[[folder: Fridge Logic ]]

* Just how did Jimmy figure out where the warp zone was?
** Some viewers have speculated that he might be psychic. Then again:
** FridgeBrilliance: ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1'' game had a similar way to access it's warp zone.
** How'd the other kids know to yell advice to Jimmy about how to get the [[WarpWhistle flute?]] It's the first time both in and out-of-story that anyone had actually seen SUPER! MARIO BROTHERS! THREE!! before, so perhaps they were psychic too.
* Jimmy, implied to have no video game experience, dominates early on with VideoGame/DoubleDragon and VideoGame/NinjaGaiden. Later on in the movie, Sam, also implied to have no video game experience, is seen playing VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles, mentioning he made it to level 3, and later on has made it a good deal through VideoGame/ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink (judging from both the sound effects, and Sam mentioning a "Magic Key"). Kicking ass at video games is in the Woods' blood.
* If the family was driving back to Utah from LA, why did they [[spoiler:drive past the Cabazon Dinosaurs outside of Palm Springs, which are nowhere near I-15?]]
* Why is Haley so worried about a "New Game" when Super Mario Bros 3 is announced? Jimmy's strength is new games he has never played before (e.g. getting 50,000 in DoubleDragon on his first go). Lucas is only a master because he owns all the games, it's he who should be complaining about the new game.
* If you're going to put a [[HollywoodAutism Hollywood Autistic]] child in an institution because he keeps running away, shouldn't you pick an institution that doesn't just let children wander in and out willy nilly?
* Why doesn't Putnam just negotiate contracts where he gets paid for his work regardless of who returns Jimmy? Competing with a missing child's own family is blatantly counterproductive, especially when all the adults have the same goal of seeing Jimmy kept safe.
* Haley is apparently a psychic-level craps player, and the best way she can think to make money is with a kid who's good at NES games?