[[folder:Fridge Brilliance]]
* In the first movie, we see at least one human Corvinus-descendant Lucian has had strung up in a rather painful manner and possibly killed. Michael is treated in a much more respectful manner. That doesn't seem to make much sense, until you remember that thanks to Selene, Lucian had to bite Michael to catch him, something that presumably didn't happen to the others. They were humans, and thus disposable, but Michael, as a lycan, can't be treated just any way.
* The Lycans managing [[spoiler:to thrive and exploit non-human prejudice among mankind to their advantage]] in ''Awakening'' make sense when one considers how, unlike Vampires, they can walk in the sunlight, control their werewolf transformations and more successfully pass themselves off as regular humans [[spoiler:making it possible embed themselves into human society with none the wiser]].
** It would also enable them to add to their ranks either by swaying sympathetic humans to their cause and allowing them to be willingly turned or by getting close enough to unsuspecting humans to forcibly turn them.
** Also unlike vampires, Lycans don't actively prey on humans for blood. So it's much easier for lycans to blend in since unlike vampires, they are not an actual threat to humanity.
* Lucian snatching Sonja's pendant and fleeing with it takes on much greater implications once you watch the second film: had he not done so, Victor would've most likely used it to open William's prison and kill the progenitor-Lycan in hope that it would wipe out the slaves who'd TurnedAgainstTheirMasters.

[[folder:Fridge Logic]]
* In ''Blood Wars'', Thomas tells David that [[spoiler: he and Amelia had to hide in the Nordic Coven until David was born, and Thomas had to leave quickly with David because Viktor became suspicious of Amelia's absence and sent Semira to investigate. However, David was born in the 20th century, at which time Viktor would've in hibernation? This could be regarded as a PlotHole, unless Thomas actually meant that Kraven (who was regent of Viktor's coven during his hibernation) sent Semira on ''Viktor's behalf''. If this is the case, it could potentially be FridgeBrilliance, as if Amelia had a living heir, it would pose a threat to Kraven's plans to kill the Elders and take over the covens, thus making perfect sense why he would be suspicious of Amelia]].