[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* ''TwinPeaks'' - I love Dale Cooper and his nutty approach to investigating the murder - throwing rocks at things and using dreams. It wasn't until I read the first comment on [[http://www.ferretbrain.com/articles/article-167 this blog post]] that I realized why he does what he does. Basically, it's all a parody of SherlockHolmes and his rational, logical ilk. They claim to use science and rationality, but everything they do is based on insight and illogical leaps that happen to be true. Cooper uses the least rational investigating techniques on Earth, and he's equally as correct. It puts a new spin on his character - maybe he's actually GenreSavvy, and knows no matter what he does everything he does will lead him closer to the killer - {{Tropers/randomfanboy}}
* Take a good, long look at the opening title screen. The outline of the misty mountain behind the Twin Peaks sign forms what looks like a woman's face, looking up. The shot is framed, from the beginning of the show, [[spoiler:to ''represent Laura looking out from inside the black lodge.'']]
* Gordon Cole yelling at Windom's bonsai tree might me another quirk of his, but he yells because of his deafness. But then [[Tropers/{{Notahandle}} I]] remembered that Cole's hearing aid may had picked up on the bonsai tree's bug, so in essence, he was yelling at the tree on purpose.
* Cooper's habit of giving people a thumbs-up to indicate his assent might initially seem like just another of his endearing quirks, but given that his boss is extremely hard of hearing, it makes sense that he would get into the habit of communicating non-verbally whenever possible.
* The very fact that Laura's line to Cooper in the Season 2 finale about when she'll see him again corresponds ''exactly'' to the length of the gap between that episode...and the upcoming Season 3. Seriously, it's almost as if the "premature" cancellation was Lynch's plan all along...and now he's paying it off! Well played, Mr. Lynch...well played.