[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* One possible reason for Ironhide losing his JerkJock streak over time may have had something to do with a shocking realization that he was pulling pranks alongside a 'bot [[spoiler:(Wasp) who, by the end of the '"Autoboot Camp" was (falsely) incriminated as a Decepticon spy.]]
* The concept of "electronic paint-jobs" works well with explaining why Transformers turn gray when they go offline; the paint-job is maintained only as long as they live.
* WordOfGod is that the Autobots are a labour force while the Decepticons are a military force- and thinking about it, they were probably literally ''made'' for these niches. Our main Autobots scan emergency and rescue vehicles (well... kind of. Prime has no engine but he uses flame retardant hoses, and 'bee is ''technically'' a police car) while the 'Cons only choose military vehicles. 'Cons have superior firepower, but the Autobots have superior engineering skills. Kind of squares up with Sumdac's insistence that his company not build war robots.
** While we're at it, the "public protector" aspect of the Autobots is kept by the Elite Guard- many of them take cues from classic superheroes. (Magnus Hammer? Sentinel's shield? Rodimus is effectively a big metal Hawkeye).
* In the two-parter "Human Error," Sari, upon receiving a motor-scooter that transforms into a backpack, says "I was kind of hoping for something with four wheels." Being [[spoiler:part-Cybertronian]], this indicates she wants [[spoiler:to scan an alt-mode]].


[[folder: Fridge Horror ]]

* Professor Princess is a pretty silly character, but ask yourself this-what is a 6 year old girl doing running around Detroit blowing stuff up? [[ChildSoldiers Where did she get all these weapons or learn how to use them?]] And worst of all, [[ParentalAbandonment ''where are her parents?'']]
* At the end of the series, Sari decides to travel to Cybertron to learn more about her [[spoiler: Cybertronian heritage]]. Cybertron, at that point, is ''technically'' still led by Sentinel (acting) Magnus, who is so biophobic that he viewed Blackarahnia as an abomination-mockery of the Autobot she used to be. How do you think he'll react to discovering what Sari actually is?


[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* In Wreck-Gar's official bio, it explains that he watches a lot of TV, and believes everything in the internet is true. As in the Transformers Wiki, ''how he does this in the bottom of the ocean'' makes you wonder, unless he can access the internet in his internal memory as the live action Optimus said they learned various languages in the internet, including eBay.