* Moe, Larry and Curly never stuck out as particularly competent at anything they did, but in the shorts where they serve in the military they tend to have combat roles. How did they ever get past basic training?
** America was headed into [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarTwo The Big One]]; they didn't have the luxury of being able to refuse anyone.
** Its not just WW2, they've served in other military forces, like the one where they're southerners during the Civil War and keep switching sides. The same thing applies thouhg, in all cases they were conflicts where beggars couldnt be choosers.

* The end of ''Men in Black.'' The Stooges are ''allowed to carry firearms.''
** In a fair number of their shorts they're on the police force and even hold the rank of detective.
** They've had guns way more often than that, but this is the Three Stooges universe, no one ever dies if they get shot, unless its funny.
* The movie leads to one inescapable conclusion: Advertising/TheManYourManCouldSmellLike is directly responsible for the existence of ''JerseyShore''.

* RuleOfFunny notwithstanding, how do the three spend all their lives in an orphanage and never learn how to take care of babies?
** Would you let them anywhere near babies after seeing how they handled everything else?