[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* The romance between Viola and the Duke Orsino seems a little... mm, lackluster, overly convenient, it seems to pale beside the romance between [[LesYay Viola and Olivia.]] And yet, while I was in the middle of writing about ''Twelfth Night'' for an essay test, it occurred to me that Orsino starts off the play as a real EmoTeen with this over-idealized idea about love, and what Viola does -- plucky, brave, outspoken Viola -- is she shows him that love doesn't have to be this train of sighs and pun-making -- it's about friendship and confidence and being happy with someone else, and ''doing'' things for the person you love. And suddenly ''it all fit.'' And I had a great essay. -- {{Vifetoile}}, proud Twelfth Night fangirl.
* When I watched this, it was strange to me that Sebastian can defeat not only Andrew, but also Toby so easily - Toby does seem as somebody practical and actually should be a good fighter. But then it occurred to me: he had more experience with brawls than with regular fencing fight, he was drunk, and most importantly, he ''still'' assumed "Cesario" was a coward - he completely underestimated Sebastian, otherwise he wouldn't get involved into fight at all! -- SS13
* A classmate wondered why Feste didn't notice that Viola was a girl if he's the smartest character in the play. The teacher said he didn't care, but I said that it was [[ItAmusedMe too fun for him to break up]]. That, and he figured out that she has a reason for it.


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In the original text and in the productions when Viola joins Orsino's court not just masquerading as a boy but as 'an eunuch' - wouldn't Olivia have noticed Sebastian was pretty much *ahem*, intact?
** Cesario is described to Olivia as a boy, and not a eunuch. And it's up to interpretation just ''what'' the two of them get up to in between meeting and marrying. It could have just been a lot of kissing and a tour of the grounds.
* Another Olivia-and-Sebastian plot hole: how did they get married without the subject of Sebastian/Cesario's ''name'' coming up?
** I imagine she kept calling him Cesario and he kept saying, "that's not my name" but she refused to listen and in the end, because of the absurdity of his situation and his loneliness he just went with it.
** There's also the possibility that she just kept calling him things like "my love" and such, never actually referring to him by name.