[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* Rhonda's [[spoiler: abandonment of the other children to the zombies.]] On first viewing this appears to be an act of sheer spite. But then, remember what Macey said earlier: [[spoiler: the elevator could only hold three people safely. With Sara being dragged off,]] there were [[spoiler: four children left.]] While Marcy was probably lying, Rhonda probably didn't realize that. So, [[spoiler: she naturally assumed they'd push her out and leave her to die.]]
* A lot of stuff. In particular, look carefully at the chocolate bar that Steven gives Sam, and which character is wearing a class ring.
* Why was Laurie so embarassed about the Red Riding Hood costume and why did her sister and friends laugh when they saw her in it, despite wearing similar costumes? [[spoiler: They're all werewolves. Apparently it's also tradition for a werewolf without her first kill to dress as Red Riding Hood in order to nab it.]]


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Even if Macey and her friends [[spoiler: hadn't been killed by the school bus kids,]] they probably would have [[spoiler: died later anyway when they went home and ate the candy Mr. Wilkins gave them.]]