[[folder: Fridge Brilliance ]]

* In the musical, Mrs. Meers's acting is even more cliche than in the film. Then again, Bun Foo and Ching Ho are pretty stereotyped too. So maybe her acting talent really is quite good InUniverse.
** Another variation could be that Mrs. Meers actually ISN'T a good actor seeing how she was envious of all the other actors and blamed them for her past acting failures, and that the only reason she can fool the girls is that they're all idiots.
* In the musical, I was always bothered with how Mrs. Meers seems to suffer massive VillainDecay in the second half. She seemed to turn from a threatening villain who sold people into slavery, into a reject choir girl. Watching it again, I realized that indeed, this transformation does indeed happen... but there's no indication that any of her victims are ever found or rescued. In other words, ''she has shipped off perhaps hundreds of young girls, mostly orphans, to be unwilling prostitutes in China, a country with people they cannot communicate with'', because of her "reject choir girl" reasons. Alright, Meersy. You get your villain status back. - Hueha
** Actually almost ''everything'' in Thoroughly Modern Millie is FridgeBrilliance. When it's revealed at the end that [[spoiler: Jimmy and Miss Dorothy are not only brother and sister but Muzzie's wealthy step-children whom she cut off financially]]. It explains everything, how Dorothy was supposedly raised in an orphanage but extremely RichInDollarsPoorInSense, how come Millie saw Jimmy and Miss Dorothy together, etc.

* Why the heck would Muzzy (in the musical, at least) send her children out into the world with nothing but $25 and tell them to pretend to be poor? Because that's how [[GenerationXerox she met her husband.]]
** That and she probably wanted to bring them down to Earth and see how ordinary people had to live by forcing them to get jobs and earn their money.
** Muzzy outright states that this was the case: Jimmy was a wastrel who treated women badly, while Dorothy had countless fortune seekers banging on her door every day, so she arranged to have them find true love and a sense of ethics on their own.

* FridgeLogic: How does Jimmy get down from the Sincere Trust building's window ledge when he's "hundreds of feet in the air"? In the musical, the scene is immediately followed by a blackout. Was rock-climbing one of his hobbies...?
** It had to have been, how else did he get there without going through the doors?