* In ''[[VideoGame/WWEVideoGames Smackdown vs Raw 2006]]'' Taker can play Smackdown's! season mode, which soon leads to him fighting Wrestling/{{JBL}} for Torrie Wilson's contract. Out of character right? Except that Calaway had been a legitimate PapaWolf in this regard, for real, and it would be completely in character to be in an angle and free Torrie from the slimy clutches of the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Texas tycoon,]] and most likely just tear up the contract afterwards.

* If Callaway were to suffer an untimely death, how on Earth would Wrestling/{{WWE}} convince the world that The Undertaker really ''was'' dead?
** It seems that his entire career has been one long, inevitable FunnyAneurysmMoment waiting to happen.
* For in-kayfabe FridgeLogic; if 'Taker is some sort of supernatural being, why in the world does he spend his time ''wrestling?''
** The same reason Dark Brain forced his worst enemies into a completely harmless dodgeball tournament, for shits and giggle.
** You can also interpret his character (if you so wish) as a normal guy like the rest of the roster who uses special effects and illusions to intimidate his foes into thinking he's some mythical being in the same way Batman does.
*** Am I the only one who loves the thought of The Undertaker being WWE's Franchise/{{Batman}}?
*** Considering he's done things like wrestle a match immediately after suffering 2nd degree burns from a mis-timed pyro, at least some of the mystique is real and well earned.
** Some people interpret it as a sort of WhoWantsToLiveForever thing. Since Undertaker, at least in character, appears to be functionally immortal, who knows how long he's existed? Perhaps wrestling is just something he's taken up recently (as much as it can be recently to a force of nature) to amuse himself/pass the time.