[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* [[strike: This UnknownTroper]] has always loved Creator/WilliamShakespeare's ''Theatre/TwelfthNight'', more for familiarity's sake than anything else, but always found the romance between Viola and the Duke Orsino to be a little... mm, lackluster, overly convenient, it seems to pale beside the romance between [[LesYay Viola and Olivia.]] And yet, while I was in the middle of writing about ''Twelfth Night'' for an essay test, it occurred to me that Orsino starts off the play as a real EmoTeen with this over-idealized idea about love, and what Viola does -- plucky, brave, outspoken Viola -- is she shows him that love doesn't have to be this train of sighs and pun-making -- it's about friendship and confidence and being happy with someone else, and ''doing'' things for the person you love. And suddenly ''it all fit.'' And I had a great essay. -- {{Vifetoile}}, proud Twelfth Night fangirl
* When I watched this , it was strange to me that Sebastian can defeat not only Andrew , but also Toby so easily - Toby does seem as somebody practical and actually should be a good fighter. But then it occured to me: he had more experience with brawls than with regular fencing fight, he was drunk, and most importantly, he ''still'' assumed "Cesario" was a coward - he completely underestimated Sebastian, otherwise he wouldn't get involved into fight at all! -- SS13


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In the original text and in the productions when Viola joins Orsino's court not just masquerading as a boy but as 'an eunuch' - wouldn't Olivia have noticed Sebastian was pretty much *ahem*, intact?
** Cesario is described to Olivia as a boy, and not a eunuch. And it's up to interpretation just ''what'' the two of them get up to in between meeting and marrying. It could have just been a lot of kissing and a tour of the grounds.
* Another Olivia-and-Sebastian plot hole: how did they get married without the subject of Sebastian/Cesario's ''name'' coming up?