and contacts, and is in a prime position to win the game for any side that they choose to favor. [[spoiler:Also, note that "become any piece they want to be" includes ''enemy pieces'', which is a very questionable gambit, but has actually been part of some winning chess strategies.]]
* After you (finally) retrieve the sarcophagus, there's a cutscene that shows you loading it into the back of a truck. Where have you seen a truck like that before? You borrowed it from Fat Larry, of course! Still doesn't explain how you managed to sneak the sarcophagus out of [[spoiler:the Giovanni mansion]] without being spotted, though.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]
* In the first bounty hunter quest, if Gimble had already [[spoiler: captured [=McGee=] and cut his arms and legs off]], why was he still trying to reach him at the tattoo parlor?
** It's likely [[spoiler:he'd bugged the parlor and wanted to drag in more victims (like people looking for [=McGee=]) by using the phone to contact them.]]
** Also, are we really sure [[spoiler:he did get [=McGree=]]]? I don't remember them actually saying it.
** [[spoiler:Gimble did get [=McGee=]; Carson mentions that Gimble has been mutilating both him and [=McGee=], and after the boss fight with Gimble, you can look in one of the cells and see [=McGee=]'s corpse.]]
* A more serious problem in the same quest. Being able to send [[spoiler:Gimble to Vandal in the blood bank]] is a great idea, but why doesn't it make you lose humanity? OK, Gimble is a serial killer, but when the mentionned dialog option appears, the player character is talking with Gimble in his waiting room and it is the only oportunity to do it. You discover the proofs that Gimble is a serial killer ''after'' this point, when you explore his basement (and speaking with him is no longer possible). You just sent to his death someone you didn't have any reason yet to suspect, so it should have triggered a humanity loss.
** I had already figured out what Gimble was up to by that point, so maybe the game assumes that everyone did?
** You just have ''suspicions'', not the slightest proof. And more, much later in the game, there is another quest (the Wereshark) in which you can skip the boss fight by attacking and killing the main suspect when you just meet him... which this time costs some humanity.
* During the tutorial, at the sequence when Jack teach the player character how to feed from rat blood, a Ventrue player character answers that his/her clan is unable to feed that way. The problem is: how could a just embraced neonate already know this? His/her first contact with kindred society happened less than a hour ago (the opening cutscene) and still lack most of basic information about the kindred societies.
** You gotta remember, clan members tend to pick people like other members of the clan when embracing. Since most Ventrue are high and mighty and a lot are like that before being embraced, the PC could just be recoiling at the idea. Possibly said Clan as instinct?
*** This, and also that Lacroix and/or one of his vampire goons could've given you a very brief debriefing on your clan offscreen.
* A minor one, but still: Lacroix, a former soldier of Napoleon's armies, speaks with a british accent during the whole game... Except any british native person, or anyone acquainted with one, could tell you that this really is nothing more than an fake accent (basically, the words are pronounced in a "british" manner, without the right diction or rythm). Why would they do such a glaring mistake, in a game with otherwise flawless dubs, instead of just hiring a british voice actor?
** Well, one way to see it: the defining idiom of Lacroix is that he is a massively pompous Ventrue jerk. And what better way to hint that than making him talk with an imperfect british posh accent?
*** Alternatively: He learned English in England, but enough of his original French accent remained, and enough of the American accent he is currently immersed in snuck in, to make his accent sound "fake".
*** Very few people, especially those who have moved around a lot, have perfectly identifiable accents. This goes doubly when it comes to languages not native to the speaker. Figuring out someone who has never left Birmingham is from Birmingham by accent alone is one thing, but try figuring out the accent of a Frenchman who learned English from a German teacher at a school in Belgium, listens to British audiobooks and watches American TV.
* How could Vandal be using [[spoiler:Lily]] as a "donor" at the blood bank? Being a vampire, she wouldn't be capable of producing blood.
** This idea might be worthy of FridgeHorror. Maybe she wasn't staying to simply donate. She was being restrained, fed and then drained of her blood. Vandal probably has a good idea of how the blood bond works, and that Vampire blood could be used to replace normal human blood. He could be using [[spoiler:Lily's]] blood to give people blood transfusions, making them become addicted to her and thus be willing to come back. Essentially, he's making it so that there will always be people willing to give blood so he can make a killing off of vampires.